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My Theory on the Infinite Nature of Prosperity...

Posted By: Randy GageSeptember 14, 2020

If you give someone a hug, does that reduce the amount of hugs you have left to give? Of course not. In fact, if you are known as the kind of person who gives hugs, you will likely attract a lot more of them to you.  This is true because of the laws which govern our universe.  I postulate the following theory for debate:

The substance of all forms of true prosperity are infinite, and once manifested on the physical plane, create their own expansion.

This is demonstrated in all instances of prosperity manifestation, such as health, love, happiness, joy, and even money.  All of these forms of prosperity are boundless and infinite.  The more you give away, the more you receive back.  You can offer a smile to everyone you meet and yet you will never exhaust the supply you’re drawing on.  Likewise, the more love you give away, the more you attract to you.  Abundant health builds upon itself and fosters more. Happiness operates in the same way.

Most people understand this dynamic easily enough.  But when you apply the principle to money, they’re frequently confused, because they see money as a finite resource.  But even money is infinite.  Whether we’re speaking about U.S. dollars, Russian Rubles, or any fiat currency, their perceived value is simply a man-man mind virus.  That’s because currency is not an end into itself, but a convenient medium for exchanging value.  But the “real” element of prosperity is the value you create that can be exchanged to begin with.  (Usually manifested by your ability to solve problems and/or add value.) The value you provide the universe determines the amount of money you can receive back.  And there are no limitations on this, because the same principle applies to your talents and gifts.  When you share them, they expand and become stronger. 

The more you circulate your gifts, the more prosperity you will receive back.  Thus, even a cryptocurrency that has a finite amount of units to be mined – is still infinite for all practical purposes – because there is no limits to the value you can put out to receive it. This value that you circulate expands its own energy, which creates ripple effects of prosperity, which ultimately find their way back to you. It is a self-replicating cycle that goes on forever.

If wealth was finite, humankind could have never progressed from our survival existence of hunting and gathering. The more value you create for the world, the more prosperous you will become.  It is a law of the universe.

Here is one more part of the equation, perhaps the most important part for you to understand…

You don’t manifest any form of true prosperity – including money – by taking it from someone else.  Because all forms of prosperity are infinite, it is not required for others to have less, in order for you to manifest more. When you manifest the substance of any form of prosperity on the physical plane, you are creating more abundance, which produces yet more expanding energy.  It is a self-sustaining cycle of wealth.  Prosperity manifestation is stunted only when it is harbored and hoarded.  When you circulate prosperity, it continues to generate more positive, prosperous energy. 


- RG

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  • 8 comments on “My Theory on the Infinite Nature of Prosperity...”

    1. The interest we can generate in experiencing a prosperity consciousness is infinite too, I believe.. I've recently challenged what I thought were physical limitations. They were in fact psychological limitations I didn't recognize previously.. it's been super intriguing.. recognizing limiting beliefs radically changes our "consciousness aperature".. #grateful!

    2. "Whether we’re speaking about U.S. dollars, Russian Rubles, or any fiat currency, their perceived value is simply a man-man mind virus."

      False. Their value is the summary of what all the supply and demand ratio shows world-wide, which is the summary of all the exchanges of the world.

      It is NOT an imaginary number: it is the market itself.

      People confused only because they see only papers and that's all.

      So it is not more a "mind-virus" than any business contract in paper form.

      Don't believe me? Try to buy $1000 for $1 and tell me how it played out.

    3. This article should be dissected, sentence by sentence, and each sentence should be turned into a quote, as people can remember and share. Wonderful work!

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