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Turning Dreams into Prosperity Reality

Every great accomplishment is created twice: First in the mind of a dreamer, and only then on the physical plane. In this episode, Randy explores the role of drea...

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Prosperous, Harmonious Relationships

Do you know the "relationship killers" that prevent you from being happy? Is there victimhood or entitlement in your relationships? How do you create prosperous, ha...

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The Day You’re Really Born…

It was Christmas Eve in a year that shall remain unidentified.  I was in a drab room at the Miami Airport Marriott, writing my suicide journal.  I wasn’t melodramatic or even frantic, in ...

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What Really Matters

This episode is one of the most important shows Randy has ever done.  He reveals four foundational premises that you must know in order to manifest a healthy, hap...

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  • March 7, 2008
    Crazy Like a FOX Network

    You've heard me talk a lot about the negative programming you are subjected to on a daily basis, and the harmful effect it can have on all areas of your life. Of course the three biggest culprits are ...

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