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Help Me Believe You

By Randy Gage in Success.

If you want me to buy your product, join your cause, or embrace your idea – help me believe you.  Because if I think you’re overselling or misleading me, I’m probably going to discount and doubt everything you say.

Tommy John underwear, BG Oil Changes, and Madison Reed hair coloring all promise me their products are “life-changing.”  Really?  I’m wondering what kind of life would really be changed by one of those products.  And it sure ain’t mine.

When President Trump tells me, he watched “thousands and thousands of people” in Jersey City cheering the twin towers falling, that the U.S. is “the highest taxed nation in the world,” or Ted Cruz’s father was with Oswald when he shot JFK – I start to question if he really did have the largest inauguration crowd in history.

 Kellogg’s, when you claim that Frosted Mini-Wheats improves kids’ attentiveness, or that Rice Krispies improves a child’s immunity – I wonder if you have any knowledge about health, or if you’re pulling my leg just a little bit.

When Snapchat told me those pix disappear forever, or Extenze assures me that it is “scientifically proven to increase the size of a certain part of the male body,” or Splenda says it is “made from sugar,” when in fact it is a highly processed chemical compound made in a factory – I begin to think those brands are drinking their own bathwater.  And question whether they have my best interests at heart at all.

So let’s go back to where we started…

If you want me to buy your product, join your cause, or embrace your idea – help me believe you.

– RG

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One thought on “Help Me Believe You

  1. Paul Erickson says:

    Well, Randy, wonder no more – Donald Trump is full of shit (and his followers don’t care as long as he pushes their agenda), Kellogg’s cereal is about as nutritious as chocolate covered dog turds, don’t trust Snapshot (and Amazon, Facebook, Google, for that matter; they are all monopolies that only give a shit about the bottom line), you are white guy so Extenze Is not going to help you, and you are correct – Splenda is nothing but a highly processed neurotoxin. You’re welcome. But Tommy John, BG Oil, and Madison Reed Will all definitely change your life forever because one thing we can agree on is large marketing corporations would never lie to the public (just keep repeating to yourself – “It’s not bullshit, it’s marketing”).


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