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Busting the Mind Virus Poverty Myths

By Randy Gage in Critical Thinking, Success, Prosperity.

We’ve had some fascinating discussions on money and its role in prosperity.  More than a few of the comments have been treading into some dangerous territory…  

Let’s look at them, and I’ll offer what I think they really mean in your subconscious mind:

“If money were the measuring stick for prosperity…. why do I believe there are so many people ‘with money’ that really ‘have nothing’ or I should say they really have nothing that I would want?”

Now this is a dangerous one.  Here’s how I translate that question:  Rich people really aren’t happy, and lead shallow lives.  If I seek money I would be unhappy.

“And if money were the measuring stick for Prosperity, how would I measure my hopes and dreams, my open-mindedness, my willingness to grow and learn, my willingness to serve and support others, and my willingness to let God work in my life?  Aren’t these part of the prosperity picture?”

Interesting twist here.  My translation:  I don’t believe the universe rewards value for value.  If I wanted to be rich, I would be edging God out from my life and become a miserable sinner.  I would be a bad person who didn’t serve or support others.

“I believe money, or better yet, financial prosperity will come and come in abundance, not because money is my goal, nor is it the measuring stick I use, it is simply the ‘by-product’ of living the right life, saying the right things and doing the right things.”

My interpretation of this belief:  I don’t believe in goal setting, holding myself accountable, or having a vision for financial success.  If I eat enough tofu burgers, sing Kum Bay Ya, and immerse myself in the joyous state of divine bliss in the eternal nothingness, money will come to me.  If that doesn’t work, I’ll just get on the sofa with a bag of potato chips and watch “The Secret” 15 times.

Obviously I feel these kinds of beliefs are very dangerous to your success and prosperity.  They employ the concept of guilt by association (rich people are unhappy, shallow people), and right by association (poor people are Godly, willing to grow, open-minded, and willing to serve other).

Nice try.  But that’s not the way it really is.  Give that some thought, and please share your insights below.

BTW, mad love to all of you that have been sharing the Avatar video from yesterday.  It’s important to get the word out on that.  Thank you.


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22 thoughts on “Busting the Mind Virus Poverty Myths

  1. Michael Capilli says:

    Randy – I thought you didn’t watch movies like Avatar and Titanic because they were anti-prosperity. How do you reconcile that you plead with everyone to not watch these movies but have a discussion exposing the movies for the messages they portray. Isn’t this anti-prosperity?

  2. Wess Ripley says:

    I don’t usually laugh when I read – but this was good! Thanks for sharing your translations Randy. I agree with you – and admit to having caught myself falling into these traps before.

  3. david pierson says:

    Love your stuff Randy, hate James Cameron movies, not for their message, just that they’re long and boring, ridiculous etc… what do you think of those awful Sex and The City movies with their mindless, obnoxious consumerism… I liked the TV series, but I read a trashing of the first movie, all about closets, clothes, wedding dresses etc… watched it for five minutes and walked out… supposedly the second is even worse…
    PS curious, why you don’t like the TV series House… figured a maverick like House would appeal to an iconoclast like yourself…

    keep up the good work Randy!!

  4. Randy Gage says:

    I never tell people not to watch anything. You can’t escape it all. You have to choose what you want, and then be a critical thinker about the mind viruses they contain. See some of my comments on yesterday’s post and the video.


  5. Randy Gage says:

    I didn’t go to the Sex & The City movies. I saw the series once or twice and it looked stupid to me. I love the acting in House, especially Hugh Laurie. It’s rare to see that kind of a complex character on TV. Just don’t find time to watch it anymore.

    I mention it only because when it became a breakout hit, the subplot was the billionaire guy who was trying to take over the hospital board. He wanted to cut costs to increase profits, even it that meant more patients would die. Wanted to test his drugs on unsuspecting people, even if they died, etc. Insidious lack programming with the usual memes, money is bad, rich people are evil, and poor people are good.


  6. DANIELA says:

    Randy never said “not to watch the movies”. Both movies are fun to see, but he just pointed out to be “aware” of the subliminal messages.

  7. Felix Lopera says:

    Most of us all all fucked up into the matrix, and some of us are choosing the red pill to get us out of there. Thanks Randy for beeing the Morfeo who cares enough to save our minds from those memes.

  8. This is why I love Randy Gage:

    “My interpretation of this belief: I don’t believe in goal setting, holding myself accountable, or having a vision for financial success. If I eat enough tofu burgers, sing Kum Bay Ya, and immerse myself in the joyous state of divine bliss in the eternal nothingness, money will come to me. If that doesn’t work, I’ll just get on the sofa with a bag of potato chips and watch “The Secret” 15 times.”

  9. Randy,

    There is something missing from the right/wrong, good/bad, negative/positive, and left/right kind of paradigm thinking. We don’t shop for clothes that way but instead if it doesn’t fit us or support our view of style we put it back on the rack for someone else.

    You are actually promoting the shopping view. The style in question is prosperity and the fit is by the tape measure called money. Mind viruses come in all kinds of designs. I was not lucky enough to be born poor nor was I lucky enough to be born rich. I have never lacked for anything however. I once did two years with no taxable income. I discovered the money always shows up. My current experiment is what is the issue, the button, the trim tab that is my ‘power source’ but not like an answer.

    In the search I noticed a couple viruses I have been nurturing. I can’t be successful until everyone else is and I don’t want to be the cause of anyone else’s success, happiness or good fortune.

    There is an antidote for both; thank you Randy for providing it.

  10. Dhaneel says:

    ahahahha Kumbaya!

  11. Brian says:

    I watched your video on Avitar. I think it’s great that someone is pointing out the memes that are woven into the fabric of our society, especially in seemingly harmless things like entertainment. Memes are part of the vortex of controls that society installs in the human mind and everyone’s goal, whether they realize it or not is to be free. Certainly having a balanced attitude about wealth can only assist in gaining our liberty.
    I have been writing about memes in songs on my blog.

  12. Klaus says:

    great comments on the avatar

  13. Bernice says:

    I’m doing some work to figure out what my core beliefs are ( not what I think they are). A question that has helped me is…

    What do you think of people who have less money than you?
    (Do you look down on them, judge them, think they have poor clothes, or an old car)

    Your fear is your judgment of people who have less money than you…
    It is what you are afraid of – that other people will judge you on the same things.

    It is all in your head…you learned it somewhere…and you can change it.

    We can control our feelings and be happy now… we don’t have to wait for more money (or wait until we lose weight, have a better relationship, etc).

    (I am using Debra Berndt’s “Money Anxiety Teleseminar”in the “Hypnosis for Wealth” Package: )

  14. Randy Gage says:

    I would also look at how you feel about people with more money than you.


  15. Bernice says:

    Yes… That is one of the questions+ there are some other questions, exercises & tips to keep your energy on track.

  16. Mike Shippey says:

    Great take. Great perspective. You always leave us thinking and that’s important.

    The more conscious all of us can be, the more successful and prosperous we can be!

    Take care

  17. I use to walk around this world saying “I am not driven by money”. What I was really doing was making excuses for not being paid what I was worth and blaming others.

    Thanks for opening my eyes.

  18. W David C says:

    Hey Randy,

    I was just reading your last post and you wrote something that I found weird for someone like you. You wrote

    “No that’s like using that manipulative NLP bullshit that Tony Robbins teaches to sell people stuff they don’t want to buy. There’s no integrity in that”

    The current definition of manipulation is – ‘to guide with precision’.
    Surely we need to decide upfront what we want to sell and who we want to sell it to and then use the best tools possible to sell them. If we do not think it is right to use the best tools possible then we shouldn’t be selling it at all. The NLP sales method was created by watching what the top sales people in the world do. Then it was put into a formula that could be replicated.

    So I translate what you wrote as ‘if someone wants what I have to sell then they will just buy it!’. But we all know that wants are all created usually by marketing and sales, as we are so far beyond needs (needs stop at food and a dry cave). I never found that I got very good results in sales by walking into a room and shouting ‘anyone want what I have?’

    Funny thing is that I have watched many of your network marketing events and you actually use almost everything that Tony and NLP teaches. You just don’t call it what they call it.

    Really we are all in sales and we can either be amazing at what we do or we can be rubbish at what we do.

    Are you saying that anyone who has read a sales book has no integrity as they are learning how to be persuasive?

  19. Jim Story says:


    I don’t think being rich is a sin. THere are a lot of poor people with shitty attitudes blaming other people for their lack. Their are a lot of rich people that donate money, build schools and churches, help teach children and donate their time (the most precious commodity).

    I agree that the thinking will lead to that rich people are shallow. Maybe only in L.A. (LOL)
    Edging God Out = EGO.

  20. Edward Devero says:

    I missed a day of school. Thankyou for these interpretations – it’s a great reminder to catch our own lack thinking.


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