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Detours, Reroutes, and U-turns

By Randy Gage in Prosperity.

It took getting fired for me to recognize I was born to be an entrepreneur.

It took the tax authorities seizing my restaurant and auctioning it off for the unpaid taxes for me discover my true purpose in life.

It took getting shot and left for dead for me to truly live life.

Funny how the universe has a way of disrupting our best-laid plans. And shocking how often those detours, reroutes, and U-turns transform our lives in new and wondrous ways.  Things we view as setbacks, obstacles and defeats often hold the seeds of ultimate victory in them.  So here’s a fun little thought experiment for you to try…

Please fill in the blank of the following sentence:

It took a worldwide coronavirus pandemic for me to discover ________________________________________ .


– RG

P.S.  And if you’re open to it, feel free to share your answer in the comments below!

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8 thoughts on “Detours, Reroutes, and U-turns

  1. Chalky White says:

    How fortunate I am to work from home, although now I take time to break away from my desk and technology at least once a day for at least 30 minutes at a time.

  2. How happy I am with how I live my life!

  3. graham UK says:

    Hi Randy, now you said this yourself, there are thousands of sports superstars out there, they just never knew it,,
    so imagine how many inspiring stories are out there.. tricky to get this rolling.. but there is a fault line in this method of communication.. ie there is disconnect.. so maybe If someone tells a valid and meaningful story, you could part relate to it in the next blog to create some continuity,, hope this helps, keep on trucking, graham uk

  4. graham UK says:

    A fearful story, when I was 17, Me and Alan set off to France on our bicycles, riding down to catch the ferry in portsmouth to france…. so on the way we ended upon the wrong road, in america you would call it a highway, Alan was hit by a car, I saw him get tossed in the air and his for blood splatterd on the road,,, alot of this was my fault..
    Alan was dead, she (mother) sat in a cold bath for three days, …When ever I feel sad or low.. Alan will always say to me .. YOUR LIFE HAS TO COUNT… .. Never STOP Randy. Graham UK

    1. Randy Gage says:

      Wow that is a horrific story. So sorry to hear this. Yes, your life does have to count in order to honor your friend. Glad you have that approach. -RG

  5. Jesus Christ is a principle not a man!

  6. alohadenise says:

    It took a worldwide coronavirus pandemic for me to discover how generous and creative some people are, how much I need and appreciate my husband, hugs, my family, friends, my health, freedoms and my ability to travel.

  7. Jeanne Kidd says:

    I love to paint too.


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