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Change Your Thoughts, Change Your Life

Posted By: Randy GageAugust 10, 2020

This is second in a series of posts on whether you can attract money and prosperity.  Last post we looked at the physics of energy, and how it can be attracted or repelled.  Now let’s explore the second dynamic: intention and the power of mind.

 I seriously doubt that there is a limit to the power of thought, but if there is, no one has discovered it yet. Unfortunately, almost no one expends enough time and energy on unleashing this awesome power in their lives. 

For most of us, by the time we have reached our teenage years, we’ve become conditioned into being victims of circumstance.  You start to believe things “happen” to you and that living is done by reacting to these external stimuli.  The moment you accept this premise is the moment you’ve lost control of your life.  You’re no longer living your authentic life, moving toward the highest possible version of yourself.  Instead, you’re living the life the politicians, marketers, and organizations controlling you want you to live – stuck on a plateau or sometimes regressing toward the lowest possible version of yourself.  Your environment dominates you and you’re probably subjugated by victimhood and fear. 

You have become a slave. 

I don’t use that term for clickbait or to be incendiary.  While some may chafe at the analogy, I truly believe millions of people in the world today are unknowingly slaves.  Whether your life is better than those during the early slavery days of the United States is a subject for fair debate.  On the surface that statement might seem crazy.  But a deeper look reveals a frightening reality. 

Living on a plantation, you had no rights, were forced into labor, and subject to unspeakable cruelty.  The slaves I'm referring to today have civil rights, can choose where to work, and can’t be physically tortured.  But you could make the case that this new version of slavery is more insidious, because in this case, the indentured have no idea they are actually slaves.  They are unwittingly manipulated to labor for their masters, providing benefits and producing profits.  They cast votes not knowing the ads they watch on Facebook cause them to vote that way, buy shit they don’t need because they’re manipulated into the purchase, and unknowingly eat food and drink that’s killing them.  Almost every decision they make is a fear-based one: fear of missing out, fear of not being accepted, or fear of being different.  Arguably the most important decisions they will make in life – who they marry or don’t, what college they attend or don’t, their religious beliefs, and the career they choose – are essentially made for them, by external influencing factors and manipulation. 

This new slavery isn’t decided by your skin color, this time it’s determined by your ability for critical thinking, discernment and rational thought – the ability to control your thoughts instead of having them control you. 

Which slavery is harsher, the obvious blatant enslavement, or the insidious hidden control?  I honestly don’t know.  But I do know that living under the control of either version is a crime against humanity. 

Can we agree that if you are practicing clear thinking and not being manipulated, you wouldn’t…

  • Allow addictions to control you
  • Believe you were born unworthy, undeserving of happiness, or requiring redemption
  • Repeat negative, dysfunctional relationships
  • Be jealous or resentful of wealthy, happy, or successful people
  • Worry what strangers thought of you

And can we agree that if you are practicing clear thinking and not being manipulated, you would…

  • Have adequate savings, investments, and retirement plans
  • Eat and drink healthy, nutritious foods
  • Make purchases by utility, not for virtual signaling or status seeking
  • Get some exercise, fresh air, and sunshine every day
  • Be comfortable having money and material possessions

If we agree on the above, then we agree that if you do any of the five behaviors in the first example, and don’t practice all five in the second list, you have allowed someone or something to manipulate your thoughts and control you.  Unfortunately, many spend their entire lives being influenced and controlled in this way.  They follow the blind impulse of their dominant thoughts, with no critical thinking about where those thoughts come from or how they were exposed to them.  Most of their actions and behavior are simply kneejerk reactions to the stimulus of external things like manipulation from marketers, gossip, religious dogma, government misinformation, and people with questionable motives.  They are slaves of these thoughts provided by others, obeying the impulse of the moment, concerned only with avoiding pain or seeking immediate gratification.  Now let’s return to our original question…

Can you really attract money and prosperity? 

Not if you allow yourself to be provoked or directed by the random thoughts that are bombarding you daily.  Otherwise you’re simply being used by others to enrich their own level of wealth.  But if you choose to control your thoughts, you absolutely can set your intention to attract more money and prosperity – and then actually manifest the result. 

You must become mindful enough to think about what you think about.  Ultimately, you must become the thinker of the thought.  That is when you start to access the inherent power within your being. The day that happens, eat some birthday cake because that’s the day you are truly born.  (If you have just recently been born, you’re going to want to listen to this podcast on starting over.)

You are now using your mind instead of being used by your mind.  You have to be able to step back, rise above your thoughts and be conscious of them.  When you become the thinker of the thought, you become the architect of your life. 


- RG

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  • 2 comments on “Change Your Thoughts, Change Your Life”

    1. I hit the big 6-0 this Sat and of course I've started thinking about retirement.. but that's one of the things I love about network marketing.. you don't have to retire.. love what Eric Worre teaches, most people hate their job.. oh I have to go to work.. so cool when you find something that you actually love to do and actually look forward to getting into action.. I'll never retire.. cheers David

    2. This afternoon I had the epiphany of understanding "people cannot escape from a prison if they don't know they are in one". Yet this evening, I accepted an invite from T Harv to enroll in a 5 day buisness building program, which I hadn't scheduled of course. Yesterday, I released a program I'd been in for a few weeks, for ethical reasons, to me at least. So, yeah, I get it RG. Thanks brother.

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