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Build a Habit, Reach a Goal

healthy habits
By Randy Gage in Critical Thinking, Success, Prosperity.

The title above encapsulates one of the most simple, yet profound truths in achievement.  Habits are what cause you to reach goals and achieve accomplishments.  But most people focus on the latter.

Setting a goal to lose 15 pounds might be a great one.  But if you don’t create a new habit (eating healthier, daily cardio exercise, etc.), the goal is just a fantasy.

Goal setting, building a vision for a specific achievement, and creating benchmarks are all solid steps to advancing your progress on the path of prosperity.  But the magic that makes it all happen is building the right habits.

So what is the new habit you need to start?


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2 thoughts on “Build a Habit, Reach a Goal

  1. Meet people, invite them to a presentation and follow up.

  2. Suvasish says:

    Keep a list of people to invite for your MLM meeting.


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