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By Randy Gage in Critical Thinking, Success.

Every week, President Trump tells at least one lie, which is so outrageous, no rational person could believe it.  Yet his base accepts it as gospel.  How does he do that?  He gets them to ask the wrong questions…

How does the media frighten people into clickbait consumption of negative perspective news?  It gets them to ask the wrong questions.

How do the credit card companies get you to believe they are your friends, and are trying to help you out, when they are actually turning you into an indentured servant for 40 years?    They get you to ask the wrong questions.

Because if you ask the wrong question, the answer is irrelevant.

It seems I’m always beseeching, begging, or ranting for more people to practice critical thinking skills.  And while very few people know how to do it, it is definitely a learnable skill.

If we break it down to its essence, critical thinking is having the discernment to intelligently process information.  Process it in a way that is relevant to your desired results.  And that means asking the right questions.

Do you want to be more successful in life?  Ask better questions.

Want to save the world?  Teach your kids how to ask better questions.


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15 thoughts on “Ask Better Questions

  1. Stop being a victim.

    Victims victimize others.

    You may say you are not a victim. You may say you are not a victimizer. Is that true?

    Do you believe you are created equal and in the light? Kind? Good? Loved and loving?

    For better or worse
    If you think you are better than others, you are a victim. And you are victimizing others.
    If you think you are worse than others you are a victim. And you are victimizing others.

    If you think you are equal but are all sinners, you are a victim. And you are victimizing others.

    If you think you and others are created equal and in the light, you are a victor.

    There is only one way to win. Love.

    You do wonder about people who hang out in victimhood.
    No names mentioned here.

    I didn’t like victimhood. SOme love victimhood and still live there.

    1. Your religion can be your chains.
      Religion can be life or death.

      1. Paul Erickson says:

        Religions are definitely chains on humanity.

    2. You can do that best to protect yourself from others harming you. If they still harm you, that does not make you a victim. How you react can make you a victim or victor. Don’t hate or harm others. 

      1. Paul Erickson says:

        Okay, this one makes a bit more sense – so what is the best way to protect yourself against others that are harming?

    3. The first step is realizing you are a victim. Realize how you are harming others because that is what you learned. Realize that is not the only way. 

      1. I knew someone in a different city  that spent a lot of time picking and choosing her tasks, while others were working. I thought maybe she was choosing the easy tasks. 

        She wasn’t choosing the easy tasks. She was not choosing the hard tasks. 

        She was choosing the tasks that could not be done. Then she would say she couldn’t work because these could not be done.

        Choose the tasks that get you to success instead of failure. (If you fail, keep going).

        Choose tasks that get you to heaven/Love.

        1. Paul Erickson says:

          And, pray tell, what exactly is heaven? I have never heard a definitive response from you, so step up your game and put your money where your mouth is, and explain what you’re saying. I am really not trying to be as smart ass here but you really need to explain your philosophy. Otherwise, you fall into the category of a bunch of bullshit, fly-by-night, Internet guru’s who throw out a bunch of esoteric mumbo-jumbo.

    4. Paul Erickson says:

      Created in the light light? What light? Do you mean, my parents had sex with the lights on? Please expound. No, please mention names.

  2. Angela D'Alton says:

    Such a great dee topic. One that really needs a lot of thinking and working at. Thank you Randy ❤️

  3. Tom says:

    “Because if you ask the wrong question, the answer is irrelevant” is going up right next to “the only free cheese, is in the mousetrap.” Thanks brother!

    1. Randy Gage says:

      jajajaja, I love it!

  4. Paul Erickson says:

    Yes, Donald Trump throws out a lot of bullshit. But you have to realize that his followers, like most other human beings on this planet, have to believe bullshit that fits within their dogma. When you tell something to someone that goes against a core belief that they have held for decades, they do not thank you for enlightening them. They hate you for bursting their bubble. For example, remember when your mother told you there was a Santa Claus? You believed in Santa Claus and you loved your mother for telling you such bullshit. When your father came along and told you the truth that there was no Santa Claus, you cried and despised him for being truthful. You would think the opposite would happen – you would have hated your mother for lying to you and appreciated your father for telling the truth, but this never happens in reality. We love the people that tell us things that feed our personal beliefs, regardless how false they are, and we hate people who tell us the truth. Most people do not want to think for themselves. That is why we have religion and the type of politics we currently have.

    1. Randy Gage says:

      I’m already working on a post for next week, going deeper into this issue of people gravitating to anything that panders to their limiting beliefs. Buckle up!

  5. If you truly want to develop critical thinking skills, you have to be willing to do the inner work. It’s really a form of self care I’ve discovered. Read, study, evaluate, read, study re-evaluate, create this habit


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