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Leaving Your “Story” Behind

Posted By: Randy GageMay 8, 2019

I’ve been working on the Prosperity TV show for this coming Monday.  It’s going to be a very special episode that you’ll get a lot out of, in terms of actually manifesting prosperity in your life.  One of the big issues we’ll discuss is worthiness issues.  They’re the number one reason people self-sabotage their success.  A big part of that is the “story” you build around yourself and others.

You see a charismatic actress on TV and you invent a story about her: She’s the perfect human, never faces any hardship, and she deserves all the acclaim and good she’s attracting.  At the same time, you’ve long ago created a story about yourself.  At some point your mom/dad/coach/teacher told you that you weren’t smart, beautiful or as good as your sister/brother/cousin or classmates and you bought into that story.  Or the story that you’re horrible at math, accident-prone, or can’t open up to people.

In these stories, “other people” are heroes, sages and conquerors.  And in your story, you’re a victim or a villain.  (Or both.)

When you’re on this path, one of two things happen... 

  • You hang onto your story and live a life of limitation and mediocrity.
  • Or you let go of your story and replace it with a better story that empowers you.

Which choice have you made?

- RG

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  • 6 comments on “Leaving Your “Story” Behind”

    1. I am worthy! For that reason i decided to leave my story behind because i was self sabotaging. Since starting to put my new story in place and working on it daily i have seen an amazing difference. What a great decision i made! Thanks RG.

    2. Thanks for putting this up Randy - 17 years ago I had what is supposedly called an awakening where I was shown my own unconscious processing which was actually a story I had made up, but thought it was the truth of things - I was not who I thought I was - I had been living a lie. As you can imagine this was quite shattering but as I had always wanted to make my unconscious conscious a la Carl Jung this was a major shift for me and I was free of the unconscious paradigm I had been living in and which had been behind every decision I had made in life, or I should say began the road to freedom because this is not a be all and end all occurrence as integrating this experience was and is not easy. What I would say Randy is that if you replace one story with another then you stay in exactly the same place and remain trapped in our world of duality and polarisation. It can be useful but we don't grow - this unconscious processing is there for a reason and there is a certain amount of 'strength' needed before we can raise our level of consciousness. We do not need to create another story, what we need to do is grow beyond our story and this takes us out of the world of duality we think of as 'real', which means we have nothing to hold onto to guide us and this is a very vulnerable making scenario, but Oh so worth it if we can withstand the chaos of our world seemingly turned upside down. Gradually like a tiny flower growing between concrete slabs we begin to emerge as soul based ( this is no goody, goody two shoes kind of thing). We see our previous conceptual self from a higher level and so it seems to me we cannot go back to the level of consciousness we were operating from before. By the way there is no sense of superiority in this higher level ( or should I say next level up ) as there is when we are trapped in our world of duality.

      1. Glad you raised this issue of replacing a bad story with another equally bad one. We'll be discussing that in a future post. -RG

    3. People are tend to notice only the bad things about themselves and they always waiting for external affirmations. They only think they are good, when someone say this to them. And they think they are bad without anybody mentioning it. How come? The good things what you doing aren't good until someone not saying it. I think you should say whatever you are doing it is good for you, regardless if it is good for everybody else. Of course, I don't mean in a terroristic way.

    4. Awesome post Randy!
      I actually was thinking about this topic few days ago, that each of us is creating his own story/"reality".

      For most life is like an object bought from Ikea, let's say a chair and you take it home and assemble it after the instructions. Most of the time the result is the same.

      Right now I'm creating my own story under my own terms, I bought the same chair but I will make it more comfortable, more ergonomic.

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