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Conscience: Selfishness vs. Selflessness…

By Randy Gage in Critical Thinking, Success, Prosperity.

In yesterday’s post, we looked at when your ego is beneficial for you.  The driver of whether you use your ego for good or bad, is your conscience.  And it may surprise you, but the key to a conscience that serves both you and the world, involves selfishness.  Or more specifically, a balance between selfishness and selflessness…  

Selfishness is a virtue.  And the world would be a much better place if more people developed this virtue.

You want enough selfishness to have self-respect and make sure you get your own needs met.  Because if your own needs aren’t being met – you’re no good to anyone else.

Self-respect plays a vital role in personal integrity.  When you respect yourself, you create the type of self-image where you see yourself as someone who upholds certain values.  And having values is what makes you valuable to the other people and inhabitants of the planet.

Values are what lead us towards an enlightened culture.  An enlightened culture is one where everyone has consideration for others.

The way this plays out on a personal level, is your self-respect and values cause you to have a healthy regard for the opinions of people you respect.  Your desire to avoid disapproval from people you hold in high esteem is yet another check that prevents you from doing things that would bother your conscience.

So in reality, having a good conscience it is not a battle between selfishness vs. selflessness.  It’s a partnership, of bringing both into your way of living.

How you doing on that?


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5 thoughts on “Conscience: Selfishness vs. Selflessness…

  1. Rena Romano says:

    There is nothing selfish about self-care ;-}

  2. The part of egoism was clear to me, but I did not understand the explanation of selflessness very well. I have not been able to perceive in what part what selflessness comes in.

  3. If we have understood our fundamental definitions of prosperity and it’s opposite, then I find we have the correct “knowledge base” upon which to discern true integrity, self respect, selfishness and selflessness. Not to be strive for perfection, rather to manifest excellence. I believe I’m doing remarkably well. Transmutation is key. Critical thinking is a vital component of a good conscience and discernment.

    1. Randy’s argument is not balanced. He goes into great detail as to why selfishness is good and then doesn’t elaborate on how this compares with selflessness. Selflessness is found in all leaders. Leaders eat last is a well known book after all. An interesting argument but Randy just doesn’t follow through.

  4. Randy Gage says:

    For those of you asking, yes it is true I didn’t spend as much ink on selflessness. I felt like most people are already pretty indoctrinated on that. But in light of your comments, I will explore it more in a future post. -RG


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