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Core Beliefs that Cause Self-Sabotage…

By Randy Gage in Critical Thinking, Success, Prosperity.

We’re doing a series of posts on the five deadliest causes of failure that I’ve discovered in my work.  Last post we looked at the number one cause: worthiness issues.  I promised to continue the discussion today, and look more specifically on how this could be impacting you, and preventing you from reaching the success you desire.

Let’s begin by investigating core, foundational beliefs.

These are the beliefs that you develop on all the important issues of life.  And for most people, once these beliefs are developed, they are never questioned, challenged, or tested again.  And that pretty much guarantees you a life of frustration and puzzlement at best, and self-sabotage, misery, even premature death at worst.  Because you adopted these important beliefs before you had the abilities of critical thinking, self-awareness, and discernment.

So what are the critical areas you develop these core beliefs? I believe they are:

Here’s the startling, frightening, and very cogent fact: You probably developed your core beliefs in these areas before you were eight years old.

Take beliefs about god or religion for example.  If you were raised with programming teaching you that you are a sorry sinner, are not worthy, are meant to suffer in this lifetime, won’t reach enlightenment until another 44 lifetimes, or you’re reincarnated this lifetime to pay penance for a past lifetime – you’re pretty much fucked.

People raised with this type of religious programming – and let’s just admit this is really cult programming – usually grow into adulthood with low self-esteem and worthiness issues.   This can lead to self-sabotage behavior in your health, relationships and career.  In extreme cases it can lead to death.  You develop an addiction and overdose, or a young gay teen takes their life, because they’ve been programmed to think there is something wrong with them.

Let’s look at your beliefs about marriage and relationships.  If your parents constantly fight, one spouse cheats on the other, or abuses the other – your core, foundational belief on how relationships work is set by six or seven years old.

Did you grow up believing that sex was dirty and sinful, and should be hidden in the dark?

Were you taught that work was something to be endured for eight hours a day, and then you live your life after?

And of course, of course, we have to look at what you were taught about money…

The best example of meme programming is in the original Spiderman movie, when little orphan Peter Parker was told by his uncle, “We may not be rich, but at least we’re honest!”

Let’s translate that…

Money is bad and rich people are evil.  Be glad that we are not rich, because that means we are actually good, noble, salt-of-the-earth people.

And that is the money message you are being assaulted with, literally hundreds of times every single day.

So if your subconscious mind thinks rich people are evil, and your conscious mind is working to become successful, which one do you think wins?

So let’s look at how you can prevent yourself from sabotage.  How do you discover the negative beliefs that could be influencing your behavior, even decades later.

You have to ask yourself three questions:

And that’s where we’ll pick up on the next post. In the meantime, please ponder the questions and I’d love to hear your comments below.  And please share this post!


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8 thoughts on “Core Beliefs that Cause Self-Sabotage…

  1. Daniel says:

    1. I reincarnated this life to pay penance for my past lifetime, and also have to suffer during this. The method is: I suffering and generating negative energy which reach the others and makes them suffer more. Even plants starting to die around me, during my suffering. This is really helps for everyone, including me to reach enlightenment. Fortunately, I can suffer even if I am rich, so I don’t have to stay poor in order to do the suffer thing correctly. Question is: if I am poor, because I owe money someone from my past life, how the hell I can pay back, if I have NO money in this lifetime? Just paying taxes is enough?

    2. Sex and sin is turning us back to religion, where we born in sin and live in sin, that suggest that the sex itself is a sin. But if you are do it in dark, it is still a sin, so what’s the point? Maybe it is better, if you don’t sure exactly what hole are you reaching in. Who knows, religions are weird.

    3. Yes, working time is a really exact teaching. And completely pointless. We can also say that mental work is not work at all. Just physical work. That’s why people in old age, do pointless physical things in order to feel themselves useful, meantime their brain constantly dying and they became demented.

    4. If rich people are evil, than we live among angels, and this is the paradise. So you are a former evil sorry sinner, who is suffering, or an evil rich. You can choose. Looks like God give suffering for good people. Or the poor people aren’t as good as we think?

  2. Bernice says:

    I think all these beliefs are coming from ancient religions and cultures. We are seeing the results.

    Not all ancient cultures agreed. Some wanted to live, while others wanted to die.

    I think “washing your feet” is a metaphor. We might think we can go out and get dirty and then someone else will wash our feet. I think we. Need to do the work to change our beliefs. You won’t change your beliefs reading and listening to the stuff that tells you that you can sin and be forgiven. You ate forgiven by changing the beliefs that made you sin to beliefs that don’t sin.

    Ancient Egypt evolved over thousands of years and became the civilization with the mist equal rights in ancient times. They believed in equality for all. They were serious about eternity (heaven).

    I also think Ancient Egypt programmed their beliefs. They also shared it with others.

    They knew what deadly beliefs were. They also knew the living beliefs.

    You have to change what you are listening to.

    I think a lot of stuff we do, say, and feel are results of our belief systems. We were programmed to do it.

    If it is deadly, stop doing it

    We hear about unhappy relationships because of different reasons. A common one is different sex drives. I think these are programmed. So is respect. So is sin. So is being bad.

    What if what you are reading tells you that men are above women?

    Men can connect with God but women have to be connected to a man and can’t connect to God/Spirit directly?

    Women don’t go to heaven?

    Women’s desire should be for her husband? (Making her husband a god and her not a goddess)? Not equal?

    Inequality is hate and that is not a good foundation for a relationship. It won’t get either one into heaven.

    Change what you are listening to and believing.

    The hard part may be letting go of the belief system that connects you to sinners. Some may not be ready to change. They may want to hang onto other ancient deadly beliefs. They may like where they are. They may not want to let go of others who don’t want to change.

    There were also ancient living beliefs.

    I think most have been unholy f**ked. That it is God making you sin, poor, dead, etc.

    That it a lie.

    We are born equal and good. We learn to sin and hate. We can change our beliefs, ways, and results.

    The core beliefs show up in the things we and others do. Our actions and results. How we treat others, things, and the planet.

    1. Daniel says:

      @Bernice The more ancient the religion is, the more prosperity they preached. People in the past prayed to the nature, the wind, the rain, the trees and so forth. They all prayed for prosperity. Nowadays memes are modern memes. It just take one single second do infect you, and some time to grow inside you strong enough to influence your life. Exactly like any other kind of viruses.

      The ancient Egypt is all about death cult, and blood ceremonies. They were slave-holders, that’s how they reach goals. Very bad example. Had nothing to do with prosperity, except the fact that they sustain their ego with all what they have. Just like the Mayans, they were a bunch of assholes.

      And yes, modern religions have a lot to do with chauvinistic. They degrade woman with all they got. Eve accepted the apple, she’s made from Adam and all of the bullshit. Ridiculous. Arabians is the other example, and Jews too. Fuck themselves!

      “We are born equal and good. We learn to sin and hate.”

      Absolutely wrong. We wasn’t born equal. Some of us born as evil. Yes, I talking about evil children. Not a popular opinion isn’t it? Don’t be naive. How can we be equal by any means? We may similar to each other, but if we are equal, than we are just one of the 8 billion part from one big being. The communists used this idea to milk people. Forget it. There are fuckers and saints, and lots of between the two.

  3. maryellen514 says:

    I think the biggest disparity is that people don’t know what to believe any more. It used to be that we were convicted about our beliefs. It doesn’t seem to be the case any more. We believe what everyone else believes. Somewhere along the way, we have lost our core beliefs about love, life and purpose. Beliefs are only as good as the resources they come from. When we start to question this, then I think we will be able to better differentiate truth from fiction. Until then, we will stay stuck in a life of confusion and uncertainty. It’s one thing to identify a belief as powering or disempowering, it’s all together another challenge to know where to go from there, when truth is no longer truth.

  4. thechalkywhite says:

    I’m so glad you don’t reply to some of the weird stuff you get in your feed…

    1. Daniel says:

      “weird stuff” this one is called “brain storming” darling 🙂

  5. Gabriel says:

    some of those beliefs are passed from the old generations to the new ones without any change, thinking that they are correct at all

  6. Deep kiran says:

    Hello Randy,

    My name is Deep Kiran (33). I have established my business and doing well. Before that my first business was a failure ( great reviews and lots of satisfied customers, except I went bankrupt). I worked even harder for my second business and made it …but…I save money, then I lose it. I become extremely confident and arragont (or I feel I deserve better things). This happened twice. Then I tried money management , this time the impact is limited. But I know I did it again.

    I become extremely irritated, impacient, stressed , I get into arguments only to feel sorry later.

    Same thing happens when I am in a relationship too … When things are great …I become ( I feel, I deserve even better, only to lose what I already have).

    I don’t understand what’s wrong with my belief system. Financially and in relationship.

    I am not enjoying this at all.
    Any help will be greatly appreciated.

    Thank you,
    Deep Kiran


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