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The Questions that Matter…

What’s better, to be rich or famous?  It’s a fun question to ponder.  As a guy who has achieve some measure of both fame and wealth, I can testify without a doubt that…this is a very foolish q...

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How Governments Destroy Prosperity

Note: This post is actually a follow up to my essay about Covid-19 and the way our governments and institutions like the press have failed us.  Read it here if you haven’t already, then come back.

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Are You Winning the Moron Olympics?

It may sound simplistic, but I honestly believe your health, happiness, and prosperity in life is determined by what societal games you choose to play.  Whether you want to buy a new car, earn a coll...

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The War Between Critical Thinking and Covid-19 Policies

Undeniably, we live in the most scientifically advanced, information plentiful, medically sophisticated time in human history. Which spawns a fascinating question:

Why are our governments, media ou...

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Catching Glimpses of Illumination

My Aussie mate Chris Lianos knows that every year I select a focus word to be my guiding theme and was curious why I hadn’t blogged about it as usual.  I had selected a word – but maybe because o...

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7 Keys for Higher Prosperity Consciousness

As we enter the New Year, it’s a great time to evaluate your level of prosperity consciousness and think about how you can improve it.  There are seven keys to creating a mindset for prosperity.  ...

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Your Test from the Universe

It’s my favorite week of the year, the time between Christmas and New Year’s, when most of the western world unplugs and shuts down.  The texts, emails, and other distractions minimize, and the w...

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Understanding How You Think…

My softball team was losing. Bad. There were a lot of reasons.  Most of the guys weren’t hitting.  Three guys made errors. And our pitcher walked six or seven guys. That’s the one that ...

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