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Creating a New You, Part 2

By Randy Gage in Critical Thinking, Success, Prosperity.

Last post we explored resolutions and plans for the New Year.  As I mentioned, I’m not big on resolutions.  But the great thing is there are no rules.  You get to play this game we call life, any way you want. 

I hope you heard my recent podcast on Discovery & Creation.  Because it’s crazy that people spend so much time trying to “find” themselves.  I’m not a big fan of these approaches, because they usually end up being about conforming to labels and categories.

How about instead you simply create yourself?  Into who you want to become; the highest possible version of yourself.

If you spend less time on the things you want to do or don’t do – and more on who you want to become – I believe it takes you to a much better place, a whole lot quicker.  If you’re making New Year’s resolutions, keep this in mind:

You can’t become the new you, until you’re willing to release the old you…

One of the ways I recreate myself every year (and sometimes several times a year) is to do a Burning Bowl Ceremony.  Here’s a video I did on the process some time back:

As I said, it’s not really about finding yourself, but creating yourself.  So please allow me to be the first to wish you, Happy New You!


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6 thoughts on “Creating a New You, Part 2

  1. Great topic, great point Sir Randy! Thankyou..

  2. great way of approaching change and personal evolution!

  3. alohadenise says:

    Happy New Year! Happy New Us!!

  4. thechalkywhite says:

    Loving the clarification of “find” myself, compared to “create” myself. It is a simple way so many people have of “legitimising” procrastination.

    Thanks for all you do hear and – as we Scots say – Orrabest for 2019

    1. thechalkywhite says:

      Even if I can’t spell “here” correctly…

      1. Randy Gage says:

        Many people here speak English as a second language. So we don’t grade you on spelling here!


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