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Celebrate the Journey

By Randy Gage in Critical Thinking, Success, Prosperity.

Where did the months go?  As I look back over 2018 so far, I am grateful for so many things.  Proud of many other things.  But all of that pales in comparison for what I expect for the rest of the year, for you, me and the entire community here.

I hope you take some time today to reflect on your progress so far.  Remember with gratitude the challenges you overcame, and the lessons they taught you.  The path you took blessed you in many ways, some that you’ll never even know.

Remember the people in your life, who helped you along your journey of growth, consciousness, and adventure.  Take a few minutes and say a prayer or affirmation for them.

And when you are done with this remembering, let go of the past with a sense of completion.  Boldly, eagerly, and excitedly look forward to the future, and the greater good it has waiting for you.

Celebrate the Journey.


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4 thoughts on “Celebrate the Journey

  1. Denise says:

    Rock on!!!

  2. Viola Tam says:

    Hi Randy,

    I appreciate your sharing what is in your (BRILLIANT) mind!

    I love your emphasis on “growth, consciousness, and adventure”. Many people consider the future as a challenge. The future is just the unknown. Yet, as you rightly mentioned – what do we believe? It is a challenge? Or, an adventure?

    Keep up your amazing work, Randy!

    Viola Tam

    1. Randy Gage says:

      Thanks, it is always warming to hear that the posts really do mean something to people! -RG

  3. Gratitude is very essential in my Life, as well – thanks for sharing your thoughts <3


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