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Common Misconception About Money

By Randy Gage in Prosperity.

Last post we looked at some statements people from my old coaching program made when I asked them what prosperity was.  I said that I felt they were actually negative.  Let’s look at each of them in turn:

“God, this is so simple if you can get the money out of your greedy heads for one second.”

I don’t want to get money out of my head, because I see money as a fundamental component of prosperity.  And I certainly don’t want to equate thinking about money as greedy.   Affirming statements like this can cause you to think that the simple act of thinking about money (or cars, clothes, houses, etc.) is greedy.

In fact, no one thinks about money more often then poor people.  They are consumed with trying to get more of it, and as a result, miss out on enjoying a lot of the other prosperity in life.  When I was broke, I thought about money all the time.  Now that I’m wealthy, I almost never think about it.  But when I do, it’s in a positive context.

“Putting it simply, if you attach importance to money (whether you actually have a lot of money or not), you are not prosperous.”

Really.  Because I kind of think money is important.  It is what builds schools, finds cures for disease and gives people freedom.  Poverty is bondage and debt is a prison.

I did a little survey.  When I ordered my new Viper, I inquired if they would accept the importance I attach to money, instead of the actual money itself.  They seemed less than impressed with the idea, and in fact, demanded cash.

Seriously, I always cringe a little when I see statements like this.  Just like I do with our third example: “It’s only money,” or “Money doesn’t buy happiness,”

I don’t even like to say things like, “I can’t afford that,” as I believe it all affects my subconscious mind.  I would rather say, “I choose not to buy that at this time,” or “It wouldn’t be prudent to purchase that item at this time.”

I believe that when you say things like, “It’s just money,” you create a negative energy that repels money from you.  I celebrate money!  Now this brings up another important issue, the worship of money and material things.  I think we would all agree that when you worship material things over all else, you are in for a big fall.  So where do we draw the line?  Please check in with your thoughts, and that’s where we’ll go next.


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28 thoughts on “Common Misconception About Money

  1. Jonathan says:

    Money is about acknowledging the riches of the Abundant Universe. And the Infinite Intelligence wants us to be rich in order that it experiences the unlimited love, luxuries, travel, purpose, passion and Joy in Life.

    With GRATITUDE for all things in our Life, we open the door to the flow of money and riches as long as we are clear about what it is we really want. Wanting money JUST for our own greed, or taking it from others never serves the Universe. It’s about the creative mind, rather than the competitive. It’s about making a difference and caring.

    Studying poverty won’t make us rich. Money is beauty and is available to all of us as long as we’re grateful.. Without gratitude for everything in our Life, we’re empty.

  2. the great Zig Ziglar says…isnt the most important thing in life..but it ranks right up there with air”

    RG – Done alot of things right..alot of things wrong..dont you know…but one thing I continue to heed is your advice on money…keep preaching to the world brother.

    Keep on happening..
    Rivers the disciple

  3. Scott Miller says:

    An interesting thing that happened in my past was I way over extended myself with material possessions that of course had “monthly investments” attached to them. I was getting my self worth from them and wanted everyone who knew me to think that I had “made it’. As this caught up to me and the truth came out, I was absolutely petrified to even imagine what people were going to think of me when I lost my possessions. I even went so far as to ditch my girlfriend at the time on the day they repossessed my Vette. When she finally got me on the phone, I told her that I was going through this bad time; she told me that she didn’t care about that… I ran anyway.
    The point is today I own my possessions, they don’t own me. I can clearly see where I can have a much bigger impact on the world by having resources than not. My daughter has been to Mexico for the past three summers building houses for Habitat for Humanity. It is a labor of love that she has, but she wouldn’t be able to do that if she couldn’t afford to fly from NY to San Diego and then head south of border from there.

    Anyway, I say you draw the line at get as much money and material possessions as you can attract, without being to attached to that from a self worth standpoint. Be who you are with or without money and material things…then in my opinion, you will attract a lot more into the flow.

  4. John Ruman says:

    I would love to hear a dozen or so ways to better phrase to put the positive/abundant spin on the same statement. The couple that you put in today’s blog are a great awesome. I have to say, that the more of them I know and can pull from, the stronger and realer the feel of what I’m talking about. It would be really empowering if you could do that – and for you, I know it would be an easy one. I’d greatly appreciate it.

  5. Thank you Randy for your insight. I always find it enlightening.

    I have been studying prosperity for a few years now but you have a unique way of explaining things that make it much clearer for me to see. I have used those statements you mentioned, like “it’s only money” a million times and never gave a thought to the effect on my subconscious and ultimately what I bring into my life.

    I always look forward to your next message . . .

  6. Great post Randy. Yes when we worship money or material items, we take our eye off of what is important. I have found that when I made the most money, it was when I was focused on performing in my business at the top of my game. When I experienced the least amount of money was when I was focused on money and trying to hard to secure more without producing a quality return to my clients.

    Great post. Have a great weekend!

  7. John Clark says:


    Why does it seem that a lot of people have problems with money and the concept of money?

    Most people worry about money and that is where the majority of their problems are.

    Keep your messages coming, they only help!

    Here’s to Your LifetoSuccess,

    John Clark

  8. Randy;

    I have a wise teacher who taught me that the difference is if we are
    As opposed to looking at it as a “Preference” At what ever we are looking at in our life, attachment to that object or thing or whatever it may be always comes with struggles.


  9. Tony Scarcia says:

    Randy, when you say things like “I choose not to buy that at this time,” or “It wouldn’t be prudent to purchase that item at this time”, do you ever hear your mind saying, “I’m just saying that because I don’t want to affirm that I really can’t afford it”.

    Would love your thoughts on that. Thanks.

  10. Tony Scarcia says:

    PS: What are your thoughts on – “I really don’t need that so I won’t buy it”.

  11. Jim Story says:

    As always a great post. Prosperity is that great feeling we get when all is well. I like the affirmation about money. “I have enought to share, spend, loan, give and save.

    Years ago when I said “It is only money.” It was because I was jealous of something someone had or I had made a mistake with my money and I was letting me off the hook. NOT.

    Money is not the only thing in Prosperity, but it is a part of it. When I start to think about money and getting it. I now say. “God is my instant constant source of my supply and knows and meets my every need now.”

    Jim Story

  12. Rose says:

    That is one of my favorite statements. I use that every time I think about a purchase. I have avoided collecting a bunch of “stuff” I don’t really need and would just clutter my life.

  13. Rose says:

    That is a major key to prosperity…God meeting your needs! He supplies seed for sowing to others and bread for your personal consumption. When you are in debt over your head you cannot help someone else.

  14. Bernice says:

    “…no one thinks about money more often then poor people. They are consumed with trying to get more of it, and as a result, miss out on enjoying a lot of the other prosperity in life.”

    In the book I am reading, “Awakening”, Ping Li says that:
    “Your life lesson is an opportunity to learn about your thoughts, beliefs and feelings towards yourself, others & the world.”

    I think this also includes learning about our thoughts about money.

    Ping Li also says that: “You will understand that the universe will bring similar situations, relationships and people to you over and over again until you have learned the lesson”

    I think this means that we need to learn what our thoughts and beliefs are about money and, if they are negative or limiting, we need to change them or else we will keep getting what we have been getting. In other words, poor people will stay poor until they change the way they are thinking about money. Or we won’t get out of debt until we change our thinking.

    We have to be willing to change though. Ping Li says that:
    “Your ego seeks to be right, important and superior, but your inner self seeks only peace and harmony with no judgment. The ego-self also focuses on “lack” and “not being good enough,” and this is the root cause of all suffering. Whenever you feel the ego’s resistance, you must let it go.”

    These quotes reminded me of enjoying prosperity in my life:
    * “Most People have never learned that one of the main aims in life is to enjoy it.” Samuel Butler
    * “Think of all the beauty still around you and be happy.” Anne Frank
    * Learn how to be happy with what you have while you pursue all that you want. Jim Rohn

    I agree that:
    ” …when you say things like, “It’s just money,” you create a negative energy that repels money from you. I celebrate money!”

    I am working on reprogramming my negative programming/thoughts/beliefs about money so that I can celebrate money. I think I want wealth and desire wealth but my negative programming was creating a conflict. I also believe that we need to think about money to manifest it.

    Catherine Ponder says in “The Dynamic Laws of Prosperity”:
    “Let’s give up our mixed attitudes about money which can only bring mixed results.”

    She also says “There’s nothing wrong with money , or in wanting money. It is a God-given medium of exchange, and there is nothing evil about that.”

    Randy says in his book, “Why You’re dumb, Sick & Broke…And How to Get SMART, HEALTHY & RICH!” that:
    “What’s truly scary is that 90% of the programming you’re exposed to today is the negative programming of lack, fear, and limitation.”
    “What all this subconscious programming sets up is a below the surface conflict in your mind.”

    Some more quotes:
    * “The Universe doesn’t give you what you want, it gives you what you expect.” Joe Schroeder
    * “You will always get what you focus on whether or not its what you expect.” J. Sewell Perkins
    * Happiness is when what you think, what you say and what you do are in harmony.” Mahatma Gandhi

    I also agree that:
    “… the worship of money and material things. I think we would all agree that when you worship material things over all else, you are in for a big fall. So where do we draw the line? ”

    Catherine Ponder also says in “The Dynamic Laws of Prosperity” that: “Just as you should not turn up your nose at money, neither should you make a god of it. Money is filled with the desire for life, movement, expansion and activity. It does not like to be grasped, clutched, or restrained in idleness.”

    In the Bible, it says: “love of money is a root of all kinds of evil.” (I Timothy 6:10). Catherine Ponder says that a “closer study of this passage reveals why Paul spoke as he did.
    …In other words, at the time Paul wrote his first epistle to Timothy, the city of Ephesus was a city of idolatry and heathen worship…a city of general materialism, that placed no emphasis upon God as the source of its supply.”

    So I believe we have to know God is the source of our supply and be grateful.

    I think we need to not be attached to things and be grateful that they are in our lives. We need to be able to let go of things to be able to change and become more prosperous.

    “If you believe you are worthy of wealth and happiness, you will expect good things to happen. And when they do, you will accept them gratefully.”
    from “Why You’re dumb, Sick & Broke…And How to Get SMART, HEALTHY & RICH!” by Randy Gage

  15. Randy Gage says:

    You should definitely get my 5-book series on prosperity here:


  16. Randy Gage says:

    No I don’t think that because I really believe that it is a conscious choice for me. As far as the second question I have lots of things I don’t “need,” but they bring great joy to my life.


  17. “I had a vision of a way we could have no enemies ever again, if you’re interested in this. Anybody interested in hearing this?

    It’s kind of an interesting theory, and all we have to do is make one decisive act and we can rid the world of all our enemies at once.

    Here’s what we do.

    You know all that money we spend on nuclear weapons and defense every year? Trillions of dollars.

    Instead, if we spent that money feeding and clothing the poor of the world, which it would pay for many times over, not one human being excluded … not one … we could as one race explore inner and outer space together in peace, for ever.”

  18. Haran Davis says:

    Randy, I absolutely love your post on the Common Misconception About Money!

    I celebrate money and material things which supports and contributes to my happiness as yet I also think we have to put both money and material things in perspective. Below is a quote from Nick Williams that has put money and material things in perspective for me:

    “Money is like oxygen, it is essential for living but not the sole purpose of living.”


  19. gene says:

    money is important in many ways but not the most important thing..

    money is neutral and can be used for all things good and bad things….money is important and it is so useful for me


  20. Tam Dang says:

    Only poeple with millions laying around in their savings account or an of shore account, don’t think about money, that’s just the nature of things…Can’t change it.

    But having an abundance mindset is the key to success even if you’re a poor person…

    Give away money any chance you can, don’t say “you can’t”, the only people who can’t are people living in Africa or Asia or any third world countries, if you live anywhere else you have no excuse.

    So think abundantly and give, and know that karma will come back to you ten fold.

  21. Dorothy says:

    Hello Randy,

    Just received your book, Why You’re Dumb, Sick & Broke…… today. I’m devouring it nodding my head along the way. It made so much sense to me coming from you. I had heard all of this before yet, by hearing it from you, it was like the boost I needed to keep going. Lets just say, you are like an impromptu coach.

    Thanks so much for the book. I’d like to share my story with you in the future as a testimony (no victimhood here) to getting from ‘mediocre to sweet success!’ Got to go get back to reading your book further.

    Keep the success coming and bless you! 😉

  22. I haven’t posted in a while so I thought I would… I do personally have some conflicts with the idea of money, because I grew up somewhat poor and my parents currently live on just Social Security. I have offered to give them money so they can have more but they have refused. I am more successful than my parents were, I work professionally and I have my own business.

    On the other side, my children are going to be more successful than I am. One child wants to be an actor, another a songwriter, and the third is going to be the general manager of a tire store. If all make their goals, all three will make more money than I ever have. I am thrilled that this is true and I have always told them to go for big dreams.

    Money is part of the measurement of success for most big dreams but one does not become successful by focusing on making money. Learning the skills to be successful and practicing those skills makes one successful, and success brings money. That is a wonderful thing that we all should embrace. Having money means that you can help others out when they are in need.

    Now the phrase “The love of money is the root of all evil” does not pertain to most people that have wealth. People who love money, as in people who make money their top priority over everything else, is what this phrase is talking about. People who love their work and families, and are prosperous, do not concern themselves so much with the money they make.

  23. Mike Shippey says:

    I think it’s as simple and at the same time as difficult as balancing your life and setting your priorities.
    Abundance seem to be a mindset. And money seems to follow the abundant mindset.
    Part of the abundant mindset is valuing time, living in the now, and believing that you will always have the things you need AND want.
    If you tend to be more selfish, you worry about money…if you limit yourself as to what you can “do for a living”, you worry about money…if you’re always thinking about money…you’re worrying about money.
    STOP the cycle. Think of all the good you can do not only for yourself, but for your family, your friends, the causes you care about, etc, if you had money…Start to follow you heart and your passion, do what you were meant to do! And eliminate worry…it does nothing positive for you. If you continue to worry, your health will deteriorate, your mind will not function properly, and I assure you that you will not have the money you need to live your best life.
    My two cents…
    Thanks for yours Randy

  24. Mellisa says:

    since i was 11 years old and the busiest and most expensive babysitter, I always believed that the amount of value I give far surpasses the amount of money i can get paid. And true to form, a few years ago I worked full time then part time and today only 2 hours a day 4 days a week, and my paycheck never became smaller.

    Here’s the deal: It never became bigger either. And I believe that a part of me loves being a martyr, “I can never get paid my value. I am that fabulous”. Although my peers think that thats a prosperous statement, in reality, it’s very victim focused.

    Just sayin.

  25. chip says:

    i know i’m late on this post but just throwing in my 2 cents….

    many times when i hear people talking about money and god, and how jesus was poor and things like that….

    some people argue that we are not meant to be wealthy and that money is bad and gold corrupts…

    if these people are really reading and studying the bible, then there arguments would be answered in their studies…. i think rather than study the bible in rehearsed and famous scriptures and quotes why not read and study as a WHOLE work?

    and pay close attention to the rewards bestowed upon people…

    i remember a story about the wealthiest man in the history of the world…. he lost everything as a test, and then gained it all back as a reward for his enduring the suffering that was thrust upon him… and why was this man tested in the first place? i bet between god and the fallen angel….

    if wealth is not so important maybe god would have given this man a life time supply of holy water?

    its cool to see how many people believe in god and jesus and the bible… but disturbing to realize so many different interpretations of the same words and verses…..

    money is good… and we are all worthy and deserving, if you don’t want to be wealthy then make money live your birthright and give it all away….

    no one really knew how much money Napoleon Hill actually had… but they could render a guess based on the MILLIONS and MILLIONS he gave away….

    so give yours away if you dont want it…. i know there are many people all over the world where $1,000 USD would mean the difference between starving or freezing to death, or dieing from a completely curable disease…. just imagine what you could do with hundreds of thousands….

  26. Bernice,
    I agree with everything you wrote. Thank you for expressing your thoughts-which echo mine with great precision.

  27. Paul Klaszus says:

    I find this topic to be quite fascinating, Randy.. I discovered the same thing (although I don’t understand it to the same degree as the most predominant leaders) and it goes along with what you said.

    The poverty mentality is alllll about the money.

    Think about it – when you’re working your 40 hours a week (usually more) what are you doing 95% of your waking moments?
    Tryna make some money.

    Why can’t you spend more than 3 or 4 hours a week as a family?
    oh… you’re tryna make some money.

    Why do you go to work every day for 40+ years?
    Oh. I see.

    It’s the poverty mentality that is allll about the money – and for some reason the poor think that anyone making more than them (especially passively) is alllll about the money.

    But here’s the lowdown on a poverty mentality:

    You have to work very hard for money.
    There is a limited amount of money.
    Save some money for a rainy day.
    People with more than enough money are selfish.
    You need money to make money.
    My job ‘Pays the Bills’.
    When is pay day anyway?

    Here is what the wealthy think:
    I create new opportunities for others.
    I love coming up with new solutions every day!
    Who can I serve?
    I can’t wait to learn new leadership skills!
    What can I give to society that will give it greater value?

    And it’s here, where as you said, Randy… that you think very little about money – and when you do, it’s with the opposite mindset of those without.

    Thanks so much!


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