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Finding Inspiration

By Randy Gage in Critical Thinking, Success, Prosperity.

I once mentioned in a blog that I got a kick out of opening the garbage chute in my condo and seeing a bag of garbage fly by from a floor above mine. Someone commented about what a simpleton I was. Guilty as charged.

Because some of the simplest things in life can provide you with joy, happiness, and inspiration. If you’re looking for them…

You probably recognize the breathtaking beauty of the Grand Canyon, Great Barrier Reef, or the Andes Mountains. But do you notice all the mind-blowing beauty you drive or walk past on a daily basis?

Do you really recognize how amazing it is that an A380 airliner can fly? Do you savor the smell of the grass when you go to a baseball game? Notice the beauty of the lines in your grandmother’s face?

When’s the last time you watched an industrious ant go about his work? Studied the texture in a leaf? Or marveled at the mysterious place an amazing book transported you to?

You are surrounded by beauty, mystery, and inspiration. Savor it and you’ll attract much more.


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5 thoughts on “Finding Inspiration

  1. Bernice says:

    You can be inspired by garbage or the opposite:

    levelheadedness, rationality, reasonability, reasonableness, sensibleness; common sense, horse sense, sense; discernment, judgment (or judgement), wisdom

  2. Carol Gilles says:

    Randy …sounds like my boyfriend. He loves stopping and looking at the ocean on our beach walks. He loves the sound and the beauty of it. Sometimes I am in awe of how “someone” thought of a way to make a simple machine that we use every day. Amazing how we drive our cars or turn the wheel or fill the gas tank. Awww progress!

  3. I often “smell” the grass but not at a baseball game – the coach gets pissed off when I get stoned before I play.

  4. You’re such a simpleton. Good on you for it, Randy. Me too!

  5. Lynn says:

    I hold a degree in Aerospace Engineering and I still marvel at the seemingly-magical action of that heavier-than-air vehicle floating in the sky! I frequently take a moment to stand in awe of the beauty of a perfectly-purple cloud at sunset, how gravity always works, how a smile with a stranger can convey an entire conversation. I talk to kittens sitting in windowsills and enjoy their commitment to being present in the moment.


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