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Becoming a Co-Creator in Your Life

personal responsibility
By Randy Gage in Success, Prosperity.

There certainly are a lot of external factors that can derail your journey toward success.  There are things outside your control that can slow you down, send you on a long detour, or even stop you in your tracks.  But did you really think anything worth doing was going to be easy?

The economy, government, pandemic, lockdown, or the weather.  Your lack of education, connections, experience, or your ex.  Give us sixty seconds and most of us can come up with a pretty long list of the reasons we haven’t become more successful.  And there certainly is truth and validity in that argument.  But that’s an argument you never want to win…

Do you really believe there are successful people who had a smooth, unimpeded path that they just coasted on to victory?  Or would you acknowledge that they probably had to fight for it, becoming victorious not because they didn’t face obstacles, but because they overcame them?  Because if you don’t accept this, you give away all your power.  You have to wait and hope that success will somehow just “happen” to you.

To manifest true prosperity and success, you have to take personal responsibility.  And that means redefining yourself from a recipient to a co-creator.


– RG

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7 thoughts on “Becoming a Co-Creator in Your Life

  1. Dhananjay Mahajan says:

    Very true ❤️

  2. The personal development movement often candy coats the journey to fulfillment and self-realization. It’s war! When we engage in this war with a spirit of joy and excitement, we are most likely to succeed. From getting to know you better, I feel that you embrace the battle and will fight it with energy and vision until…You complete the sentence.

  3. Endre says:

    Thank you Randy!

  4. Great thought Randy! Very true. Thanks for the insight. Yes. Take 100% responsibility!

  5. Co-creation participation!

  6. graham UK says:

    Hi Randy, I have just read your friday blog and I did have to laugh how they pray for you being gay and hope for a conversion, my mother, saint lily as I call her, deeply brainwashed catholic from Ireland, has prayed for a conversion for muslim son-in -law, sageer from pakistan, married to her also brainwashed daughter… he has not converted but a truly wonderful, loyal guy who is like a brother to me now… it’s hilarious when his mother comes down from the north of england and there is almost a prayer fight at the table,…ain’t it funny how the world collided to put a muslim and catholic togeather? I think rascism and other such issues will die out but it will take a generation, as the old people die and the new blood comes through,, but they may be liberated in one capacity, but yet again brainwashed in another of being part of the herd, I expect you could come back in100 years and things would not have changed that much… Ponder will always say.. bless the situation for what it teaches us.. love as always G UK

  7. Denise Jones says:

    Love this! Thank you Randy for the reminder. It’s easy to blame all the other “things”—-Take responsibility.


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