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Celebrate the Jerks

By Randy Gage in Success, Prosperity.

You know that person who gets on your last nerve?  That lady who cut you off in traffic and caused you to wreck your car?  That person who brings out the absolute worst in you?

You don’t have to like them or what they do to you.  But celebrate them.

Know that they provide true value in your journey of growth and enlightenment.  On a deeper level, they will provide some of your greatest gifts.  These people are mirrors.  Because they allow you to discover things you don’t like about yourself, that you would discover no other way.

– RG

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6 thoughts on “Celebrate the Jerks

  1. Lene Hansen says:


  2. Simon says:

    Love this randy! Thanks for insight

  3. Jane Champion says:

    What you have said is so true as I have found out for myself – in a way I saw them as being there for me as they were allowing me to know myself at deep levels and so activate more inner awareness through the experience.

  4. Paul Erickson says:

    Well, Randy, since you reside in Florida, you probably have a lot of experience with old men and blue backspace-haired old ladies cutting you off in traffic. I have been to Florida several times and your highways are a free-for-all.


    got the message. Good learning for me.

  6. Exellent insight Sir Randy, thankyou! Haha, I’ve been that jerk a few times in the past, AND I forgive jerks immediately now. They demonstrate who I don’t want to model. #Midasmentality #madgenius


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