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Can You Really Attract Money and Prosperity?

Posted By: Randy GageAugust 8, 2020

Ever since The Secret debuted, there’s been much debate over our ability to attract money and material things, and how much control we have over manifesting prosperity in general.  With all of the crazy surprises 2020 is throwing at us, it’s a great time to revisit this discussion. There are really two dynamics at play here.  Let’s break them down…

The first dynamic is energy and the laws of physics... 

If we find the world’s smartest physicist and asked her the base nature of all things, she would say energy.  More specifically, energy vibrations.  That would include money and material things as well.  Because they are energy, we know they can be attracted or repelled.  That doesn’t mean you can lay in your recliner watching The Bachelor thinking about a Lamborghini and it will magically drive itself into your garage.  That’s not physics, it’s crazy talk.  But you certainly can exude negative or positive energy toward money and wealth.  This will be created by your core beliefs about them. 

Think back to when you first developed a relationship with money and what emotions that involved.  The odds are very high that you did this through your parents – how they felt and talked about money.  Now try and remember the expressions they used with you when you were a child.  Were they statements like:

  • Filthy rich
  • We may not be rich.  But at least we’re honest.
  • Poor as a church mouse
  • We don’t have money for that.
  • Do you think money grows on trees?
  • That’s too expensive.
  • Money can’t buy you happiness

Money and materials things are wonderful, and they can bring great joy to your life.  Never affirm statements like, “It’s just money,” or “They’re just things.”  Remember all things (including money) at their core are energy vibrations and statements like that will repel their energy.

Next, reflect on how your family felt about rich people in general.  Did they talk about wealthy people with jealousy or in a disdainful way? Most families have a “rich uncle” or other wealthy person in it.  If yours did, how were they viewed and spoken about by the rest of the family? 

Then we have to uncover all of the subconscious programming you have about money and material possessions – and the negative beliefs and emotions that are associated with them.  This is all the programming you receive from TV, social media, books, movies and other entertainment, and even from government, the education system, and organized religion.  I written about this a lot and won’t repeat it.  If you missed it, check out this post here.  (Even kids raised in wealthy families can feel guilty and create negative emotions about prosperity because of the anti-rich programming in popular culture.) 

In either event, here are some questions worth some critical thought…

How have the emotions you first felt about money as a child influenced the way you live your life today? How much did your relationship and emotions regarding money influence the major decisions in your life – such as what college you attended, the career you chose, who you married (or divorced), and whether you live life seeking opportunities to excel or simply playing not to lose?   If you had to quantify your current relationship with money and the corresponding emotion you feel about it – are they positive or negative? 

Once you answer that last question, you’ll know if you are actually repelling or attracting prosperity.  The second dynamic for attracting money and prosperity is intention and the power of mind. We’ll explore that on the next post.  In the meantime, I would love to see your thoughts below.

Peace, - RG

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  • 6 comments on “Can You Really Attract Money and Prosperity?”

    1. WOW talk about timing, (my email) My Mom use to look at rich people and say that is so Vulgar she thought they were showing off. Some do, most don't (is my thinking some do, part of the ingrained negativity of her words hmmm possibly). I have a hard time with money, we don't have debt we are comfortable. But I know I need to let go of the negativity that was ingrained in my subconscious. The more money I make the more I can give to my charities, travel more, have a house in Florida and one up north. How do you let go of what was imbedded for so many years. I want to feel worthy of making a lot more money, I don't want to be afraid of it or afraid of more success. How do you let it go?????

    2. Hi Randy,

      I was born and raised in a communist country (I was 5 when the revolutionaries killed the dictator) and people still have that mentality passed over generations. Many old people say it was better back then. After that, politicians until this day, are very corrupt and steal money from taxes. Generally people who had money were seen as corrupt, thieves, not honest. My father had a business in which he worked 24/7 , so my conclusions from that may have been "Money means hard work, money means you ruin your marriage and family". It is great that we can see these things now. Be aware. Acknowledge. But I don't know how to shift them. When I do affirmations my mind says "this is fake". I want to put myself in rich environments, masterminds, I think those must be the best thing in the world, but again, when you live from one paycheck to paycheck, masterminds seem like a million miles away.
      I love your blog and your podcast. May it bring you tons of high quality clients and may you be rich and wealthy and prosperous because what you are doing it helping others and giving so much value!

    3. Wonderful I need it now more than ever, I have to keep creating and share what I know I am here to do. Feeling blessed. Peace, Love, and Ciao for Now!

    4. This really made me think. Ii grew up in a household where dad worked 2 jobs and mom worked a full time job and money was still a source of stress. I know I've carried that attitude with me. I work in the industry of traditional commission sales and let me tell you the attitude of some of my coworkers is horrible when they're not selling. I'm finally realizing I need to create wealth rather than just being employed by someone as a means to an end. Thanks so much for this insightful blog!

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