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How Your Self-Sabotage Gets Started

You could actually turn down a job when you’re 20, reject a potential investment when you’re 30, and sabotage a promotion when you’re 40 – all because of a belief that you unknowingly adopted when you were six years old.

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Procrastination – and the Ideal of the Perfect Concept

Are you holding back because it’s safer to live in a fantasy world of the perfect ideal you’re going to create – instead of facing the real work, discipline and character required to get it done?

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The Problem is You

One of the commenters on that post said he felt he had good people around him, but they’re not really acting as a check on potentially addictive behavior.

So what’s the cause?

In scenarios like this, most of the time, the problem isn’t with the people around you. The problem is YOU.

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Your Next Mountain to Climb

Achieving goals doesn’t make you happy. Your greatest happiness comes from the thrill, adventure and challenge of pursuing them.

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