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Counterfeit Breakthroughs

By Randy Gage in Critical Thinking, Success, Prosperity.

Everyone experiences breakthroughs.  The problem for a lot of people is these are pretend breakthroughs.  Counterfeit breakthroughs that are simply their crazy mind, tricking them into believing they have made a real change. 

But in reality, it’s bullshit they sell themselves.  Here are some examples of counterfeit breakthroughs:

The addict that says they are quitting drugs, because they increase the length of time between getting high episodes. (Been there.)

The drunk who believes because they only drink during meals or “socially,” they’re not an alcoholic. (Done that.)

The smoker who says he or she is quitting, because they cut down a little. (Did that 50 times.)

The person who gets out of their dysfunctional relationship – then immediately replaces their partner on the rebound with a carbon copy. (Only did this 11 times.)

The overweight or binge eater who convinces themselves that they are making progress because they keep re-losing the same 10 pounds of water weight and scale fluctuation, but never really getting to the other 30 pounds too much they are carrying.  (About the only one I haven’t done.)

We sometimes have a reflexive tendency toward denial about tackling difficult issues.  These counterfeit breakthroughs and delusions are the way our insanity keeps reinventing itself.  But here is the most important thing you should know about all this…

These false breakthroughs are much more dangerous than no breakthroughs.

Because if you allow yourself to buy into one of these fake breakthroughs, you never take actions to fix the problem.  Your denial (delusion) leads you to believe the problem has been solved.  But all you have done is drive it further underground.  And that’s the dangerous part.

So how you doing on this?

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4 thoughts on “Counterfeit Breakthroughs

  1. Denial? What denial? I have nothing to do with denial. Denial has nothing to do with me. I’m in Toronto. De Nile is in Egypt!

  2. Isn’t it helps, if you say you already done this? You know, when you are putting your affirmations on “present time”. Because if you say “Once, I going to be rich” you pretty much never going to be rich, so you should say “I am rich”, even if you aren’t. I know the concept of faking results, but isn’t have it it’s own purpose?

  3. Randy, the goldfish in this post read “Think and Grow Rich.” He just hasn’t done the work yet.

  4. Sneezing and hiccups, you have to be savvy!


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