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Letting Go of Being a Victim

Posted By: Randy GageMay 9, 2019

Last post I said that to move forward to victory (winning in your life), you have to let go of your old story about being a victim.  So just how do you do that?

The actual process is so simple it’s shocking.  Yet for many people, that process can take years or decades.  (It took me almost a decade.)  Why?

Because we focus on what we desire (becoming a victor in whatever area we’re seeking success or happiness in), but don’t take the time to understand that intrinsic motivation that was holding us back to begin with.

Meaning the “payoff” you get from being a victim… 

Believing you are a victim can justify subconscious programming you have that you’re not worthy.  Or it can bring you attention and sympathy that you’re not ready to give up.  Being a victim might make you feel noble or spiritual; the little guy (or gal) fighting the forces of evil.

Of course, all of those payoffs aren’t actually payoffs.  They’re a self-created prison cell.  Until you decide you deserve a better payoff.  How you doing on this?

- RG

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  • 5 comments on “Letting Go of Being a Victim”

    1. "Being a victim might make you feel noble or spiritual; the little guy (or gal) fighting the forces of evil."

      All comes from Christianity. The Christian trinity is the following:

      No knowledge (the forbidden apple).

      No money (because loving it is the root of all evil).

      Suffering (because that's how you go to heaven).

      Those three shits are responsible for chasing victimhood and staying in it. And remember the "original sin" idea, where they say you are already doomed. The only problem is that if the "sin" is "original", then it can't be sin at all. Original things are natural things, and nobody can do anything with them. But if the sin is original, then it is not sin at all. An other dirty religious trick which evoke guilty in you.

      All modern religions are worthless piece of shits. If you have one, you are already in hell (thanks for the applause! Thank you! Thank you!). And if you don't have any, you can get from the data sphere anyway, and from the collective subconscious. You don't know it, but you get it. The free gift of humanity. Isn't would be so nice if we just reverse those core threads?

      No ignorance (the forbidden apple of ignorance).

      No poverty (because hating money is the root of all evil).

      Happiness (because that's how you go to heaven).

      Just why the hell sounds all of it painfully logical???

      Now if you have some bad feeling about loving money, let me share my favorite teaching in the bible:

      “Matthew said of Judas, "Then he threw down the pieces of silver in the temple and departed, and went and hanged himself" (Matthew 27:5). Luke recorded Jesus as saying, "Go and do likewise" (Luke 10:37).“

      Yes, this is in the bible. No mistake, no misunderstanding. No explanation.

      Not so famous, right? They aren't mentioning it too often. Hard to collect charities, when you forcing your followers to suicide.

      There is no other religions, which banning money, as far as I know. Quiet unique.

      So, in a way, you are truly fighting against the forces of evil.

      1. Oh, I just forgot to mention that the "original sin" idea is the number one reason of the worthiness issues of Christian people. If you are sinful, you can't be worthy.

        1. These elements are all true of Christianity. But Christianity doesn't have a monopoly on creating worthiness issues, as other religions give some strong competition.

          1. Of course. That's why I condemned all of them. For example, in Islam, you only get 74 (I guess) prostitute in the Heaven if you kill a non-Muslim. And you going to have worthiness issues until you done it. But Christianity is the most spread religions in the world, that's why I picking up that most of the time.

    2. getting there. some light bulb moments listening to the virtue of selfishness. thanks for being an advocate in your books.

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