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Discovery, Adventure, and Action in 2019

By Randy Gage in Critical Thinking, Success, Prosperity.

We’ve already had a couple posts about resolutions, creating who you want to become, and other thoughts about starting the New Year.  Today let’s add to that discussion and allow me to share some of my thoughts on how I’m approaching 2019… 

As I always do, I have selected a word for the New Year, to best summarize where I want to go in it.  The one I’ve chosen for 2019 is DISCOVERY.

I believe life is about seasons of change.  You guys who follow me on the podcast know, I’ve decided to have my fourth midlife crisis, and reprioritize some things in my life.  As my body gets older, and my mind gets younger – I am feeling a strong headwind on chasing more success, and a stronger tailwind towards pursuing significance.

And to do that, I feel I need to become a more disciplined explorer and discover more.  Not to “find” myself, but to discover new ways in what I can create myself.  Discover the areas I must grow in, in order to become the highest possible version of myself.

And then take that discovery and apply it in my work as a coach, author and podcaster – to help you and all of the other people who follow my work – to help you become the highest possible version of yourselves.

I’m looking forward to our adventure together.

So how about you???

Here are a few questions for you.  And they’re not just rhetorical.  I’d love to see your answers in the comments below.

What’s your wish for yourself in the New Year?  Do you have a word to summarize where you want to go?  What are some of the daily habits and behaviors you’re starting, to become the highest possible version of yourself?


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7 thoughts on “Discovery, Adventure, and Action in 2019

  1. Chris Lianos says:

    Thanks RG.

    What’s your wish for yourself in the New Year?
    To prioritise health and increase peace of spirit.

    Do you have a word to summarize where you want to go?

    What are some of the daily habits and behaviors you’re starting, to become the highest possible version of yourself?
    I’m playing with a morning routine at the moment as getting this sorted will give me momentum to achieve both 1 and 2

    1. Randy Gage says:

      I’m a big believer in routines!

  2. Jorge says:

    My wish is to bring awareness and presence to my brand and products and begin to monitize. Definition is my word for 2019. Some daily habita I have is time to think, reflectores, resides reading and writing six days a week. I will write my next book this year and be in three workshops in the next three months to become a better speaker, a better entrepreneur and continue to work on my brand.

    1. Chris Lianos says:

      Sounds like a powerful start to the year Jorge. Well done.

  3. Sorry for the long post, but there is New Year ya’ know.

    1. Currently my eating habits is 70% raw food (mostly fruits) and 30% garbage (bread for example). I want to change the rate to 90%-10%. But it is not as hard as many people think.

    2. I want to completely get rid of feeling shame about prosperity. I know it is a nonsense, but my brain not as great to do what I want, but I can work on it.

    3. Yesterday I was drunk and I had a conversation with my friend. I told her that every low quality stuff comes from the hatred of the maker towards you. Whoever make a low quality stuff, must hate their costumers. I realized this as a fact. If you buy a cheap car, it must be ugly (though I know many people like ugly thinks so much for a reason), it must be uncomfortable and the chances that you going to survive an accident in it is low. Therefore, whoever made this car is hate you so much. There is no other explanation. Even if it is cheap, it can look good and it can be comfortable. This wasn’t cost so much money, it is just design. Though, somehow low quality is related to ugliness. This is hatred, nothing more. The maker of the Ferrari must be love his clients. You immediately realize if you drive one. Buying good quality, you channel to love from the maker to you. Eating raw vegetables and fruits is all to do with good quality. Nature gives you the best quality, therefore I think she loves you the most. I want to realize many things like this.

    4. I already started to speak loud when I woke up in my bed such thinks like: It is gonna be a great day for me, I going to solve hard problems easily, I am worthy for prosperity and so on. It is came from one of Randy’s video recently. Funny, but the results are instant. You don’t even have to wait. Between a day, I done things what costs me usually 2-3 days. It is amazing and very simple.

    5. I think, the main reason why people have poverty consciousness is they think if they have more, others have less. It is very communist. I know it is false, but I can’t fully explain why. I want to solve this problem. Religions are pushing this subject so hard, suggesting to share everything with the less fortunate and only for them (never give anything to a rich). So basically, if you are rich, you are a thief. Did you know that being a criminal is one of the possible cure for depression? I know what I talking about, because I had criminal family members. They are already died, but they were very creative and interesting people, who I miss so much, though, I don’t supporting robbery :D. I think where it comes from is they are accept that they are thieves. They accept and they are happy with it. They have been taught that riches are thieves. So what? They became thieves and they accept it. That’s why criminals are usually don’t hide their prosperity. Expensive clothes, fancy cars, big houses and so on. It is fine for them. They wanted to be thieves, because they thought this is the only way. They don’t feel anxious about their wealth. I want to solve this mystery fully.

    6. I want to make as much money as possible with as less effort as possible. I want to get rid of “if you want to be rich, you have to work hard” nonsense. It is an other disaster. Struggling is like eating s@it. Worth nothing. Comes from the religious ideas that you going to heaven only if you suffer enough and don’t have any money. So heaven must be basically a homeless shelter, but who cares? And one of the best way for suffering is hard work. It is not about curing hundreds between a day as a doctor, which is hard work, but fine, it is about putting lots of efforts for minimal results. Related to “hero journey” mindset.

    7. When (never use “if”) I got the money what I want, I want to start travelling. Maybe I visit my father in Australia, but he have less money than I have. And he escaped here to there 😀 You can’t escape from your poverty mentality by simply changing places. I hate the Australians, I think they are really idiot criminals (many of my friends who where there thinking exactly the same), but the country is so beautiful that I fell in love with her. I wasn’t there from 10 years, but I still dreaming about it sometimes. Nothing is better than the nature. Nothing. But basically I want to visit other places.

    8. I want to buy my own house with 2 dogs and 2 crows. I already have 2 cats. What’s worth ones life without animals?

    9. My income is already 10 times more since I following Randy, my goal is to make 100 times more.

    I can draw an amount-timeline graph how my income rising since I saw the video about the most evil movie on the world, which is the Titanic, until this day. It is a sharply rising line. I want to give back a small amount to you Randy, something what you not gonna like (that was the request, right?):

    I already started to do some critical thinking about surviving. This related to your mid-life crisis. Every people in the world wants to survive. Surviving is our main goal, though we are most likely going to die. So what’s the deal? I wondering that surviving is a trick to distract your attention from more important things. Now you say what can be more important than being alive? The answer is: living your life is more important than thinking about your death (survival). What if the main goal is not to survive? I don’t mean that the goal is the death, I mean what if you don’t concentrate on survival all the time, instead you start to living, knowing you may die anytime, but feeling no fear or stress about it? I am not sure what I am talking about, since I just started to think about it, but what if surviving is just a trick? A distraction. I think your chances for live long is much more if you don’t give a sh@t about surviving. So it is time to show the middle finger statue to the mid-life crisis. F@ck mid life crisis.

    One more thing about atheism (don’t be afraid, you neither going to like it). The title could be: “Atheism is a religion”:

    Many people think atheism is not a religion, because the word comes from here and meaning that and so on… Completely missing the picture, just like other religious bricks.

    Of course it is a religion. They believing in nonsenses. They say there is no God. They are the most developed species in the universe. They were everywhere, they seen everything, they searched back and forth in the universe, they travelled across all the dimensions and they have seen no God, so they became atheists. I am sorry to say, but there is absolutely no reliable information that there is no God, since we just spinning on a rock in the middle of nowhere, unable to leave.

    And there is the trap: religious people, who believe in God mostly talk about nonsenses about God (God forbid you to do sex before marriage and so on). It is not a surprise, that a little bit more intelligent people are not believing such nonsenses. But the problem is, they automatically starting to believe that religions are dull things, therefore there is no God. So just because they are wrong about God, it does mean that there is no God?

    I think God is a being, who must be 1000 times more elevated than us (at least). It must be a living being, though not made from flesh and not exist in physical form maybe or just not in our dimension. In such a vast universe, the chances that there are no such beings is extremely small. Taking something as fact, which have almost no chance is illogical, therefore this is becoming a religion. A dull one.

    What is very interesting that religions are teaching that humans are in the center of everything. God made us and only us and only this planet. The whole universe is a gift from God ONLY for us. It is very good for the ego. But atheist saying the same. There is no God, we are the most elevated life forms (or maybe other aliens somewhere, f@ck knows), or at least there is no such being, who as far more developed than us, who therefore became a God, so we are the coolest of the coolest and we are the first species of the universe. Sounds creepy similar?

    According the size of the universe and the existence of other dimensions, the cure to atheism is mathematics.

    So, thank you Randy everything!!!

  4. jcbjr9455 says:

    I’m always dedicated to being engaged with the friends and family in my life. My WISH for 2019 is to grow the awareness of the importance of Personal Servant Leadership (PSL) to everyone’s lives. To that end, my word for the year is WRITE – as in writing some form of PSL book (as I continue my daily #PSL Suggestion for Today Twitter and Facebook posts). Biggest habit development will be a limited / regular writing session.

  5. Eric C Smith says:

    debt free. empowering with excercise and healthy eating. got a self talk audio im working on that I listen to morning and night.


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