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How Organized Religion Kills Prosperity

By Randy Gage in Prosperity.

As I counsel people on creating wealth and developing prosperity consciousness, there is one issue that comes up again, and again.  The pervasive, all-encompassing and lack-centered beliefs they developed as a result of their exposure to organized religion.  It’s the single biggest issue I see.

Of course I’ve talked about this a lot here, in my “Randy’s Rants” newsletter, and my last book, “Why You’re Dumb, Sick and Broke.”  But it’s hard to make a dent in this, because organized religion is such big business, and their fundamentalist followers are so brainwashed they can’t even think for themselves any longer.

If you want some great homework, here’s your assignment:  Go see Bill Maher’s documentary, “Religulous.” Like pretty much everything he does, it’s funny, thought provoking, and brilliant.

I will admit, the flick is certainly not made to be fair and balanced.  Bill has strong opinions and this film is his soapbox.  But what a soapbox it is!  Critics will say that he made the faithful look ridiculous.  Not true.  They did that all by themselves.  Go out and see it.  Love it or hate it, it’s a great vehicle to foster critical thinking if you’re open to it.


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10 thoughts on “How Organized Religion Kills Prosperity

  1. Rasecane says:

    jesus is coming, repent now you blasphemous troll.

  2. Linda says:

    great blog Randy.
    We love you!

  3. Pat says:

    * Randy for Messiah * Independent PARTY *

  4. FM says:

    I stopped attending church because I wasn’t being treated with respect…constantly I was being told that I was a sinner and unworthy!!!. :):):)

  5. Maryam says:

    Your Prime Concepts Group are great and I become more confidence since I’ve started to consult with them. I love your books. As a girl who startet network marketing in Iran plz make me sure that i can be successful as a man can be!
    I hope you the best.


  6. Yes, I saw that movie a few weeks ago here in New York, and I was actually did NT find it funny because of how serious all of the crazy people were. Everyone in the theatre was laughing, but I just kept feeling like “Holy Crap- these people can vote!”

    I was super-impressed with Bill Maher’s “call to action” at the end, where he says “If the world is going to end, it’s religion that will end it”, and he asks the audience to basically choose to NOT believe an y religion, and to help him get rid of it. A BOLD request.

  7. Dan says:

    Just lost everything i typed.Argghhhhhh!
    Church a lot of times doesn’t preach about prosperity with the accuracy of the Biblical laws.Its often nothing more than empty doctrines.I’ve been a born again christian for a while now so i can confidently say that.Sow seeds, pay tithes and you are made.CRAP!!!
    If that is all that it takes how come Warren Buffet and David Geffen are rich.I still pay tithes and sow seeds but don’t subscribe to that belief anymore. I have begun my journey towards self awareness and personal developement.

  8. Per Lindvall says:

    There is really nothing between us and God-Mind. That is the “secret” truth! Imagine the possibilities!


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