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Manifesting Happiness

I’m the happiest person I know.  How many people can actually say that?  And how many might describe themselves as the unhappiest person they know?  So just how do we manifest happiness?

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The Critical Thinking Tribe

We’ve been talking a lot lately about Seth Godin’s book “Tribes,” and what it takes to lead them.  We’ve looked at the marketing aspects, and starting a movement, and know that the best exa...

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The Night Before Christmas, 2008

Ok so this is year five or six in my tradition of butchering the traditional Christmas classic.  But since we now have the technology of the blog at our disposal, I have a great idea!  Since my skil...

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The Margaritaville Tribe…

Don’t you people up North get the weather channel or what?  I’m down in Key West, where I was sitting out last night in a hot tub, marveling at the stars.  It’s been a wonderful creative high ...

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More on Selfishness…

One Saturday you're out watering your lawn when a car drives up and you recognize your old friend Eddie at the wheel.  You learn that he has just lost his job, his wife has kicked him out, and he cou...

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The Greater Good – Not!

Zhannur deduces correctly that the words I choose are meant to shake people up and cause them to do some serious thought.  My work is not designed for the herd, but critical thinkers.  (A while back...

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The Prosperity Power of Selfishness

The room is filled with the smooth, sensual sound of Anita Baker.  You’ve got the candles burning, as the sweet aroma of your chosen incense wafts to your nostrils.  You step into the glorious ste...

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The Tribal Champion

We spoke a lot lately about tribes and the movements that drive them.  Certainly the election of Barak Obama was a wonderful demonstration of this phenomenon in action.  But there was actually a muc...

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