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Freedom through Self-Awareness

By Randy Gage in Critical Thinking, Success, Prosperity.

Agent Smith: Do we have a deal, Mr. Reagan?
Cypher: You know, I know this steak doesn’t exist. I know that when I put it in my mouth, the Matrix is telling my brain that it is juicy and delicious. After nine years, you know what I realize? Ignorance is bliss.
Agent Smith: Then we have a deal?
Cypher: I don’t want to remember nothing. Nothing. You understand? And I want to be rich. You know, someone important, like an actor.
Agent Smith: Whatever you want, Mr. Reagan.

Remember that scene in The Matrix?  It’s the perfect analogy for what I suggested in the last post when I told you that the actual role of collective consciousness is to keep people unconscious.  That’s because what we call “society” is just a collection of people.  And when you assemble a large collection of people, you can be certain that a vast majority of them are unhappy, unhealthy, deeply in debt, and even deeper in denial and delusion.

You want to feel loved and accepted.  The advertising agencies that peddle soda, beer, and snack foods know exactly how to emotionally manipulate you to feel that way.  And if they can emotionally manipulate you into that first purchase, then their products are designed to cause physical addiction afterwards.  Salt and lime-flavored tortilla chips taste better than eggplant because they are genetically engineered to.

You can be a powerless failure, living in your mom’s basement.  But the social media networks allow you to create a psychological avatar for yourself, where you can insult, avenge, troll and irritate people until they notice you.  Every retweet, share, and reply will feed your false sense of power and purpose.

Ultimately, this is a game you can only lose…

You sacrifice and go into debt to get a status brand car, but your neighbor buys a higher status one.  You haven’t paid the credit card debt from your last iPhone and Apple releases the next model.  You’re confident you’ve found the next trendy merlot, and then your hipster neighbor announces the new IPA he’s discovered.

All of this pursuit of status and superficial acceptance leaves you feeling lonely, directionless and empty.  You seek something bigger than yourself to be a part of. Then the Moonies, Christianity, Scientology, and other religious cults will offer you a place and a process to conceal that feeling of emptiness.

You will always be a slave to that which you’re not aware of. It doesn’t matter if we’re talking about people, institutions, customs, habits, programming, or emotions.  The only real freedom comes from awareness.

The magic that makes self-awareness work is you become a participant observer.

So as a graphic example, let’s look at the experience you’re having at this moment, reading this blog.  As you read these words, mentally listening to my thoughts, you must also be listening to yourself.  And that part – listening to yourself – is more important than listening to me.  Because if you’re not listening to yourself – “Surely he’s not suggesting I’m addicted to Diet Coke!” “Did he just call Christianity a cult?” – then you won’t hear anything I’m saying.

You’ll just mindlessly react, based on the conditioning, insecurities, and memes you have.  Instead of actually hearing what I’ve written here, you will distort it by simply downloading the preconceptions you need to keep all your delusions intact.

When you possess self-awareness, you’re not easily manipulated because you’re always in that dual role of participant and observer.


When you’re both, you’re woke.  And when you’re woke, you’re free.

– RG

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11 thoughts on “Freedom through Self-Awareness

  1. Have you ever wondered how can Cypher eat, since the supply pipe is not attached to him in the “real” world?

    The problem is attention-seeking. And the root of it is self-importance. Once you realized that you are not special and not important, just one soul from 8 billion, it can put your ego in the right place. Attention seeking is a meaningless piece of shit. It means, you have zero self-esteem. Same with specialness. I believe you can be good and special, but you must working on it, and not just declare that you already are. And if you recognize that you absolutely not special by any means, you are already are, compared to the other idiots. But of course this is just the encouraging start.

    Hey Randy, what’s wrong with Fox News? I watched only Stossel on it, but I heard they are against minimal wage and trade wars. Or it is changed since?

    1. Randy Gage says:

      I think the point is that Cypher isn’t actually eating, he just believes he is. Stossel is a sharp guy and there are a couple other journalists there. But the default Trump propaganda is suffocating.

      1. Trump is an idiot. But may be the “lesser one”. His trade wars are showing (among others) his lack of the sense of reality. But on the other side we have the mass killer Hilarious, Commie Sanders, and Alemarxiano-Commiano-Redistributez. Ron Paul was the only candidate, who doesn’t looked utterly evil and corrupt, and what he said actually made sense.

  2. Iliyana Chavalinova says:

    Thank you Randy.

  3. Bernice Alive says:

    The ones who believe the lies and don’t question and seek answers remain in denial. this is the majority.
    The few who do question, seek an find the truth are like Neo getting pulled out of the Matrix.

  4. Eric C Smith says:

    dealing with pressure or guilt when you don’t give into these things? strength and conviction of a thought through philosophy right?

    1. Randy Gage says:

      I believe it’s living by a congruent philosophy, knowing what that is, and your ability to be both participant and observer.

      1. Eric C Smith says:

        Thank you. Cant drum on this enough.

  5. Desiring total consciousness from oneself is an integral factor. Most of the populace have no clue about “mind viruses”; education about these is important.

    Thankyou for raising our Prosperity IQ again! ~ I just had an expansion of awareness!

  6. Bernice Alive says:

    Cypher wanted to go back to sleep, In, reality, could you go back to believe the lies again once you know the truth?

    The real world in the matrix needs a lot of repairs and recovery. Staying asleep won’t fix it, Staying asleep harms it more.


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