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Be Brave…

By Randy Gage in Critical Thinking, Success, Prosperity.
I went on a tweet-storm this morning about people’s tendency to change how they act, based on fears of what others may think. I’ve been receiving lots of feedback on the discussion, so thought you might like them all together.  The thread gives you an insight into the connection between low self-esteem and giving away your power, and the destructive effects that creates.

Showing your authentic self to others carries great risk. Do it anyway.


People may be threatened by your vision, boldness or actions. That means you’re on the right track.


If no one has looked at you sideways since yesterday – you’re probably living too fearful.


Nothing epic has ever been accomplished without irritating, intimidating, or frightening somebody.


If you’re ashamed of yourself – you haven’t yet discovered your true self.


Never play small to placate others. That’s not humility; it’s a crime against the force that created you.


No one can hold you back without your permission. Deny it to them.

What do you think?  And how are you doing on all this?
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5 thoughts on “Be Brave…

  1. Bernice Alive says:

    Shame is an abuse tactic to keep people small and lower self esteem. Insecure people try to shame others so they feel powerful. It is a false sense of power. Take your life back.

  2. Thank you Randy! Once again, you speak from the heart and I love your compassion, and integrity in every message you send.
    I am taking back and reclaiming my power, and no longer living in fear! ❤

  3. Several scientific studies have shown humans are not motivated by logic, truth, or critical thinking. They are motivated by emotion (look at any advertisement, political spiel, or religious preaching – most are designed to instill fear in the listener to get him or her to blindly follow the messenger). Also, being part of a group is a very strong motivator. You often hear people say bullshit platitudes such as, “be yourself”, “march to the beat of your own drum”, or “take the road less traveled”. In reality, you will be shunned by your group (and society, in general) if you do not “march to the beat of their drum”. Humans are pack animals (similar to canines) and being part of a group is a very strong motivator. That is why you rarely see people go against their religion or political affiliation regardless how crazy some of the bullshit may get. All of this feedback you posted is very touchy-feely, but I would venture to guess that even people that tweeted you back don’t go against the norm.

  4. I love all of them! How am I doing on all this? I think I’m doing pretty well overall, but certainly have room for improvement too.

  5. Elvia Morales says:

    Thank You! So me already lol


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