Are You Ready for Your Next Breakthrough?

Want me to personally help you reach the success you’re seeking?

Even the greatest athletes, performers, and leaders need a coach. In fact, you can easily make the argument that the higher the level of success you are operating at—the more you really need a coach.

And if you want to operate at a world-class level—and reach the most extraordinary levels of success—then I want to help you get there. More about that in a minute.

But first a little background…

If you’ve followed my work for a long time, then you know that I used to offer a coaching program called Breakthrough U. It was a very powerful platform that allowed me to work with serious students of success. There were four different levels from Initiates, to Alchemists, up to the ultimate level, which was by invitation only.

The success that people in the program achieved was tangible, demonstrable, and astonishing. It seemed every week someone was having another breathtaking breakthrough. There were more than a few multi-million-dollar projects that came about because of their association with the coaching program.

But after three years of running it, frankly, I was burned out. It was simply too much work, facilitating success for so many people across so many levels. So I ended it, and have been receiving requests to restart it ever since.

Now I’ve received some medical news that has me rethinking the program. I just received my MRI results, and they’re not good. I won’t bore you with all the details, but I have a congenital condition that has caused me to have two spinal surgeries already. Now the surgeon is saying I will need two more definitely, and possibly a third. (As well as another condition that needs attention.)

So in light of all that, I’ve made a decision that will dramatically alter my career, and offer a marvelous opportunity for you…

Effective immediately, I’m retiring as a professional speaker. Done and dusted. No more keynotes, workshops, or seminars. No more airplanes, stages, or bad AV systems. Even though I’m in the Speakers Hall of Fame, and I love connecting with my tribe, I’m hanging up my microphone.

Eighty percent of my engagements are overseas, and those arduous redeye flights are just too hard on my body. And the programs I really love to do—Boot Camps and all-day seminars—are too painful to be on my feet for all that time. I’ve instructed my webmaster to remove all the speech offerings and I’m going to concentrate on writing more books, and online programs.

And I’m bringing back Breakthrough U…

But only the top level, my Mastermind Council. Because this is the group I get the most creative high from, and I know if they make the investment required, they are serious about success. (This allows me to keep the group small, work intimately with them, and not do a lot of travel. The times we get together, will be in small boardrooms, where we’re sitting, and not stressful for my spine.)

Based on what I learned last time, and the new elements I’m planning to incorporate now, this is going to be the most select, lucrative, and powerful Mastermind group in the world. Really.

However, it’s necessary to warn about some things right upfront…

This group will be intimate, exclusive, and extremely difficult to get into.

Membership is not available to tourists, tire kickers, or posers. The Mastermind Council is only for serious players who are serious about unleashing the untapped potential they have to be breathtakingly brilliant, and achieve world-class results.

It will require a substantial investment of money, time and creative energy. You have to be willing and capable of giving as much equal value to the group as you receive yourself. Now if you feel you qualify, here are the details about the Council.

Membership in the Mastermind Council gives you a chance to get the most personalized help and guidance from me individually—as well as interacting with some of the brightest entrepreneurial minds on the planet. You will receive a package of benefits so lucrative, they have never been offered anywhere before. (Not even to my $20,000-a-month strategic advisory clients. Although now I am going to extend membership to them.)

Here’s what your membership in the Mastermind Council will include:

Six Personal Consultations with Me a Year

Think of these as “electronic Hot Seats.” You’ll get my private e-mail address for you to submit a specific concept or marketing piece for my critical analysis and feedback.

These can be done in either of two ways. Your first option is to send me a summary (up to three pages) of a business idea or concept you want input on.

This could be an invention you’ve created, a new business you want to launch, a book proposal, or a marketing campaign. I will analyze it and give you my honest constructive feedback on how it might be improved to be more effective, salable, and profitable.

Every time I conducted a Boot Camp or Institute, the Hot Seats were ranked the most popular, lucrative, and helpful part of the program. Once I get into a stream of consciousness, I never know where it will lead. But I guarantee you—I throw off more million-dollar ideas per minute than anyone you know. Not saying that to be arrogant; I’m just really good at it.

Or, if you prefer, you can submit copy for a sales letter, web page, or brochure for a copywriting critique. Send it to me as a WORD document, and I’ll get it back to you with suggestions on how to improve the headline, enhance the “bucket brigade” flow, design a more compelling offer, or additional techniques to help the copy pull better. (As you probably know, my price to critique a marketing piece is normally $5,000, and the value to you can be worth hundreds of thousands of dollars. Even millions if you have the right offer.)


Twelve Live Mastermind Conference Calls a Year

I will conduct these calls with you and no more than nine other Mastermind Council members. Use these calls to bounce headline ideas off the group; get joint venture partners; secure investors; and just generally get advice from the Council and myself. The normal price for these calls would be $18,000, but what they will really be worth to you is incalculable.

If you’ve ever participated in (or seen) one of my Hot Seats, then you know I often throw off two or three ideas in ten minutes that are worth tens or even hundreds of thousands of dollars. Add in the Mastermind effect and venture possibilities with the other entrepreneurs on the call, and the potential value to you is simply mind-boggling. The people who are in the council right now are some of the top achievers in the world at what they do. And they come from all different backgrounds. The value of bouncing ideas off this group is simply impossible to estimate.

This is the closest thing you’ll find to the Jedi Council on this planet. These people are the real players, not the wannabes you meet at Chamber of Commerce business card exchanges. Just imagine the powerful and life-changing things you can learn from a group like this. If you can’t pick up at least one million-dollar idea on every call—you’re just not paying attention.


Members-Only Updates

When an important opportunity or situation arises, I’ll be sending special updates to the Mastermind Council. It might be a simple email, an unscheduled call, or a Google Hangout or Periscope broadcast, depending on the nature and urgency of the topic. These might be hot tips that must be acted upon immediately, advance notice on new marketing developments, investment opportunities, or joint venture possibilities.

Finally, what I think is the single most significant and tantalizing Mastermind Council benefit…


The Opportunity to Participate in the Mastermind Retreats

These are, without a doubt, the most powerful tool you can have in your success arsenal. The opportunity to talk, dine with, socialize, and Mastermind with me and the other Council members. Ask any member who has attended one of these Retreats and they will confirm that they are simply mind-blowing; a controlled chaos symphony of creative energy that recharges and rejuvenates them for months.

Here’s how these Retreats work…

Twice a year, I facilitate a members-only Mastermind Retreat for the Council. These are conducted at exotic international resorts (places like Tahiti, Hawaii, and the Caribbean), or are scheduled to coincide with another event we might like to attend (World Cup, opening night at the Met, Super Bowl, etc.). For obvious reasons, the dates and locations are kept secret and will be sent to you only if you are accepted into the Council.

Members each pay their own expenses and attend at their own discretion. We do Mastermind sessions in the mornings. The first day I begin by discussing some of the important projects I’ve conducted in the last six months, what I think are going to be important business trends, and the ways they will affect everyone in the group. I share what I ‘m doing that is working big. And what failed miserably.

Then, we go around the room and get similar insights from the members present. We’ll all answer questions like, “What was the most profitable idea you had this year?” “How are you responding to ______?” “What was your biggest learning experience this year?”

Then, each member gets the opportunity to present any challenges, issues, or concepts that they want feedback from the group on. We spend anywhere from one to four hours working on each person’s unique situation. Ask any member and they’ll tell you—this is POWERFUL stuff.

If you’ve read Think and Grow Rich, then you understand the power of the Mastermind. (And if you haven’t, you can disqualify yourself from the Council already.) Now imagine the muscle of the Mastermind partnered with some of the most successful people in the world. We usually get lunch catered in, so we get more time for the invaluable brainstorming that is taking place.

After that we break up and go our separate ways for the late afternoons (individuals or in small groups), so you can go scuba diving, snorkeling, golfing; get a massage, or just lie on the beach, drinking from a coconut and processing what you experienced that morning.

Then, in the evenings, we get back together for networking dinners and trips to some locale attraction. (Usually the spouses who are not involved in the businesses join us for these evening get-togethers.) While the evening events are more social in nature—some of the best ideas pop up over dinner, conversing during intermission at the Opera, or whatever local attraction we may be experiencing. Imagine the high you’ll get just hanging around with these people.

I’m also planning to have a few “Parachute Drops” from time to time. These will be informal get-togethers, held where ever in the world I happen to be. It might be in my condo in Florida or California, or the home of a Council member in a city I’m visiting. They will be a chance for a few members to network and Mastermind for a few hours. I’ll alert the Council in my updates, and they may attend any get-togethers they wish.

Quite frankly, this membership has to be the single strongest marketing, business, and success resource you’ll ever have access to.

Just to participate in the individual components with me would cost you well over $50,000. To put together a group like the members we have, just for a couple of days, couldn’t be done for less than $250,000. But the actual value to you is immeasurable.

How much more money could you make in a year if I personally critiqued some of your ads and sales letters, or gave you insights on business deals? How much will you expand your prosperity consciousness just hanging with this group? The power of networking and joint ventures with players like the Council members is earthshaking. It is your very own multi-million dollar Mastermind.

And it’s certainly not just the extra money you’ll earn, as lucrative as that is. It is the state of mind you develop being part of a group such as this.

Imagine sitting around a conference table, swapping success strategies with people who are in the top stratosphere in the world at what they do…

Visualize staying in a bungalow over the water in Tahiti, where you open a window in your floor, and feed the fish from your sofa…

Envision drinking out of a coconut under the stars in Maui, masterminding with multi-millionaires…

Picture strolling along the famed Champs-Élysées in Paris, just hanging with some of the most successful people in the world—kicking around ideas how to make wealth, preserve it, and just generally enjoy life more…

Imagine sipping cappuccino in a cottage at a jungle resort in Costa Rica. Your companions have a net worth in the tens of millions of dollars—and they’re eagerly leaning forward, anxious to hear and give feedback on your new idea. Or bring you into theirs!

Visualize all these situations and more—and you have just the slightest idea of what happened at previous Retreats.

However, once again, I must warn you…

Membership in the Mastermind Council is severely limited, and it is certainly not for everyone. I have sole discretion to limit the membership as I see fit. Obviously I’m quite selective about the people I accept. This Council is not for wannabes.

To be a member you must be a multi-millionaire — or convince me you have what it takes to become one.

The Mastermind Council Is Right for You If:

  • You want to expand your prosperity consciousness and attack life with a much larger perspective;
  • You’re surrounded by people who only tell you what you want to hear;
  • You’re intoxicated by the high that comes from brainstorming with brilliant people;
  • You know that iron sharpens iron and believe in investing in yourself; and,
  • You want me as your accountability partner, to provoke, challenge and inspire you—and get in your face when necessary!

Finally, since much of this information is proprietary, sensitive and extremely confidential—you must agree to not reveal sensitive information outside the group.

When we receive your application and deposit, I will schedule a telephone interview with you. If I think you’ll bring value to the Mastermind, you’re in. If I don’t—for any reason—you’re not. I and I alone am the judge. And when the membership reaches optimal level, the Council will be closed.

What’s the Investment?

A little voice inside tells me I should charge at least $50,000 a year for this, just to create the right mindset and ensure that all members are operating at a high enough level. But I also appreciate that some of you who are not yet millionaires could bring some fresh ideas and perspective to the Mastermind. And if I increase the size of the group, I can schedule two Retreats back to back, which would allow all members to get to one of them, no matter how busy their schedule was.

So I am going to experiment with an investment of only $20,000 annually and see how it works. If I’m not happy with the results, I will raise the price. If all goes as I hope, it will stay where it is. You can pay quarterly, or receive the annual pre-payment discount.

I could tell you more about the benefits of a Mastermind like this, but I have no desire to sell you. If you’re the right kind of person for this group—you knew you wanted to join about twenty paragraphs ago. I’m sure that you can make an executive decision, and I’m betting that you know a monster bargain when you see one.

Let’s Talk About the Guarantee…

There is none. I think you realize, what you get out of the program is entirely up to you. Don’t bother applying for the Council unless you realize that you are 100% responsible for your own success. I will coach you, guide you, nurture you, and even yell at you if need be — but you have got to do what needs to be done. You may quit the program at any time, and we’ll send you a pro-rated refund for the time you haven’t used. But it is your responsibility to take advantage of all the benefits during the time you’re enrolled.

Click here to apply now!


Obviously spaces are limited by demand. Once I feel I can’t give the necessary attention, new membership will be closed. I would hate for you to miss out on this extraordinary opportunity.

A special note to those of you that aren’t in a stage of your career where it would be a prudent investment to participate in Breakthrough U just yet: You’ll be happy to know that I’ll still be offering many other options for you. There are dozens of my learning resources both physical and digital available in the Prosperity Store. I’ll continue regular postings for you on my Success Blog, and Prosperity TV. You can use those resources to advance your career until you’re ready for the Mastermind Council.

Please. Think about what this type of program could mean to you. And if you’re ready to take the next quantum leap in your development, fill out the application now. I’m working on dates and location for the next Retreat now.

If you have any questions, contact Lornette Browne at (305) 573-2994. If you’re ready to start, apply here, and we’ll schedule your interview. I’m looking forward to working with you in this next chapter of my career.

Live Rich!

–Randy Gage

P.S. Once you know the Council is right for you, it’s important that you move fast on this. Once the spots are gone, they’re gone. And if past experience is any indication, no one ever leaves the group!

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