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Breaking News, Painted Donkeys, and Buddhist Monks with Attitude

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By Randy Gage in Critical Thinking, Success, Prosperity.

True story last week:  A zoo in Egypt was exposed for painting stripes on a donkey, and attempting to pass it off as a zebra.

True story last week: it seems a Buddhist priest got a little cranky at tourists who posted negative reviews of his temple on  Some of his replies are quite interesting.  When one person complained about the vegetarian meals, the priest replied, “Yeah, it’s Japanese monastic cuisine you uneducated fuck.” 

How Zen is that!

Here’s the thing.  The media loves wacko stories like these.  And they love anything with trauma, drama and dysfunction.  You’ll never turn on CNN, or the BBC and find a reporter saying, “We’re on the scene of a school that didn’t have a shooting…” or, “We’re here on location, where a war has not broken out.”

The reason they don’t post reports like that is because no one would watch them if they did.  The media is a mirror, reflecting back to us who we are, and what we want.  (And so are its extensions, the Internet, pop culture, and social media.)

If you’re feeling overwhelmed by negativity, snark, and divisiveness, take inventory of what is bringing that into your life.  Reflect on the people you hang with, the media you consume, and those you follow on social media.  What type of feedback loop have you placed yourself in?

From a prosperity consciousness standpoint, here’s the most important thing to remember: there are lots more countries not at war than at war, lots more people doing good things than bad things, and most zoos have a real zebra.  But you’ll only be aware of all the great, positive and beneficial things happening around you if you seek them out and create channels where you’re exposed to them.

And as for actual daily practice, you need to celebrate the good.  Do you realize what a breathtaking gift it is, that you have the opportunity to see Nolan Arenado play third base, Steph Curry dribble a basketball, or the Williams sisters play tennis?  Can you really appreciate the awesomeness of sitting on a park bench, watching a squirrel?  Are you able to recognize how amazing a Tesla automobile is, and what it means to the world?

Keep your heart in breath-taking awe, at the miracles you experience every day. 

– RG

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  1. Paul Erickson says:

    Randy, is that you dressed up like a monk?


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