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Everybody is working on something, right?

By Randy Gage in Critical Thinking, Success, Prosperity.

I was listening to a podcast with a couple of people who are avid practitioners of personal growth and self-development.  During their discussion, one of them was talking about his experience at a self-help seminar he had attended.  He said, “Everyone is working their own thing, right.”  I nodded my head as I pedaled on my stationary bike.  And then I wondered…

Is that really true?

Is everyone actually, mindfully working on some aspect of their life?  I know those two guys believe that because that’s the world they live in.  I thought that initially, because that’s the way I approach my life too.  Life as a journey towards enlightenment and wisdom, where we seek lessons and deeper meaning along the way.

But is that really how the average Joe (Or Jane) sees it?

Or are they just comatose; sleepwalking through their days, waiting to clock out, binge Netflix, and drink a six-pack of rancid fermented hops?  How many people are actually working on something versus being totally oblivious?  What’s the real breakdown do you think?


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5 thoughts on “Everybody is working on something, right?

  1. Jorge says:

    One thing is what people say and another is what they are actually and really doing.

  2. Bernice Alive says:

    I was reading about the ethics gap today: what people do vs what is ethical/ should be doing. Ethics/morality has roots in religion and most are religious, so why is there an ethics gap? Also Inequality( gender, ethnic, etc) is not moral. People in moral environments do better / better well being. Also ethical business do better than unethical business (financially). Usually the unethical decisions are made based on profits but it turns out that they are not really profitable.

    1. thechalkywhite says:

      Whose ethics Bernice? It is always the question I pose to someone who says they are building their business ethically. Let’s face it, Mother Theresa and Adolf Hitler both had a set of values (or ethics).

  3. david says:

    Fair enuff, most people are morons, blows my mind that great shows like Breaking Bad or Mad Men get a million viewers while the Kardashians gets 10 million, recently had the misfortune of getting that K crap in my hotel room when I fell asleep.. woke up, stunned to believe people actually watch that shit.. what did Barnum say… oh well Les Miserables is on PBS tonight.. please you Libertarians don’t ever take away my PBS.. ha ha!

  4. thechalkywhite says:

    A very small percentage, at least if my family and friends are anything to go by. Even in the network marketing world, the majority of the “distributors” that sign up for the book of the month programme are more into shelf development. At business networking meetings, am constantly astonished at the lack of personal growth that is studied by people claiming to be building their business for a “purpose”.


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