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Bringing Prosperity from the Abstract to the Physical Form

Posted By: Randy GageOctober 3, 2020

In my book Risky Is the New Safe, I suggested that in the future, the most sought-after currency in the world would be ideas.  That future is now here.  And nowhere is this dynamic more apparent than how prosperity is manifested. 

Recently in this post, I posited a theory that all forms of prosperity are infinite, and once manifested on the physical plane, create their own expansion.  That hypothesis came about after study of the work of Reverend Charles Fillmore.  In his book Prosperity, Fillmore says:

“…there is every evidence that there is a law either in or around the cells that controls their formation and duplicates the pattern laid down ages ago in Mother Eve and Father Adam. This is the law written in our inward parts, which is not a figure of speech but a recognized fact. We must look within for the law and not without. The laws we find in the outer are the secondary laws. The infinite, creative Mind has given to every one of us a key to the workings of this unfailing inner law. It is that everything we touch mentally or physically represents substance and that it is limited only by ourselves in our thought capacity. We cannot ask God for more substance, for the universe is full of it. We can and should ask for understanding to lay hold of it with our mind; that is, for an increase in our capacity.  Back of the substance is the substance idea, and man is related to the cause side of this idea through his oneness with God.” 

As a fundamentalist agnostic, I might substitute the word universe for God, but let’s not get sidetracked by labels.  No matter which label you use, I believe there is a deep metaphysical truth here, and would like to suggest another theory, related to my earlier one:

Potential prosperity exists as a metaphysical substance, which is present everywhere in the known universe.  We convert it to physical form through the catalyst of thought energy – or more specifically – ideas. 

In the barrios of São Paulo, in the impoverished, crime-infested areas of San Francisco, or even the famine-stricken plains in Africa, there is one constant: We are surrounded by prosperity.   Not prosperity as in wealth and material things, but prosperity the metaphysical substance.  Obviously most if not all of the people in those areas are not living truly prosperous lives – but that’s not because prosperity is unavailable – it is because people haven’t yet comprehended the key to unlocking that prosperity.  The way to manifest prosperity in its physical form is through ideas.  

A basic premise of this theory is that no one actually is suffering from a money shortage, their real disorder is an idea shortage. 

Important note: I am not suggesting it is as easy for a single, unemployed, and illiterate mother of three hungry children in El Salvador to manifest prosperity as it for a single mom in the suburbs of Hartford Connecticut.  It’s not.  There is real inequality in our world because of limited access to education, infrastructure, and political influence. It is our job to work tirelessly to rectify this.  That is the responsibility that comes with the blessing of prosperity and we will discuss this more in some future posts. 

Amazon, Airbnb, and Apple came to be because they first were an idea in the minds of their creators.  La Traviata, the Mona Lisa, and Swan Lake came to be because they first were an idea in the minds of their creators.  And your prosperity will come to be only after it is first born in your mind as an idea.

Those enterprising young people in Jakarta at the side of the road, offering their service as a rider so drivers can access the carpool lane show they know how to harness thought energy for prosperity.  As do those aspiring entrepreneurs in Miami who purchase a case of bottled water for four bucks and then hawk them at intersections on hot days for $1 a bottle.  They are transforming the substance of prosperity into tangible form.

Don’t make the mistake of thinking that money itself equals prosperity.  Money is not an end into itself, but a convenient medium for exchanging value.  The real equation is the value you create for the universe – which can then be exchanged for the things you need and desire.  In terms of practical application, this usually is best accomplished by your ability to solve problems and/or add value.  The value you provide the universe determines the amount of prosperity you receive back.  And there are no limitations on this, because there are no limits on the number of ideas you can come up with that add value or solve problems. 

Let’s return to my earlier premise.  Are you suffering from a money shortage – or an idea shortage?

Peace, - RG

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  • 3 comments on “Bringing Prosperity from the Abstract to the Physical Form”

    1. I always enjoy you're thought process, I read you last book. My question is when is enough money, enough money. When someone has enough for their lifestyle what keeps them going when they do not have to work, they work because they love what they do and its not really work... thanks Herb Palmer Jr lobster lab media

    2. Hi Randy, the toe towel is a global seller with infinity attached to it, only achieved after tithing (as I do to Ponder to her global ministry) and I am in the uk not usa, which means I had to find the bank details etc..most ideas are not original, say for instance.. buying a van and start selling coffee.. or a nail matter who anyone is or where they are the act of generosity or tithing will produce results.. however in africa for example there are fake pastors who through their persuasive appeals manage to release the shekels from the people to no avail, a bit like the catholic church trough guilt.. which is why i tithe directly... but as cady says we are not to judge LOVE G

    3. With the magnitude of challenges I currently have, maybe with an advanced comprehension of "prosperity substance" I could look at the magnitude of the challenge substance as a tithe toward it's 10X, or 100X etc. "prosperity substance" equivalent! #victoryconsciousness #intriguing

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