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Be Vigilant of Your Environment

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By Randy Gage in Critical Thinking, Success, Prosperity.

In the last post, I told you that once you reached the 51 percent ratio in positive thoughts, you have broken through and are on the way to health, wealth, and success.  And that you start an ever-increasing process of positive thoughts.

And that is true, most of the time…

But it’s not guaranteed.  Because there are two issues you need to be aware of.

First, keep in mind that you are still receiving programming 24 hours a day, seven days a week.  And the overwhelming majority of that programming is negative, poverty consciousness programming.  The TV shows and movies you watch, the books, papers, and magazines you read, and 98 percent of what you consume online.

If you aren’t counter-programming against that, with mindful, positive programming, you can slip back into a negative ratio again.  Which leads us to the second danger point….

The people you associate with.

So that’s where we’ll pick up in tomorrow’s post.  Until then, please share your thoughts below.


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2 thoughts on “Be Vigilant of Your Environment

  1. Angela D'Alton says:

    Television is a thing of the past. I am very selective about films and books. I was out watching the World Cup with friends and just had to give up on it as I found the commentators so negative. Awareness is key.

  2. CHERA says:

    Hi Randy,

    I have been following you on social media and YouTube for some time. I recently ordered your prosperity series books. I read all of Accepting Your Abundance. A lot of truth in that regarding programming on many levels, faminal, social and governmental. Regarding God Source and the Tithing law of Prosperity. I have a question. I left the church years ago, however, I have my own personal relationship with God and feel I have tremendous spiritual abundance. Tithing to the church didn’t benefit me, however I will occasionally give to Elevation Church because Pastor Furtick has some amazing messages. I feel and believe that I get my spiritual growth through prayer and being in nature, talking with God one on one. No buildings, no walls, no preacher telling you that you’ll never reap rewards if you don’t tithe…etc.. Where do I tithe when i don’t feel a complete connection to a specific church and know that my ultimate spiritual ground is within myself, my art, and the land where I live? Do I pour more seed into the farm, my community, myself??? Just curious about your thoughts on this.


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