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How to Live Better

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By Randy Gage in Success, Prosperity.

There are first principles and fundamental truths that cannot be broken down or deduced any further. 

Often, they are so simple yet so profound, people don’t accept them for the truth they hold.  They believe there has to be more; some “secret” that is being withheld from them.   Case in point: how to live a better life.  Let me share with you the fundamental truth on this…

If you want to live better, you must get better.


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2 thoughts on “How to Live Better

  1. When you understand the mind/body/spirit connection even a little better than previously. We have to apply the law however. “To know better and not do better is universal and multidimensional in our lives. So, the question becomes: “to what do we give thought precedence to”?

    having previously been ignorant of this consciously, I’m on the active side of infinity with it now at least. Incremental changes lead to incremental improvements, dramatic changes lead to.. what do we have the courage to believe?

  2. Saying YES to life might help, as most people it seems appear to be saying NO to life because of their need to feel safe and sustain an image of themselves which is often far from the truth.


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