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Look Inside…

It only took 11 negative dysfunctional relationships in a row for me to question whether I might just happen to have some culpability in the results.  It was the same dynamic after numerous busi...

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The Shocking Truth of Imposter Syndrome

Let’s get this out of the way up front: If you don’t ever feel like an imposter, then you really are an imposter.


Because any true thought leader, agent of change, or someone att...

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The 5 Stages of Prosperity Consciousness

It’s not politically correct to state it, but broke people think differently than rich people, sick people think differently than healthy people, and depressed pe...

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Creating Wealth Step-by-Step

This episode will map out the process of building your net worth – the actual steps required to create wealth. Randy gives you two preparation steps, and then eig...

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  • April 22, 2021
    How You Can Become the Next Tech Billionaire

    Would you refuse the chance to become the next Silicon Valley tech billionaire if it meant selling a little piece of your soul?  Let’s find out…

    [Article in TechCrunch April 23, 2023]


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    April 20, 2021
    Making Sense of a Confusing, Upside Down, Scary, Batshit Crazy, Constantly Changing World…

    When I was growing up there was a British play titled, Stop the World – I Want to Get Off.  It became a smash hit on the West End and Broadway. The title alone was probably a huge catalyst to ...

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    April 17, 2021
    Creating a Vacuum for Prosperity

    If you’re clenching something in your hand, you can’t extend it to receive another blessing.  There are times when you must release something (or someone) in o...

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    April 15, 2021
    27 Lessons for Living a Rich Life…

    (A Letter to My Younger Self...)

    Do you remember your childhood as a time of joy, curiosity, and love?  Hopefully you do, but I sure don’t.  As an effeminate boy with social anxiety is...

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    April 11, 2021
    Will the Meme Masters Rule the Universe?

    Last post I introduced the concept of “botification” – a process part biological, part algorithmic, that can largely override the human thinking process.  That discussion focused on how social...

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    April 10, 2021
    Attracting or Repelling Prosperity

    This week’s lesson is a deep dive into how you ATTRACT or REPEL prosperity in your life.  You can't just visualize a Lambo and expect it's going to drive itself...

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    April 8, 2021
    Is Critical Thinking Dead?

    My best friend is part-human, part-machine. Not in a cool way like Colonel Steve Austin in the $6 Million-Dollar Man.  I mean part of his brain is controlled like a bot, kinda’ like when Capta...

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    April 5, 2021
    God Has an Affiliate Program

    People sometimes ask why I agreed to be interviewed for a YouTube channel that has four subscribers, or a podcast that hasn’t yet cracked the top ten million.  The reason is because I used to ...

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