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Beliefs and the Fear of Changing Them

By Randy Gage in Critical Thinking, Success, Prosperity.

One of the saddest tragedies of our times is the number of people today who are living fear-based lives.  And the element I see the most in people, is fear of changing their beliefs.

Do you think a Libertarian really wants to see if there are any beneficial advantages in universal basic income?  Do you believe a Socialist really has any curiosity on the need of companies in the private sector to generate a profit?  Neither wants to investigate, because doing so would entail the possibility that their belief may not be all-knowing, all-encompassing, accurate, and above dispute.

When you have a belief disproven, it destroys the happy, convenient, and comfortable narrative you’ve told yourself.  (Be sure and listen to the podcast I posted yesterday: Fear, Uncertainty & the Unknown)

Most people think they have a fear of the unknown.  But that’s not actually the case, because you can’t fear something you don’t know what it is.

What you’re really afraid of is losing the known.

Think about that.  And please let me know what you come up with below.

– RG

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12 thoughts on “Beliefs and the Fear of Changing Them

  1. That’s very true RG! Here’s how it has played out in my life. I let “the known” dominate my consciousness, much of the time. The critical times that is. Have had excellent experiences venturing into the UNknown. it always has led back to “the known”.

    Not this time. Not now!

    I’m venturing into extremely prosperous “territory”. Emotions are the challenge. perspective is a keymaster. New parts of the personality to challenge. More brain, mind & potential to activate. Mindset is a dynamic.

    awakening is the way..

    Thankyou, thankyou, thankyou!

    1. Good share. Sounds like growth to me.

  2. Bernice Alive says:

    The hardest beliefs to change are probably about God and your fear of God. I guess I didn’t really have that fear because I left religion and disagree with many things. I still believe in God/Spirit/Universe. I did have to research a lot of things to make sure.
    So, I am free. I was created equal and good, just like everyone else. I have free will, just like everyone else. Unlike many, I left religion and changed my beliefs. I stopped giving my power (equality) away. Inequality isn’t healthy or beneficial for either person. Both suffer. You can be free by giving up religion. Others are only better than you if you believe it. That is how you give your power away. Pay the price of freedom.

  3. The unknown is an empty canvas. The mind wants to fill that empty space. So, it creates narratives and projects them onto the canvas. Usually, those narratives are frightening. They are, because, as you say, they threaten our beliefs that we mistake for our identity. I remember a breakthrough I had with a wonderful group of people. We were at a training, and the lead trainer was preparing us for our first firewalk. He told us to listen to every word he spoke. He said that we would have a great experience walking on hot coals if we simply stayed 100% present. Just follow the very simple instructions step-by-step without anticipating an outcome. We all did it and discovered that the firewalk was a cakewalk. It cured me of lot of fear. Until that event, I had been an obsessive hypochondriac. I realized that all the horrific diseases I worried about were made up. In fact, I was and am a very healthy person. From that day forward, I stopped spinning horror tales around any physical symptom I didn’t understand. I had the symptoms checked out by a doctor. So far, none of those symptoms were worthy of fear and anxiety. The next challenge is to apply this practice to the big picture beliefs that creative narratives of identity.

  4. Depends on what liberal. Stossel? Good chance. But universal basic income is only work, when only a few percentage of the population needs to work.

    I doubt any socialist in the world is up on something good. Basically they are all commies, hiding under a different name currently.

    But what you are described is totally correct. The biggest enemy of the world is fear. And the leftist media make sure you got enough fear day by day. Have you ever wondered why only bad news is the news on the news media? Because of fear mongering. Crises, tax rises, starving people, terrorists, laws, tariffs, catastrophes, hurricanes, global warning, accidents, nuclear threats, world war III, whatever you want! You name it, they give it. This is absolutely not the fear of the unknown, this is the fear of the known.

    People under fear aren’t moving. They are freeze. It is a thousand times more easy to drive a coward man to the wrong way than a brave. And basically nothing can make more fear than poverty itself.

    Besides, beliefs are illusions. Only facts matters. Believing in something is not enough. You have to know it, or be open to any possibilities.

    1. Oh, and just to add something: what you can sell in fear is safety. Subsidies, welfare, insurances, airbag, seat belt, weapons, alarm systems, pension salary, fence and VOTES. Vote for me, I guarantee your safety! i rise minimum wages (which is the opposite of safety) and subsidize you!!! I am trustworthy, I am here to help, you are not going to make it alone, you need me!!! If you see closely, politicians are the exact manifestations of the human ego.

      But the basic rule is: create demand for safety by creating fear. Nothing is too complicated if you willing to see.

  5. I find the second paragraph odd and provocative. For a writer who quotes Ayn Rand, it’s ridiculous.

    1. Randy Gage says:

      Yes the second paragraph is odd and provocative, and intentionally so. However, why would it be ridiculous? And does being a write who quote Rand preclude me from intelligently assessing the validity of different views?

  6. I find drugs are quite good. Also, whiskey.

  7. Bernice Alive says:

    It is kinda crazy: the god people think they know. a god of inequality and pain for everyone participating in the inequality. most probable know it isn’t right so they find ways to kill the pain or numb themselves instead of believing in a different God.

    Right now I choose to be single because I have a lot to do and I have just let go of religion & inequality. I can do direct sales. 2 more years on my doctorate and then will also need to publish outside of scholarly research, Researching global leaders, cross-cultural conflicts, beliefs, masculine and feminine leadership styles, cognitive dissonance, etc.

    1. Bernice Alive says:

      I will need to interview leaders for my doctoral research/dissertation in my third year (just beginning my second year). Decided to interview global leaders in direct sales.

      1. Bernice Alive says:

        and I will need to speak/present to share my message


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