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Category: Miscellaneous

Kill Your Poverty Consciousness

How You Build Wealth, Part 3 of 2 🤣

You didn’t really think I was going to be content with publishing part one and part two in the How You Build Wealth series, and not dig into the 800-p...

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Circulating Prosperity

I’m writing you today from Vienna, where I’ll be speaking the next two days.  But back home in the States, it is the Thanksgiving holiday, a day we celebrate all we are grateful for.  So let me ...

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How Your Self-Sabotage Gets Started

Last post we explored how your well-meaning parents (or others) probably screwed up your life.  This is usually done inadvertently, but this doesn’t make the damage any less destructive.  (And pos...

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Procrastination – and the Ideal of the Perfect Concept

I finally figured it out.  What had been holding me back for months.  And is probably what’s been holding you back…

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The Problem is You

Remember this recent post about getting the right people around you? People who love you enough to call you on your stuff – when you’re acting out, or doing other harmful or self-destructive behav...

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Your Next Mountain to Climb

The foundation much of my work is based on is this:

Achieving goals doesn't make you happy.  Your greatest happiness comes from the thrill, adventure and challenge of pursuing them. (more…...

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