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Chasing Your Dreams

By Randy Gage in Critical Thinking, Success, Prosperity.

Don’t you love it when you finally get the guts to take a risk, really go after your dreams, and one of your well-meaning friends or family jumps in to save you?

Have you really thought this through?  You’re going to give up a regular paycheck, retirement plan, insurance coverage and paid vacation to open up a wine shop?  Aren’t you worried about what will happen to you or your family if it doesn’t work?

Of course you’ve thought this through.  Of course you’re fucking worried!  You lied awake night after night until 3 am, worrying about those exact fears.

But you decided to move past those fears, because they scare you less than living life in a cubicle, watching the clock, and whining about how dry the donuts were that HR provided for the last staff meeting.

Your well-meaning friend is just that: well-meaning.   Thank them for their concern. But don’t make your decision by only talking to them. Talk to someone who took the shot.

Because the dreams that come without risk, aren’t the ones worth chasing.


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One thought on “Chasing Your Dreams

  1. Paul Erickson says:

    Or you moved from the typical 9-to-5 business world because the group, The Police, describe your experience working for fat, over-privileged, white, egotistical, male assholes supervisors best in part of their lyrics in the song Synchronicity 2 – “And every single meeting with his so-called superior Is a humiliating kick in the crotch”


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