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Escaping Mediocrity

By Randy Gage in Success, Prosperity.

Last post we talked about becoming a co-creator in your life.  Let’s go deeper.  When is the last time you attempted something really great?  Something so bold, daring, and imaginative – that if you failed at it you would face a potentially strong degree of risk?

There are millions of people who go their entire adult life and never try this once.  Probably because they tried some brave things as a child or teen and failed.  And likely faced criticism, ridicule, or even condemnation.  So they learned to lay low, blend in, and become average.  And what a crime against humanity that really is…

We live in a society that attempts to inoculate us against fear and indoctrinate us into fitting in with the herd.  Which is another way to say mediocre.

The difference between mediocrity and greatness is your willingness to attempt, and be willing to fail at, bold accomplishments.  For it is in striving and sometimes failing at greatness, that great character and ultimate victory are won.  So how are you doing on that?



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4 thoughts on “Escaping Mediocrity

  1. Hi Randy. Great post. Thanks for the insight. I think we need to be more self-aware, non-conformist. Really think ourselves before do something. Don’t just do something because everyone is doing it. Just do something that we really want to do.

  2. graham UK says:

    May be your people may like the idea of ” constructive silence” where the ideas are born… apart from that in the UK it is father’s day, and for me you guide me like a parent and I am sure alot of people around the world feel the same… SO… HAPPY FATHERS DAY !!!

    1. Randy Gage says:

      Thanks, I’m honored.

  3. Denise Jones says:

    Randy, thank you for the reminder to go big and bold!


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