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Kill the Beliefs that are Killing You

By Randy Gage in Critical Thinking, Success, Prosperity.

In yesterday’s post we looked at the need to uncover negative and limiting beliefs you may have unknowingly become infected with.   Please understand that beliefs like those are killing you.  And you have to kill them!  You must send them back into the nothingness from which they came.

So the process is:

So for example, let’s say you were abused as a child.  Your abuser probably convinced you that you were responsible for bringing this abuse on yourself (a very common tactic from abusers).  From this experience you developed low self-esteem and worthiness issues.  That started a pattern of self-sabotage because subconsciously, you believed you were a bad person and didn’t deserve good things.

Now looking back on this mindfully, you understand that the belief you brought the abuse on yourself was total bullshit.  And you realize that the worthiness issues you developed were caused by this very bad and incorrect premise.  So just as you would take off a poor-fitting jacket, you drop this poor-fitting belief.  Because you recognize this belief was false, it no longer has any power over you.

Now you replace that with a new belief; one that empowers you.  Your new belief is that you do deserve to be healthy, happy and prosperous.  And you will no longer allow people in your life who don’t accept that.

This isn’t a easy as snapping your fingers.  But the transformation can happen just that quickly.  Because once you really understand a limiting belief was bullshit, the power it held over you instantly evaporates.

But you’re not quite done yet…

Because we’re going to need to revisit where this series started.  We have to look again at some of the people who are trying to program you with these negative or limiting beliefs – and how you should deal with them.  Which we’ll do in the next post….


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8 thoughts on “Kill the Beliefs that are Killing You

  1. Bernice says:

    The majority of learned beliefs (religion) ate based on Ancient Mesopotamia.

  2. Paul Erickson says:

    Randy – did those shoes come with that vehicle?

    1. Randy Gage says:

      Of course. Do you buy cars that don’t come with matching shoes?

      1. Daniel says:

        And if you don’t use that while you drive that car, you going to lose the warranties.

    1. Bernice says:

      It wasn’t very smart killing the female goddess/equality. It killed them and they knew it. The birth the of patriarchy.

      We are all born equal and connected to Spirit/good/love. We learn hate , violence, inequality, etc.

      Don’t follow someone who isn’t going where you want to go.

  3. I’m 62 now, Randy, and not only excited about my life, am super stoked about the potentially iconic level of prosperity I can attract and deserve!!!!!!!! oh, this as a result of studying and applying TRUTH to my mind and heart.


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