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It Can Always Get Worse

By Randy Gage in Critical Thinking, Success, Prosperity.

Ever catch yourself saying something like, “Well at least it can’t get any worse!”  That’s a stupid thing to say.  Because trust me, I have conclusively proven – it can always get worse. 

I thought when I was so sick, I was spending 16 hours a day in bed, it couldn’t get worse.  Then after the tax authorities seized my business and sold it for overdue taxes, I thought it couldn’t get any worse.  Of course after I had to sell all my furniture and was sleeping on the floor, I thought it couldn’t get any worse.  When I got shot, and was laying in the street, surrounded by a pool of blood, I thought it couldn’t get any worse.

But it can always get worse…

So how do you stop things from actually getting worse, and reversing the direction?  I can only share what worked for me, in the hopes that you can extrapolate what that may look like for you.  For me it all boiled down to ONE question.

I looked at my life.  The health challenges.  The business failures.  The eleven negative, dysfunctional relationships in a row…

And I’d like to tell you that I immediately asked the question that transformed my life.  But I didn’t, because I needed to wallow in victim-hood for a while.  I had to blame my troubles on my ex-lovers, the economy, my crooked partners, and the assholes at the IRS.

But you can only sell that shit to yourself for so long.  Finally I had to ask myself “the question.”  And that question was…

In all of these drama and trauma situations, is there one person – who was always at the scene of the crime?

To be continued…


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6 thoughts on “It Can Always Get Worse

  1. Bernice says:

    Would a baby think that?
    I think we learned to think that way and we can learn to think differently.

  2. Bernice says:

    If you have been reading this blog, you know I have been changing my beliefs to Eternal Life. What is unsaid is that to change to Eternal Life, I must have been believing I would die. I don’t think I was born believing that I would die. I think I learned it.

    So I started listening to my own recording of the book of going forth. As a result, I have made some big changes in my life. They are actually many small changes that I did not notice. These changes appear in different areas of my life:

    school, etc.
    I think these changes are a result of believing in eternal life.

    I have tried changes my beliefs in the past but I was not successful. I tried hypnosis, meditation, tapping, and other methods. I think some methods may be a temporary fix to stress, etc. They did not change the underlying belief.

    Sometimes I would get colds when I tried changing beliefs. I thought this was because I disagreed with the new beliefs.

    The strange thing is that I didn’t have any colds when I changed to the book of going forth by day. It was as if I already knew these beliefs, I just had to bring them into my life. Reactivate life.

    Things are still changing in my life for the best. This is the beginning.

    A video made me think about money:

    You may think you are holding your own money key, but you may be unknowingly letting others hold your key. I think it is time to give ourselves our own money key.

    I recently read about a Brazilian prison where the inmates are given the key to their own cells. They are in recovery. They are not called prisoners. They work, go to school, and have a hobby. They get 8 hours of sleep. They are getting their own money key. Your money key is your choice.

    I don’t think they had their keys before. Someone else had their keys. That someone is whoever tells them limiting beliefs. You have to stop listening to and believing the people who limit you.

    There are a lot of little things that make a difference:

    Calling people by names instead of numbers,
    referring to someone as in recovery vs a prisoner,
    serving healthy food vs junk,
    I have made many changes in my life this year. One change was moving to a different state to live and work. I was told that I would never work in the previous city/state. This may have been because I did not speak Spanish at the time, I an female, I was in technology, or any number of other reasons.

    I chose not to let others belifs limit me. I also chose to move where it is easier to prosper and to help others do the same. Not everyone can do that. We need to make changes so people can prosper where they are.

    I did work while I was in the previous state. The language barrier did limit me. If I moved to a different country and needed to learn a new language, I would. I did not move to a different country though. Instead, I chose to work on personal development. I do not regret this choice.

    I also completed my Masters in the previous state. I began my Doctorate there and moved so I could work full-time, go to school part-time, and also have a hobby. I believe you can also profit from hobbies.

    Women do not have equal pay yet. Do we limit them out of fear that they will leave? Are we sabotaging relationships by limiting women?

    How can limitations be love?

    I think limitations and discriminations are hate. I don’t think healthy relationships are based on hate.

    The money key is one way people are abused, limited, discriminated, and hated on. We need to hold our own money keys.

  3. Bernice says:

    more thoughts on school:
    Daily Routine: Work, School, and Hobby
    Recently I read about people following a daily routine of work, school, and hobby. They get up at 6am and go home at 10pm to sleep. They are changing their lives.

    What is unique about them is that they are in a Brazillian prison. This is a different type of prison that believes they are capable of change. They are given the keys to their cell and don’t escape.

    If they can do it, you can also.

    I always make the best of situations. When one door closes, another opens.

    My goal is to complete my Doctorate following this routine, getting 8 hours of sleep daily.

    I have heard stories of others who said doing a doctorate took all their time. I think this is a limiting belief.

    I specifically chose a part-time and online Doctorate program so I could work and have a hobby (and sleep).

    I have made some big changes in my life since I began my Doctorate. One change is the awareness and acceptance that I am a leader. Another change is the awareness and acceptance of being a global leader.

    Putting this in past tense:

    I did enjoy work, school, and my hobby.

  4. maryellen514 says:

    It all came down to me. I had to come to the realization that I created everything that my life was. It started with a thought, that took on emotion, that took on a decision, that I made a choice from. It’s like a seed. I planted it, nurtured it till it took on roots and then grew up, all from the seed I planted in my mind. I’m not naïve. I don’t believe that everything that happens to us in our life is something we made happen. I do believe we have a choice what to think and how we control our emotions throughout the process. I don’t think most people think that they can control their emotions. They think it’s normal to react to everyone and everything with what ever they are feeling. We go wherever our emotions take us as if they have a mind of their own. Well, we have a mind of our own and we control it. If it feels good, doesn’t always equate to, it is good for us. It’s taken a lot of ups and downs to finally come to this understanding. It takes a lot of hard work to pay attention to what we are thinking about and like it or not, we are always thinking. That’s why it’s so very important to be aware of what you are exposing yourself to on a regular basis, who you are spending time with, what you are doing, and what you are avoiding.

  5. Wherever I go and whatever I do I am there – I cannot avoid me as much as I might want to at times. The ‘At Least’ scenario is a very potent force and can be used to mitigate whatever it is that we don’t want to own to – we can be very adept at hiding ourself from ourselves as I well know. Thanks for the post Randy.

  6. Bernice Templeman says:

    That statement you were saying probably made you subconsciously create those results.

    Tell your success story as if you already did it.
    “I did not sin.” Will create those results.
    Tell it to yourself everyday.
    Soon you won’t be sinning.

    Write your success story to create success.


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