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Are You Ready to Be Amazing?

By Randy Gage in Prosperity.

Boy you’re a tough crowd!  A while back I was blogging from my sickbed and Traian took me to task for it, writing, “Sick, again?  What is wrong with you?  Even with your higher consciousness, you get sick more often than most people I know …I haven’t got a serious cold in 2 years.”  David added, “Why are you sick Randy? What experience did you wish to attract into your realty?”  

The next day Natalie jumped in, stating, “I’m wondering if you are accepting less than the best when it comes to your health. You’ve written previously about being very ill. Why do you think you manifest such ill health?“

Now of course my first reaction could be to get defensive and attack them for being judgmental.  But let’s stay away from that, because the question they raised is a fair one.

My work is about reaching higher levels of success, prosperity, and consciousness – and health certainly plays a vital role in all that.  And writing one of the top-ranked blogs in the world comes with a certain degree of scrutiny.

If you buy one of Suze Orman’s books on finance, you want to know that she isn’t four months behind on her car payment.  If you go to a Robert Kiyosaki seminar, you want to know that he actually invests in real estate.  Likewise, if you’re a right wing, judgmental homophobe that follows George Rekers, you want to know that he’s not hiring Gay escorts.  (Okay maybe this one’s a bad example.)

However, here’s the distinction.  I am definitely not one of those gurus who present themselves as an all-knowing, omnipotent, omniscient sage who has reached the pinnacle of enlightenment.  Quite the opposite…

I’m just a guy who grew up poor and messed up, and became passionate about self-development, personal growth, and the study of prosperity.  And love sharing the journey with other success-minded people.  If you buy one of my books, attend one of my seminars, or simply stop by this blog, you’ll find out what I’m thinking and doing right now.

My work is never presented as the definitive dogma or doctrine on how you should live your life.  It’s just thoughts on what’s working – and not working – in my own life at the moment.

In fact, the reason I am so active on social media like this blog, my Twitter account, Facebook page and YouTube channel is precisely because they are interactive.  Notice all the requests for your feedback on the issues we discuss.  By doing this, the whole community gets to learn from each other.

But let’s get back to the original issue:  Me preaching about prosperity, but not demonstrating optimum health.

Guilty as charged…

Heath and wellness are vital cogs of prosperity, which is why we discuss them a lot here.  But as stated to Traian in the original post, I’m an open book.

When I’m sick, you’ll know about it.  And I’m sick more than I want to be or should be.  That’s because in my earlier years I made some very bad lifestyle choices, and have suffered the consequences.  I try to encourage you guys to keep your health, because I didn’t do that, and now am in the situation of having to rebuild mine.

I moved away from home at 15 years old.  That meant a daily diet of nothing but pizza, fast food, sodas, and sweets for over a decade – along with three packs of Marlboro a day for 15 years.

I was a teenage alcoholic and drug addict.   At 20, I went sober and haven’t had a drink in 31 years.  But over the years I fell off the wagon a few times with drugs such as cocaine, crack, and a serious addiction to crystal meth.

My liver can’t take care of me the way it’s supposed to right now, because I didn’t take care of it.  I got colitis about five years ago, and it went misdiagnosed for four.  As a result, even though I eat pretty healthy these days, my intestine doesn’t absorb nutrients the way a proper functioning one does.  In a robbery I was shot in the abdomen and had to have my intestines sewed up, so that certainly didn’t help.

But by far the biggest challenge came five years ago, when I was diagnosed HIV positive.  That seriously compromised my immune system and makes me susceptible to all kinds of opportunistic infections and diseases. So yeah, I get sick more than other people.
Now on the other side…

I’m feeling better at 51 than at 41, playing on three softball teams, running some very successful businesses, and loving life. I can still hit screaming line drives and make the occasional diving stop at third base.  I eat well, found an amazing nutrition program, and work out every day.  My T-cells and blood count are great and I have an undetectable viral load.  Which means I don’t have AIDS, most likely will never get it, and I’m not infectious.

Obviously this is a very personal matter that most people don’t talk about.  But I’m putting it out for public knowledge with the hope it can promote understanding and help others.

Still, you could say the safe thing would be to stay home collecting stamps and playing chess.  But that’s not me…

I may only have 85 or 90 years left and want to make the most of them.  That means leading two blog communities, conducting workshops, working on charities and spending time with loved ones.  There are more books to write, seminars to conduct, and videos to produce.

I lead a network of 100,000+ people in more than 50 countries and travel the world helping them reach their dreams.  That meant reaching Platinum status on three airlines by the end of March this year.  Breathing all that moldy recycled air, crossing time zones the way most people cross the street, and flying red eye flights is tough on your health.

So sometimes my body doesn’t know what time zone it’s in or what to do next.   And when that’s the case, it sends a wake-up call to shut down and reel things in.

But because I choose to live hard each day, I saw Michael Jackson perform before he died, saw Michael Jordan defy gravity before he retired, flew the Concorde before it was mothballed, caught a ballgame at Yankee Stadium before it went down, and a couple hundred other amazing things.

I’m not perfect.  Just amazing.

And the point of sharing everything with you is because you have the potential to be amazing too.

Are you up for that?

You never know when your time will be up.  You have to decide if you are going to get through an existence, or live an amazing life.  Hopefully you choose the latter, which is what this blog is about.

Life is too short to play it safe. Don’t be so afraid to die that you forget to live.

Live big.  Be amazing.


P.S.  Thanks for all of your concern, but please know I’m doing great.  No one needs to die of AIDS any more.  The antiretroviral medicine can give anyone who comes up HIV positive a long, healthy life.  But this is not happening in Africa.  (And a few other places like Haiti, Guyana and Cambodia.) Many countries there are too poor to buy the medicine or are corrupt and prevent it from reaching those that need it.  (Uganda has an epidemic yet they are trying to buy $300 million worth of Russian jets.)

In these places, AIDS is running rampant and people are dropping dead.  Babies are born and die with it every day.  The global economy has dried up donations.  Africa needs about $30 billion a year to control the pandemic and they’re getting about a third of that.  Please.  Be amazing.  Give what you can:

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271 thoughts on “Are You Ready to Be Amazing?

  1. Jan Janzen says:

    Thanks Randy for your honesty and candor. Amazing is what we make of life – whoever we are, whatever we have. There is always someone off who is much worse off than we can ever imagine. I love my AMAZING life!

  2. Jay K says:

    Thank you Randy for all that you do, including your very candid personal story. I always appreciate reading your stuff (am currently reading How to Build a Multi-Level Money Machine 4th edition) and this post gave me a whole new perspective, not only about your life but mine.
    Thanks again,

  3. Jeanne says:

    Thanks for being transparent and authentic. Yes you are amazing:)!
    Love you my friend,

  4. Jim Story says:

    That was amazing. I commend you on your honesty and bravery to be who you are anywhere you are. It is wonderful that you have totally changed your life and are now helping other people reach their dreams. You are so real.

    I love your blog and look forward to reading it.

    All the best,

    Jim Story

  5. Jamie says:

    i’m reading this is this cafe in Jakarta with tears streaming down my face. the idea of losing you is too much to bear.

    you are beyond amazing, there’re no words that can describe the essence of who you are and what you stand for. inspiring doesn’t even come close to describing what you do for other people.

    this post took SO SO SO much courage and honesty – and by far your most powerful one. be well and thank you for being you – i am humbled & blessed to find you in this lifetime.

    i’ve told you many times, and i’m telling you again – i, along with millions of others whose lives you touch; LOVE YOU and you DESERVE IT ALL.

  6. Tom says:


    I admire you for being so upfront about it. Life really is too damn short.

  7. Love your thinking, Randy. I’ve survived lymphoma, but didn’t realise the immune system was shot until I crashed 3 yrs ago with a few bad bugs – monthly transfusions of immunoglobulin are making a big difference, while I keep doing my own amazing best to make a difference with my speaking and coaching work. I’ll now hold you as an inspiration and encouragement in that area as well as all the others. Learning what it actually means to listen to my body and take care of myself has been a very interesting experience – I truly had no frame of reference around that until recently. I’m also challenged again by you (I love the way you poke my mind and disturb my comfortable ways of thinking) with longevity. I saw Norman Vincent Peale speak at NSA in 1990 and pledged to be on the platform at 93 as he was. Recently visiting my 94 yr old aunt I pledged to get to 112. Now, damn you, it has to be 144.
    Go Randy. Love, and blessings.

  8. Jose Lopez says:

    They do are a tough crowd, and I know you are enjoying every bit of it. You deserve them! You attracted them!
    And you do are amazing, my friend. Thanks for your friendship and mentorship. Thanks for your presence in my life.
    Blessings! Jose

  9. Natalie says:


    I know we share a deep love for Randy!!!!!!!!!!!!! 🙂

    I’m giving you a big hug from the other side of the world. And know tho that AIDS now is very different – when I became as AIDS counsellor at 19 it was like giving out a death sentence. It’s so not that now – it’s a wake up call to healthy and outstanding living… Which you know RG does so well! 🙂 Tho I think I’ll stop asking him to extra pudding for me when he goes to nice places!

    It’s weird – I have the exact opposite reaction to you – my smile that began, got bigger and bigger.

    I swelled with pride… and absolute delight. That he can be this honest opens others to be completely authentic and real. And I love you for this RG! I only started crying when I read your post – not out of the shock, but more combusting in love – and wanting to give him a hug and say: FUCK I LOVE YOU!!!!!

    I had a feeling of this a while back, and didn’t know fully what it was.

    Suddenly my fear of losing him has evaporated – into this Divine surrender that it will happen in perfect and elegant timing. Like all that Randy does. Light years away…..

    Beaming you so much love!!!

  10. JettarinTH says:

    This is another awesome post,

    You share us many things and I can see that your life is very amazing. Maybe, I can’t remember what I face, being or doing in the past. Most of my life is not suitable before I start to study Prosperity, because I don’t care anything.

    If I don’t like it, I will. If I don’t want it, I will. If I hate it, I will
    That’s my examples.

    But nowaday, I decide to understand it all and I found out that is so amazing like you told us in the blog.

    Thank for you words, Mr. Randy

  11. David Payne says:

    Hi Randy,
    A very revealing blog!!! Thankyou.
    We have always thought of you as amazing…….keep it up. We have wondered in the past if your constant retelling of your story……..robbery & gunshot etc actually attracts more ill-health? Is that possible?
    Please accept that this is all presented with only good in mind. There are few people like you, prepared to be so candid.
    With all our best thoughts,

    1. Wade Campbell says:

      Randy may add to this… and I hope it’s not out of place, but my thoughts on that are, if you dwell on something such as I was shot thats why I’m ill or this or that happened to me hence this is why Again I’m sick poor me poor me. Than you get more of the same but, to share a story or look back at the past to be grateful for the now is very healthy… “I’m feeling better at 51 than at 41”
      We will all have a payer and good thoughts for your immune system, liver and intestines so they will feel and function like new Randy Love n Light

  12. Andrej says:

    Randy , thank you for the support and inspiration to people who need them the most. Thank you for helping to keep our heads up and to aspire for a more prosperous and fulfilling life. Thank you for being a guiding light for the ones who have almost lost hope to become more than they currently are capable of being… I wholeheartedly thank you, Randy, for the kind of person you are.
    Be blessed.


  13. Natalie says:


    I woke at 5am in a sweat. Felt like I was in Africa. I felt I had to check for a new blog post. What a wake up call.

    I so love you, I so treasure you, I so adore you, I’m so inspired by you, I’m so proud of you!

    For the last while I’ve seen this dark energy around you – have you been contemplating writing this for a while, since ill before Bangkok?

    And I see you without that energy now – in pure clear shimmering light. It’s not something I made myself vision – it’s simply what is there. In sharing this – it has less power, and more love to reverse it. There are treatments that actually remove the HIV virus altogether in Europe. With your money and the love that’s here for you I know you won’t die with HIV.

    I love you Sir!

  14. DANISA says:


  15. Casey-Lea says:


    Not only do I consider you my greatest business partner, but also a friend. Through your influence and you alone, my husband bought his first suit, picked up and read his first self development book and changed his glass from half empty to always brimming over the top! We have both grown beyond belief and neither of us have ever looked back. The prosperity that we now have invited into our lives and realized we deserve comes wrapped with a bow from you.
    You are already in my daily thoughts and it goes often without being said, but I appreciate you, I thank the universe for you and am always here for you when, and if, needed. (Along with millions of your adoring fans, so I understand if I need to take a number!)


  16. Jeffery Yong says:

    I was staring at this Comment Box for 5 minutes and I still don’t know what to say… so I’ll do what I usually do in such situations – to ya, Randy. :o)

  17. Inger says:

    Wow Randy!

    My first reaction was like Jamies I started crying too. The whole idea of you not being here … You truly are amazing. Thanks for being so open and upfront about your life. I think Natalie is right, it opens up others to be open too.
    You inspire us all to be amazing too, to aspire for more and being the best we can be.
    I’m very happy to know you. I wish I could give you a big hug. Thanks for being who you are.

  18. Carmen says:


    If you are as serious about challenging EVERYTHING in your life like I believe you are, then go out an buy the book ‘The Truth About HIV’ by Steven Ransom and Phillip Day and shatter some HUGE myths. Buy it now and decide on the content later. You will not regret it, I promise (and there’s no MLM in there just for the record). If you can’t get it from Amazon, you can buy it from

    And while I’m at it Randy, it sounds like you ARE using these things in your life as an excuse for why your health can never be top notch. It’s something like saying that you’ll never achieve greatness financially and in relationships because you had shitty programming and role models when you were young. The body has an amazing ability to regenerate, you just have to get your beliefs out of the way and let it do its job.

    Much Love

  19. Jeffery Yong says:

    should read “HUGS to ya”.

  20. Jamie says:

    Hey Natalie – thanks. The next time I see RG, I’m gonna give him the damn bill for the Kleenex. This is the 2nd time I wept this year because of him – and I am not the weeping type. So I thought. Damn.

    The first time was when he wrote about not giving up on his MLM Blog: – that’s another tear-jerker. So if anyone’s up for another round, go ahead and read that. xoxo

  21. Natasa says:

    Most claim it impossible, but there’s a way to eliminate toxic metals from your brain, there’s a way to grow new healhy tissue, a completely new organ (or bowel tissue!) in your body and there’s a way to eliminate any shitty virus out of your blood. You must have had a really bad moment yealding into thinking that your past life and diagnosed matter! They don’t matter AT ALL!

    I was fed antibiotics for the first 3 years of my life, my bowels were so damaged I could squeezed some s_ _ _ out of it only every 5 days and believing that damaged me for life, I got an inflammation on my back so severe that they believed I would die or, if I was lucky, become a paraplegic and live on the wheelchair for the rest of my life. Guess what. I can walk, play with my kids, I can have sex and enjoy every single moment of my life! You made me believe once that everything was possible and I’m living by the principles you teach, why don’t you give it a try : )? Give yourself a little bit more real love!

    You can and you should live 500 years!

    Just don’t go telling people how their past lives influence them, because THEY DON’T!

    And as for my feelings for you and your dedicated work, let me put it in a song:

    If not for you,
    Babe, I couldn’t find the door,
    Couldn’t even see the floor,
    I’d be sad and blue,
    If not for you.

    If not for you,
    Babe, I’d lay awake all night,
    Wait for the mornin’ light
    To shine in through,
    But it would not be new,
    If not for you.

    If not for you
    My sky would fall,
    Rain would gather too.
    Without your love I’d be nowhere at all,
    I’d be lost if not for you,
    And you know it’s true.

    If not for you
    My sky would fall,
    Rain would gather too.
    Without your love I’d be nowhere at all,
    Oh! what would I do
    If not for you.

    If not for you,
    Winter would have no spring,
    Couldn’t hear the robin sing,
    I just wouldn’t have a clue,
    Anyway it wouldn’t ring true,
    If not for you.

    Love you Randy, love you folks!


  22. Saachi says:

    Dear Randy,
    Thank you for today’s post that is so blessing to us all. I live everyday as if today is my last day on earth to live. I have learned to live this way after having gone through quite a tough life for such a long time myself and have finally learned a glimpse of what life may be all about. Now I have learned to enjoy life to the fullest that nothing including the money, materialistic things, fame, houses, even good health itself can replace my consciousness about happiness.

    I told you many times, Randy, that you’re absolutely awesome, not just because of what you do and being a Rockstar. No, not that. I knew that I knew in my spirit that there was something very different about you, besides how you became what you’re today. I just knew it. You’re so real, not fake, always presenting yourself as you really are inside. When you talked about your friend Carol, and your mother and grandmother and all, I already knew what you really were like inside, regardless of all the image people may have been putting on you – the Rockstar. Randy, my friend, truly..I really really admire your honesty and transparency, being who/how you’re inside. How you’re today and your endless desire to continue on living out your life your way in alignment with your belief attracts and is a good example to those who may be struggling in life, and your example is powerful enough to change their way of living their lives to a positive/successful one. You honesty, unlike some people who try to show off to the world more than what they really are, made me like you even more as a person and as a mentor/friend. I truly seek and pray for your utmost happiness and the very best in everything you do… coz I (we) want you to be happy, and you truly deserve it. Randy, God/your Universe knows what is very best for you already even before you think you know what you want in your mind or how you want. I pray that you seek to find what (God/Universe) truly makes you happy, not just trying to do everything for people, or to please everyone (because you have a very good heart), by learning to cut out/let out many noises of the world sometimes. What the world thinks it’s doing for you is often based on what the world wants and is conditional for it’s sake, including businesses and faky relationships.

    Yes, Randy, I am being inspired by today’s post to live big and to be amazing. Right, we all don’t know when our time will be up. I will live each moment big and amazingly, making sure not to playing it safely. Thank you, Randy. May God continues to bless you, I pray, my friend. Love you. hugs:: saachi

    PS1 I almost did think of adding the comment to the one by the one who carelessly questioned about your health. The way he wrote his comment did question about his character, indeed.

    PS2 Randy, I honestly and truthfully believe the power of God and the miracles, and the power of the prayers that can change things. Way back about 10 years ago, I was to go through a rather difficult surgery, that was when I learned to pray that the prayers made in true faith can change things completely. After a whole day’s perseverant prayers before the surgey, things changed. This doctor could not believe that I would not need to go through a surgery. I know many people who were healed of cancer and of any impossible diseases through prayers. But these only happen when prayers in true faith are offered, and the sick are healed.

  23. Zhannur says:

    Thank you RG for your sincere message.

  24. Natalie says:


    I am SO the crying type – he makes me cry frequently. And that without a doubt the best of his NWTimes blogs this year…

    What’s funny for me is that I didn’t cry at all reading his post until I saw YOUR comment!

    I know how much YOU love and appreciate him, and I cried for the pain YOU must feel. How funny is that!!!

    Love to you Jamie!!! xox

  25. sarah marigliano says:

    Your honesty touched me Randy and has left me pretty speechless which is not like me lol I was so sorry to learn that you have been diagnosed HIV positive but delighted to hear that you can live a healthy ‘normal’ (whatever that is) life. I can relate to you so much which is why I love reading your books and your blogs. I too, left home at 15, had a drug and drink problem, made a lot of bad life choices in my earlier years and I too get sick a lot which gets me very frustrated as I love to achieve my goals and sickness gets in the way of that. I agree that its essential to have a good nutritional program without mine I’m less than useless lol Thank you for being so candid and thank you for sharing your story it takes a lot of guts to do that and I for one wanted you to know how much I appreciate it.

  26. Randy,
    I like you, travel a lot.
    While i do not get sick very often, i am convinced that being on planes as often as i am, causes me to be sick. As i believe it causes you to be sick.
    Fight the fight brother!

  27. David says:

    Wow. What a post! I will be amazing today!

    God Bless you Randy.

  28. Thanks for opening your life to us Randy. It is good to know that you are human like the rest of us. Get well and keep up the good work. Just remember that all of us have issues that we wish we had handled differently. The key is what we do from here on out that makes the difference.

  29. Randy Gage says:

    You two are both move me with the love you send me. Right now I feel like Jack in the LOST finale. (Which neither of you have seen, so you’ll have to take my word for it. The rest will understand.)


  30. Randy Gage says:

    Actually the gunshot question is a great one I don;t believe so and I think I’ll do a post on why I think so. Remind me if I forget.


  31. saachi says:

    Randy, I will try to make this comment very short. I reread your post again after I added my comment. And I found my eyes filled with tears and cried. You are truly amazing. You truly are, Randy. I pray that God will bless you with good things in the latter part of your life, including the continual success, very good health, and good relationships. We all love you, so do I from the heart. Love and hugs:: -saachi

  32. Rachel Henke says:

    I’m pleased you shared all that with us Randy. People do need to hear this stuff. It always shocks me when some people I know are so quick to jump on me when I’m sick just because they know I take supplements as if it gives you an automatic clean bill of health.

    I was quite disappointed to hear that you’re not perfect (!) although you are indeed amazing 🙂

  33. Randy Gage says:

    Okay I’ll take your challenge to heart and think about that. And I ordered the book now. Thanks, RG

  34. Steve says:

    Thank you Randy for your upfront honest post.

    It is good for all of us to realize (before rushing to judgement) that we do NOT understand someones entire situation and we are NOT in their shoes.

    Thanks you for all your insights I have reaped huge benefits for my life from your work and a few others from masters of the secrets interviews cd.

    May your good works come back to you tenfold, especially in health.


  35. Randy Gage says:

    Words can’t seem to do this justice, but I will try. Thank you to everyone for the love, book suggestions, songs and insights. This is the greatest blog community in the universe! Maybe I should have made it cleared too: I am not trying to use my past to hold me back, merely to explain why I’m not at the level of wellness I want to be yet. But will be! I’m very grateful to have you all on the journey with me.


  36. Bernice says:

    I sponsor a child in Africa… Her mother has Aids, but I will never know if the child I sponsor has aids. It did not matter to me whether she has aids or not. I made the commitment to sponsor her…a lifetime commitment.

    Thank you… You are amazing 🙂

  37. Jeremy Reeves says:


    I first looked at the post thinking “oh God, I don’t want a long post!”… but once I started reading – couldn’t stop.

    Amazing Randy. I LOVE the transparency – and the willingness to own up for your past mistakes!

    Jeremy Reeves

  38. Hi Randy, you’re amazing. Every day I admire you more and you are an example to follow. See you at the top, because below … crowded.

  39. Tess Katz says:

    Four years ago, you picked me out of a room of 300 people and said I was a Force of Nature, but I didn’t know it yet. It has taken me all this time to realize I am amazing. Thanks to you, my friend.

    After reading this blog, drying my tears, I feel happy for you. You have revealed to the world, who you really are, and although many people may be shocked and saddened, I know how important it is to be who you really are. Taking off the mask is hard sometimes, and you are taking a chance that some people will judge you and not love you as much as before. I took off my mask 2 years ago, and I have never felt better. It was like Phoenix rising from the ashes.

    One of the focuses of my foundation for children is helping HIV positive children, which we have done in Mozambique ,and we are expanding to other parts of Africa as well. It is such a huge task, and we know that we can’t save every child, but it is a beginning.

    Thank you for touching my heart again, Mr. Gage.


  40. Randy,

    Outstandingly written and perfectly said. We all have the capacity to be naked with our honesty; you do it with charm, even when the details hit hard.

    Thank you my friend, with love and man hugs…

    Russell and Tomoe xx

  41. Kate Holgate says:

    As always – you have touched so many of our lives with this post. I’m so grateful for you!


  42. ari says:


    Thankyou so much for your blog and your work. I remember when I first came across one of your articles, in it I saw some of my own values and thoughts reflected and expanded upon, I knew I needed to find out more about this RG fella and if he could help me achieve my dreams.

    I love the fact that you are so accessible, you’re on facebook, twitter, youtube and this blog where you respond to peoples posts. It gives the impression that you are real, and not some distant guru whose work we only ever read about. You’re a real person who is living his dreams and trying to help others live theirs. What would be great is more pictures of you going to exotic destinations and of your homes and cars

    I love reading about the prosperity in your life, it makes me feel warm inside and inspires me to create more for myself.

    I admire your honesty and openess, to state you are HIV positive in public must have taken alot of strength.

    Best Wishes Randy, I hope to see you soon at a workshop or seminar.


  43. Gage… Your courage is more than inspiration, it breaths life into those of us that need fresh air & hope. Your words are not just words they are truth, and for that I am grateful! You make our world a much better place! MUCH LOVE!

  44. Toni Newman says:

    Sending you gratitude for your honesty, love for the courage that it must take sometimes to do what you do, and energy for those times when you don’t have quite enough of your own to go around. And a few Montreal hugs thrown in. Hoping our paths cross in Orlando – if only for a few minutes. T!

  45. Julie Boyer says:

    Randy, I have been reading your blog for a while now and you never cease to amaze. You have a true heart, and love and passion to help educate and spread the message of prosperity throughout the world. It takes courage to share your very personal story, your challenges and your successes with us on a daily basis. I am so grateful to have met you in person just over a year ago, and to have had the opportunity again and again to share some amazing moments of inspiration and passion. Much love to you Randy and we’ll see you in a few weeks.
    Julie Boyer

  46. Carol Barrett says:

    Dear Randy, you are my hero. Much love to you.

  47. jane says:

    Randy, You mentioned that you made bad decisions in your past, regarding your health. You also mentioned that you used to be poor and messed up. Since you were able to change your financial and perhaps, mental state, couldn’t you do the same for your health? Why is health so untouchable yet creating prosperity isn’t. I believe your thoughts could do the same wonders for your health as it does for your finances. What do you think?

  48. You are so wonderful, and so loving, and so beautiful.

    Rest easy, and know unlimited amounts of love and healing vibrations are entering your body and wrapping around your essence like a healing blanket of love (like I need to tell you this! ha!)

    Sweet healing energies coming your way~*~*~*~*~


  49. KREGAR says:


    I agree wholeheartedly with what Ivan Sisco wrote above. You speak from the heart and that is one of the many things that sets you apart from the crowd my friend!

    I know you are enjoying life to the max right now!

    Best regards,


  50. CheBoone says:

    I am touched, moved, inspired and motivated by your testimony!

  51. Randy Gage says:

    Absolutely! That is my focus now. And I should have made that clear in the post.


  52. Joe Sherren says:

    Hey Randy

    You have always been a great role model for many and continue to be. You have always been a pioneer (in thinking), and continue to be. You have always been kind, and continue to be. You certainly are amazing.


  53. Scott Stratten says:

    Just wow my man… wow.

    Chalk up another few reasons why I admire you and your amazingness.


  54. Thank you for your honesty. So many people keep this illness to themselves – to the detriment of themselves and others. Teenagers are the number one growing group of infected individuals. I believe it’s because people who have AIDS/HIV refuse to be honest about it – to be leaders.

    A true leader leads with actions such as what you did today. Well done.

  55. Thank you so much for this post. The way you reacted to those comments is truly great, brave and brilliant.
    “I’m not perfect. Just amazing.”
    no one is perfect. you are amazing

  56. Randy –

    I can’t say enough about the way you have touched my life over the years. I learned about you through Joe Schroeder – and will be forever grateful to him for it.

    Thank you Randy. Stay healthy. Be cool. Do what you do!

  57. Lucinda says:

    Hey Randy! I haven’t posted in awhile but wanted to let you know that I think you are truly amazing and an inspiration. No, I am not happy to hear about your diagnosis but I know that despite that you will do your best to be your best. Just take care of yourself. I don’t want to lose my friend not necessarily to death but because you decide you can no longer keep in touch with everyone the way you do now. And you’re right, we should all be amazing. Life is too short not to be!
    Take care my friend. If you need some relaxing r & r, come to Colorado and I will see to it you get it! L. O. L.

    With much love,
    Lucinda (The Opera Diva)

  58. Rady,
    I commend you for your honesty and being able to verbalize to eloquently. All the best to you


  59. Anonymous says:

    Big hug to you, Randy! You are truly a unique, amazing individual. I feel lucky to know you!

  60. Just three words–You Rock, Randy!

  61. VK says:

    Your blog post shows just how amazing you truly are! All of the comments to your post are just one small indicator of how you have such a big impact on so many lives. Your honesty, candor, and courage are awe-inspiring!

  62. Greetings Randy!
    Thank you for sharing your story with us – it’s not the scariest but the best blog entry you have written. Since you are always helping others with their journey, please allow us to be the tour guide for you. We put a video on our you tube channel for you on GREEN HARMONY (Gynura Procumbens), a plant found in Asia which reverses diabetes, cancer, HIV, Herpes 1&2, lowers blood pressure… for starters. It’s easy to grow in your home: all it needs is a little light & a lot of love!

    Peace & much Bo’neFly Love…

  63. oops, forgot to give you the link, it just shows we are all human 🙂


  64. Catherine says:

    I find it incredibly inspiring to read a post like this. It takes a lot of cojones to be so open and honest. Bravo for reminding me to stay real and at the same time dedicated to delivering the goods in my own life. Thank you!

  65. RJ says:


    Although I’m not in MLM, I have run across your books and checked you out on the internet, and you have become someone who I love following and reading for daily inspiration. Thanks for being so transparent in your blog. Great thought in that you don’t have to be perfect… just amazing! I’m about the same age as you (just turned 50) and when I see that you feel you only have about 85 – 90 years left, you just made me raise the bar on myself as I was figuring I had about 50 more!!
    Thanks for the energy you pour into your work with inspiring others!

  66. saachi says:

    I can’t help adding one more comment here. I’ve been thinking about you. What you shareed with us, your honesty and courage are awesome and so powerful. I love you. I will specifically pray for your well being every single day, and that your current good health condition will continue on, not because of the advanced modern medical technology we could rely on but because of our God who has the absolute sovereign power can heal any kind of sickness and deseases through our faith and prayers. He created the whole universe including each one of us – good and bad – and that He has the power to fix anything that needs to be fixed because he is the source of everything. He has also given us the power to conquer the power of the darkness (bad situations, bad people, bad health) through our faith. You’re simply amazing. I love you, Randy. Pls trust your Maker/Universe who created you can heal you completely. God loves you. Love, love and hugs::: -saachi .. oh, you’re truly awesome and incredible.

  67. Shaman Rawb says:

    LOVE the openness Randy,
    I follow you on twitter and always enjoy your honesty, humility and motivation.

    As good friends with David Wolfe and others in the living foods movement, I am a firm advocate of:

    Do you REALLY want to change your life? I think of all things success and money should get you, knowledge and health should be TOP.
    Check it, and David out. You WILL NOT regret it. I never have.

  68. James Smart says:

    I hope that you are feeling better. The main reason I follow you is because you are honest in what you say and in opening up who you are to your followers. You have a story to tell that gives hope to many who have failed. You give truth about the network marketing business without the get rich lies of many. You are a leader who is humble enough to say I have fallen many times in my life but I refuse to give in or give up. Thanks for being just who you are and DO NOT CHANGE!
    Your humble follower,

  69. Geff says:

    Hi Randy,

    Have followed your Work for many many years now.

    My first time posting here though. I just had to after reading this.

    You’re amazing.

    Thank you for the brutal Full-On honesty. For being you.

    And stretching me (and many many others) to BECOME more..

    Be Well,

    Geff (Nairobi, Kenya).

  70. Åsa says:

    I´m so greatful that you choose to share this with us! I´ve met you on Agel events and I have to say that you´re more alive than anyone I know! Your energi is contagious!
    So please, keep motivating us in our daily quest for greatness!
    Love Åsa

  71. Randy, much of what I read regarding health is pure myth. [my opinion]

    In 1986 I was diagnosed with a disease with no known cause and no known cure. I was determined to continue operating as I had been and I was performing in two different arenas at the highest performance level. There were few who could match me. I knew the issue regarding my health would resolve itself but by 1988 my secret was revealed to those in charge and the myth that I needed to be ‘perfectly healthy’ to continue ended two careers in one month. That same year, with no job and nothing to do but ‘pay attention’ to my health I was given five years to live given the current state of my bodies reaction to the drugs I was taking.

    I realized they were correct. IF I continued to do it their way I was going to die very soon. Within a year, given nothing else to do, I quit all prescribed drugs and experimented on me finding a way to have the illness go into ‘deep remission.’ The medical community refuses my explanation as it doesn’t fit the current profit model. Regardless 22 years later I have not had to deal with the issue. Most of what I read about health is pure myth. Myth gives people structure and excuses.

    The number of people in the world who could fly through 24 time zones in less than two weeks, spend one day playing softball in the rain to go on another multicity tour and NOT be ‘sick’ is zero. Most of the people I know use the sniffles to keep them from church or visiting anything they enjoy and especially everything they detest. You on the other hand, when given the opportunity to be with a few hundred people from the front of the room appear instantly healthy, powerful and enjoying every breath. When people tell me they are sick I have a different listening for what that means. While some choose to let their physical body rule, I listen to it like someone saying it’s raining. I actually like the rain; it allows me to focus and so does being ‘sick’ for anyone who isn’t their body.

    While I am not a fan of his politics I am a fan of his attitude. George Bernard Shaw wrote:

    This is the true joy in life, the being used for a purpose recognized by yourself as a mighty one; the being a force of nature instead of a feverish, selfish little clod of ailments and grievances complaining that the world will not devote itself to making you happy. [or healthy or rich or…]

    I am of the opinion that my life belongs to the whole community, and as long as I live it is my privilege to do for it whatever I can.

    I want to be thoroughly used up when I die, for the harder I work the more I live. I rejoice in life for its own sake. Life is no “brief candle” for me. It is a sort of splendid torch which I have got hold of for the moment, and I want to make it burn as brightly as possible before handing it on to future generations.

    My filter, the listening filter, when it comes to all things and especially regarding health, nutrition and what it means to be healthy passes through ‘is this a myth being sold to me?’ Black cats have a lot of power if you believe they are unlucky and less so if you realize it is a myth and none once you are able to let the myth be a fable and cats be cats. There is a lot of ‘magical’ thinking regarding how to think about being healthy. Much of it is gabolti-goo and the difference between living your life as it arrives, point blank, or limited to the miserable contortions people put themselves through regarding their health is maybe… at best… 5 minutes in the end. I am living for the joy in life NOT the miserable drug or food chart induced coma most people have bought into. There are remarkable products and delicious foods that give your body permission to be its absolute best. However there is not one that works on everyone. I experiment daily.

    Thank you Randy for starting this conversation.

  72. ivonne agel says:

    wow you are amazing!! This is a great letter, believe me, I am a writer. I write books too and I am part of this beautiful family, Agel. OXOXOX and all my respect for your honesty. Kisses.

  73. Hello Randy !
    Thank you for this amazing blog. It’s so human and everybody is able to be so. It’s just a question of willing. Everybody has got a past and is able to change his future. It’s just a question of willing. Everyone is able to live an exciting life. It’s just a question of willing. The right mindset brings us where ever we want to go.
    Thank you for your sincerity, wish I’ll get there once. You’re showing us the example and the way to follow. It’s just a question of willing.
    Have a great day! Ralfito from Colombia.

  74. Tanya Smith says:

    have never read your blog before and just saw this post through a retweet!
    It’s so refreshing to hear a meaningful message, which isn’t just about selling something.
    Certainly sounds like you’ve had a life well-lived, and that’s only so far!! As you said many many more years to go:-)

    This manifesting your own health is true to a point, but unfortunately too many people do use it as a finger-pointing exercise rather than in the positive way it could be used.
    Be comforted in the fact that by ruffling a few feathers you’re much more likely to reach more people than being bland and dull. After all, perfection is sooo boring!!!

    Tanya 🙂

  75. Eric Worre says:


    I didn’t think I could be more proud of the person you are, but I was wrong. You’re such a blessing to my life and the lives of so many. I have zero doubt you’ll be with us for a very long time. It’s true we will all die someday. It’s sad so many forget to live.

    I love and admire you more than you could possibly know.

    Your friend forever,

    Eric Worre

  76. Natalie says:



    I think you captured what I felt reading this more than I could ever have… And that was being wrong about not being able to be more proud. I just beamed reading this blog. And smiled feeling the ripples of transparency around the world. Truly beautiful – it takes courage, and deep faith.

    Thank you xox

  77. Alf Andersen says:

    Hi Randy and all followers.
    I remember Randy telling us in Stockholm that he had lived a multi ups and downs in life and made more mistakes that anyone could count on . And – still dont regret a single moment of it.
    In fact it leads you to the one wonderful man you are and still so common.
    Bless Randys mother who sendt him to teach us this very special wievpoints of life.
    And still so honest.

  78. hey Randy

    Thanks for being transparent and authentic, and
    Your energi is contagious! you touch the lives of people,
    around you,and this is what life is about.
    so DO LIFE and touch the souls of people,As they begin to live life fully.
    regards karsten aagaard

  79. Randy Gage says:

    Wow I am really touched to have so many of my favorite people commenting today. It’s very special and I thank you for all for the prayers, love, and positive energy. Remember that I am doing great and plan to get in better health, month after month. Please do what you can to help the UN supply the medicine in Africa and some of those other nations.


  80. geneva says:

    Thanks again for being transparant. Sorry you feel like this is the scariest blog ever. It shouldn’t have been. I have noticed the many times you have been ill. A man that jet sets across as many time zones as you do will be susceptible. Your life is amazing & while I don’t post everything sometimes b/c of belief differences or language……I regard you as one of my favs.

    I admire how you continue to stay active, as I have mentioned before. Many people give up on much less than HIV, cirrhosis, addictions, etc. Those stories don’t inspire us nearly as much as yours. Hope… what you give.

    I know you have an amazing biz/product & I would never take advantage of my comment here to advertise. I want you to check out (M)mun as it is created to support any immuno-deficient problems. (knowing you, you prob already have!)

    None of us know what / when our pasts evils will surface. I do not have any addictions to fear, but working in the medical field long before universal precautions were discovered…..well…. all I can believe is the grace of God is sufficient.

    Life & wholeness, health & healing!

  81. Neil says:

    You’re AWESOME dude. See you in Moncton!!

    -Neil McFadden

  82. BOBBY says:

    Mr. Randy Gage! I truly love you and who you have chosen to be! What an amazing example of possibilities you are! I want to thank you for always choosing to be courageous! To push the limit and for allowing us to know that we can too! Your leadership, knowledge, and experience has been life changing for me! Thank you for your belief in me and always being there to support our team!!


  83. What can I say that hasn’t been said already above. The most inspiring post to date and you live what you preach. Thanks!

  84. Each day when I hold the hand of a dying person or greet a newborn into this world, this wonder of life, its coming & going is a gift given to us that lasts only a moment but its what we do with OUR moment that makes the difference.
    I know a way each & every one of us can help, not only with these people in Africa, Haiti, Guyana and Cambodia but in many other places around the world.
    Do you want to make a difference?
    Are you just going to sit on the fence & watch millions die without even trying?
    18,000 CHILDREN died yesterday from starvation.
    If not now…when?
    If not us…..who?
    Could you please have a look here & you will see how each one of us can make a difference

  85. Life is a gift. When I greet a newborn child into this world or I say good-bye to someone who is leaving this world, I am always aware of the footprints we make during our stay.
    Each one of us can make a difference.
    It is up to us. We have been given a gift of LIFE.
    Its our choice the road we take on our own journey.
    Randy has shown us so much & inspires each of our lives.
    Let’s be like Randy & make a difference.
    I can show you a way we can make a difference every day & help others in need all around the world.
    We can make our footprint a great footprint, just like Randy.
    Come and join me. Make a difference.

  86. Jeanne says:

    I wish there was a “thumbs up” icon to put next to your comment.

    Instead I will say Amen and Amen.
    Love you both,

  87. Ben couchman says:

    Thanks Randy Your blogs over the last 10 months have helped me alot in my own personal battles and todays just made it much more clearer. we can overcome any problem that beset us including our health . something that was given to me that is so true. we are not invincible and our bodies will tell us when it needs to recover. My father is 83 yrs young and has a bad heart but every day he gets up and goes out with the dog for a walk. every doctor we have talked to sayes he should be dead. he is just to stubborn to give up andmy mother is 82 yrs young and walks 5 miles every day. they give me hope . we all just need to keep going and hopefully what we have done in the past to ourselves we can fix in the future. Keep it up. I will see you in September
    Ben C

  88. Dee Pauletig says:

    Thank you for all you give to us randy. Youre honesty and leadership are a light that we can all follow.

    God Bless….I will see you in June.

    Dee Pauletig

  89. Alexandra says:

    Great post and many blessings to you Randy! You are sure an inspiration for all of us.

    Love/ Alex

  90. “Oh, poor me, I had a drug and alcohol problem, I have HIV, I’m traveling all the time to support my people…”

    Bitch, bitch bitch…

    J U S T K I D D I N G !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    My brother is on those drugs too- amazing that we can do that- he might as well not have it- crazy.

    Thanks for opening up- just when I think I got you figured out, you go and be brave.

  91. Edward Devero says:

    Randy, I wish you all the best and greatly appreciate your replies to my comments. I also greatly appreciate your efforts to help people better themselves in all the ways that they can. How does someone as tall as you ( if height is an issue with the design of your kitchen then you’re at least 6 foot 4 ) fit into that white and blue Viper?

  92. Randy Gage says:

    I’ll miss the Orlando convention, because I’ll be on yet another Asia Pacific tour, breathing molding airplane air on 15 hour flights! But I’m planning to do it healthy. 🙂 Catch you on the next one.


  93. Randy Gage says:

    I’m familiar with the Institute and thought about spending some time there in the past, but my schedule just didn’t work. But I’m sure to get there at some point.

    Thanks, RG

  94. Randy Gage says:

    Well I’m not 6’4″ but the Viper is a tight fit. The new one I have coming is a convertible, so I can stretch out more!


  95. Dr. Rupan says:

    Dear, Randy, I love your honesty, sincerity. I have read every bit of material i receive from you. You have always amazed, inspired me and you are my guru. You have touched my life over the years, and life of many others all over the world. I am waiting to give you a big hug on July 24/25. You will take good care of yourself for me/ for all of us who love you. Regards.

  96. You’re an amazing man Randy, and that’s why you’re loved by so many people. Awesome and moving post. Thanks.

  97. Thanks Mr Randy Gage
    I also believe in all people, all of us are amazing but we don’t see the light because of all shadows and clouds in our minds.
    *Good luck to all, let 2010 be the best year ever

  98. Chris Lianos says:

    Hey Randy – WOW. I read your post in a bus and was floored by the amazing truth in your words. It shook me up. It is not so much the challenges you have faced that inspires people, rather, the dedication to moving forward, to LIVING, that the world has so forgotten. You are a real inspiration my friend and I thank you from the bottom of my heart for leading where so many others manage, for acting, when so many others talk, and dreaming when so many others do not. Thank you for being amazing.

  99. This is what sets you apart my friend and why I will always be open to what your thoughts are; you hold yourself accountable as an example more than any “guru” I know. (Personally I can’t stand Susie Orman. I think she preaches mass fear to the lemmings looking to receive that message about staying in poverty and survival.)

    As for “fighting” a dis-ease, I take the Abraham-Hicks approach. You can never conquer anything you offer resistance to. Cancer, Stroke, Austism, HIV….all needs awareness but not “fighting against”. Continually affirming you are an alcoholic after 20 years of sobriety will only keep you an alcoholic. You are a living example of continually working to release resistance and allowing natural health as our birthright.

    Here’s my take on “sickness” (I’ve found this to be true myself). As someone who is very senstive to my environment, I find I have to be really careful who I allow into my personal space. When I allow too much gossip or fear mongering to enter my mind, or have a massage with a therapist who is not aligned with Source, this strongly affects my energy which affects my health.

    Again following Abraham…nothing can manifest in my body without the thought being present. So is it posible that you may be holding onto some small portion/belief of your past story (resistance)? Wouldn’t it be great if you had amnesthia and didn’t remember anything that happened before you, and then have someone tell you- “you are in perfect health and will live past 100”.

    Wouldn’t it be great if you never knew you had any ailments and your perfect body always maintained perfect health?

    Keep expanding consciousness Randy and see you in the Vortex!

  100. Thanks for sharing your life so openly, as it will inspire others to do the same.

  101. Traian says:

    Thank you Randy,

    I think I was just jealous of your great live when I made that statement. My health is good, but the rest is boring now.

    I promise I will get BIG.

  102. Poh Li Wong says:

    Hi Randy, sometimes these sorts of sickness can be a blessing in disguise. It’s a strange thing to say but I know you know what I’m talking about… It’s a wake-up call and we stop taking our health for granted.

    I wish you the best of health and thanks for being a constant inspiration. I am a much stronger person because of you.

    Poh Li

  103. Randy,
    Thank you for being my mentor. Thank you for being and teaching transparency, honesty, courage and endless hope and determination. Thank you for showing how to give up excuses and manifest responsability in all areas of your life.
    You ARE AMAZING and this blog has moved me deeply. You invite to Live Big and be Amazing…WILL DO. Bendiciones mi amigo.

  104. Darren says:

    Thanks for your honesty, Randy; I hope that it will help others face their own truths (HIV or otherwise).

    However, honestly, how can you be HIV positive and not infectious?

    All the best!

  105. Randy Gage says:

    Thanks Darren. In answer to your question, there have been some recent studies that have shown people who are HIV positive but now show an undetectable viral load are not infectious. I still think safe sex is prudent, but that what the studies have come back as.


  106. Pierre Leyssac says:

    But Randy IS perfect. As is everything in the univers, has always been, and will always be.
    Couldn’t it be that imperfection is an illusion?


    Pierre Leyssac, Copenhagen

  107. Wow – thank you for making me smile. I am 54, in the middle of a *huge* life transition, and your comment about only having 85 or 90 years left put a big smile on my face and made me wish I could have lunch with you. Thanks! GREAT STUFF!

  108. Robert says:

    Gage, you’re awesome. How do you mean… AUTHENTICITY?! That’s why so many people feel they know you, without ever having met you in real life.

    You’ve contributed so much to my life by introducing the prosperity principles, and other success and happiness concepts. Many, many thanks.

    Now go get better 😉

  109. Pierre Leyssac says:

    Love this xx yrs YOUNG about someone past 80.

    Love and Respect

    Pierre Leyssac, Copenhagen

  110. Natalie says:

    I think Randy is probably more better than most of the people in the world are!

  111. Terre says:

    …really just think of you as a great example of personal development in action. Quote you often. Appreciate your perspective and honesty!

    and yes, amazing – like me.

    all the best!

  112. Rebel Brown says:

    You’ve been in my thoughts since I read this post yesterday Randy. What a brave and powerful sharing of your most intimate self.

    I know where you’re coming from. I too mistreated myself for decades, always being the full speed ahead gal, working 100 hour weeks, partying my brains out, running as fast as I could – away from my own truth. But that’s another story….

    8 years ago I caught my guy cheating on me with another woman. That was the end of that relationship. We were splitting up, but he didn’t move out right away. He’d been feeling poorly and didn’t have a place to go yet. So he stayed in my home while I went on a road trip for work – home 1 day a week and running the rest.

    I finally made him go to the Dr on one of my rare times at home. That’s when my world shattered. Dr called to tell me he was bleeding internally (blood tests showed his hemoglobin under 5). We rushed him to the e-room, where he admitted he had HIV. OMG.

    2 days later he was diagnosed with full blown AIDS – T cells at FIVE (you read that right) VL at 3 Billion, DMAC had colonized all his organs and moved into his bone marrow, shutting down his red blood cell production. Seems he knew he was HIV positive but his insurance ran out (and so did the drugs) and he was afraid to tell me the truth – so he pulled away and went off with someone else to avoid a confrontation about his HIV.

    The first night in the hospital, after hearing those three little letters, I knew I was dead. So angry yet so sad that he had literally allowed himself to die rather than tell the truth about this disease with all of its ‘leper’ status.

    The day they told me about full blown AIDS, I found out I was HIV negative…I am blessed. But then the dr told me B had 2 months to live. Noone could survive the DMAC from where he was. Did I want him in a nursing home or…???

    I brought him home – a step that lost some supposed friends but that was the only thing I knew to do and still look myself in the mirror. How can you sentence someone you’ve loved to death alone with strangers?

    3 years of HELL later, he survived. Not just survived. He’s thriving today. 240 pounds, non detectable, off of the DMAC antibiotics they said he would take for the rest of his life. He’s a walking Miracle.

    As for me -well, saving him almost killed me. I burned out my HPA axis, burned out my endocrine system and metabolism. I spent months in bed over the last 2 years, trying to heal. But my limitless energy that I took for granted isn’t back, yet. I still get up and go hard, but then I crash and have to pay back for relishing life. I’m sick a lot to this day, because I haven’t been able to build myself back up to where I was before that three years of hell.

    I’ve learned to be good to myself – but I also know that these next years are MY TIME. And I’m not about to let my life go by with anything less than reaching for the stars. So yes, I’ll be Amazing. And then I’ll rest for the next Amazing moment.

    The funny part is that now, 7 years later – B is healthy as a mule and doesn’t catch ANYTHING. He’s never sick and is always wondering why I’m so frail.

    God Bless you for sharing your truth. And God Bless modern medicine for bringing hope to those with the HIV virus. The night we learned the truth about B, the Dr looked at me and said,”If you’re HIV positive we’ll have caught it early. You’ll die of old age, not AIDS.”

    Wow – I hadn’t heard that approach to HIV before. I thought it was a death sentence, no matter what. Now I know just how true it is – and how easy it is to live around that disease and be completely safe.

    You can shine the light of truth on HIV for so many people. God bless you for doing that. It’s time we all learned this is not a leper’s disease and it doesn’t mean the end of life as we know it.

    You are amazing, and I’m grateful for your inspirational presence in my life!

    Rock on Randy!


    1. WOW, Rebel and Randy, you guys are amazing…especially being as open as you are!

      Continued success to both of you!

  113. Hugo Ljung says:

    Randy, your Amazing! I think you’re a fantastic person and I really Admire you. You’re inspiring me to be a better and healthier person.


  114. Randy Gage says:

    It takes a big person to say this, so I do believe you will get BIG!


  115. Randy Gage says:

    Wow what a journey you have been through as well! Glad you’re on the amazing path.


  116. tobias says:

    Wow. This is powerful, powerful medicine.

  117. I appreaciate how you were so honest, I think we can learn more from each other when the know the whole truth!

    All the best. . .


    Hey!!! without words. I knew you by virtual time in 2008 and unless you didn’t now, you bacame to teach me in that time. Then i met you in April 2009 in Bogota,Colombia and since that day I grateful to God to put you in my life. I don’t know how to explain my feelings in that sense, but the only thing that i can tell you in this moment is one more time you inspire me!! and i’m sure, one nearly day you will be feel very proud of your decisions because you will see in me and in many people you know around you, one of the results of your obsesion for teach about prosperity.

    God put you here to do what are you doing.


    Let’s go….I decided to be prosperous and you show me the way.


    Pd: Today, with sincerly post, I learned more about character.

  119. Rebel Brown says:

    Haven’t we all had a journey, in our own way.

    What’s great is when you can get to the Other Side…and THRIVE. Amazing is so within our grasp – we just have to get our beliefs and focus there, and then everything else simply flows.

    Thanks for inspiring us ALL to do JUST THAT my friend!



  120. Debbie says:

    What you revealed today gives new meaning to the term Fearless Leader. As you go on to manifest your best health, know that a stranger has added her prayers to your effort.
    Take care,

  121. Carmen says:

    Hi Randy

    Good on you! I read it 5++ years ago and it shook my beliefs about HIV & AIDS to the core. It’s one of those books that fundamentally shifted the way I thought about a particular subject. I sincerely hope that it can do the same for you in a incredibly positive way.

    After my post it occurred to me to check something that I had assumed. Since my book is on loan, I asked someone else with a copy to check. The authors do make an MLM company endorsement on about half a page. No big deal really, but out of integrity I felt that I should share that with you.

    Enjoy the journey!

  122. Donald says:

    I want to commend you on putting yourself in the spotlight. The non-transparency is very refreshing. There are so many who constantly promote a false reality of their own life. What amazes me more than your openness is the fact that both you and I shared similar challenges. Even though our conclusions were different. I wrote about my challenges in my book entitled “Fear Folly and Purpose” (I can send you a free copy if you would like). Thank you for sharing and caring. I have sent the charitable link to all of my friends and associates hopefully we can get a small percentage of them to act.

  123. Francisco says:

    I bow to you, Sir Gage!

  124. Jorge Meléndez says:

    Seth Godin says in his recent book, Linchpin (which you have read ages ago), that “an artist is someone who creates a personal gift that changes the recipient who receives it”. I take it even a little bit further, “the artist never explains the creation, he lets the recipient have his own experience. You are the artist and you have given me many gifts over the last 5 years. I am blessed and touch by who you are and what you give to the world. Thank you and blessings be!

  125. Randy, this is one of the most motivational articles you have written in a long while! and this is from a person, who is always amazed at what you are able to write everyday! (How come you don’t run out of ideas!)

    I hope millions of people read this, you have some very important topics here, that people need to understand, and make their own!

    I am amazed at how people are trying to catch people when they are down, just to mock them, instead of being looking to catch people doing things right and letting them know…

    Randy ,you didn’t have to tell me… I already knew you were amazing!! And I am trying to follow on you footsteps (The good ones)

    Have an amazing day…


  126. Joanna Glade says:


    YOU . . . You are awesome!

    Joanna ;o)

  127. Francine says:

    Best Blogg & comments in a while. Congrats to all!!

  128. Gulzira says:

    “Don’t be so afraid to die that you forget to live.”Great phrase. Thanks Randy

  129. Hiiiiiiii,,,, Really Good…Best Blogg.

  130. Enríque says:

    This is authentic leadership, integrity and transparency.

    What I read in this post makes me respect you and admire you as a person.

    I am not in Agel but the CEO of the company I am in recently opened a new country, gave some seminars and finished oppening a leadership academy, after doing that he told us he has cancer.

    This actitude is what difference big leaders from the rest it is what makes unstopable men.

    Realy admire you and respect you.

    PSD: Sorry for my writing, I know it is not the best but it is from the bottom of my heart.

    Bogotá, Colombia

  131. Thanks for your inspiration Randy. First thing I do after I log onto Facebook is check updates from your fan club – i.e. before I even go to my messages!!! I love the part where you say and I quote:

    “I may only have 85 or 90 years left and want to make the most of them” – end quote. Man, that’s the way to live life.

    Each and every time I finish reading one of your inspirational posts, I am always like – wow! I want to live life like that and I know I am gradually but steadily getting there.

    Dude, you rock! Keep it up and keep well.

  132. Ron Myers says:

    Hey Randy
    That was awesome. It takes courage to step out and tell your story. Most people are so afraid of being judged. What most don’t understand is they are being judged anyway. So as you stated, “Life is too short to play it safe. Don’t be so afraid to die that you forget to live”.

    Take a look at my website. I am not sure if it can help you at all or if you are already aware of it. I have and will continue to always share with people information (if I believe it could be of benefit).

    Again your story is encouraging because you could have quit and most do. You are an inspiration. Keep up the fight.

  133. Jamie says:

    hey rocksta, i needed to share this – i remember now the last time i was so touched by the truth & beauty of another human soul. it was when i studied the life of Mahatma Gandhi. His life, death and journey moved me so deeply, i cried for the contrasting beauty of it all & how one life lived fully in experiential truth can touch so many others. You remind me of him. Different on the surface, but fundamentally the same and just as powerful. I used to wish I was alive to know that man – I am so blessed to find you instead. Thank you for your life and what it teaches. In my books, you’re already a legend. xoxo

  134. Dear Randy:
    This is like the most powerful post I have heard from you. I can remember stumbling on your material when I didn’t have anything, and I remember waking up to the realization of self limiting beliefs inside me that I needed to remove.
    I believe you have done more with your life than most people will, and I believe you will be around for a long time, because I still have to shake your hand in person 🙂
    Keep living positively, and I admire your strength in sharing. Words can’t express how I feel about your strength and passion.

    Your friend


  135. marvin says:

    7 years ago, I encountered ur prosperity teaching from BU..Right now I am amazed to what you have reached and preached. You were great before and even greater today!

  136. Robert says:


    I always thought you were amazing but now I know it. What a fantastic story you have to tell.

    I send prayers and blessings your way.


  137. Oleksandr Tsybulevskyi says:

    Randy, forgive me for my bad written English, I can communicate only in Russian and consequently is forced to write this message through the electronic translator – I was deeply shaken by your message… We are unfamiliar, but I deeply respect you – as the person, as person who has made huge impact on my development in MLM and in a life.

    You a next world in the end of a tunnel which helps me to solve NOW my vital problems and problems in business. I will be grateful to you all life for the fact that has learnt about you and your tremendous knowledge for millions people.

    I will devote the first serious success in MLM-BUSINESS to you! You – my mental teacher!

    Store you God! God grant to you to live as early as 100 years.

    With deep respect and hope of your good state of health and recover.

    I pray for you…

  138. Roxanne says:

    Dear Randy,

    I have read some of your books that were gifted to me by a client some time back. When I read them at first read I was taken back by your manner in which you explain things so “direct forthright, tell it like it is” I thought initially wow, I am not sure if I can think like this, then I began to digest it and take it all in and came to realize that it was just me with a herd mentality holding me back from relating. Over time I picked your book up to read again and again. Struggled still yet, then you popped up on Facebook and I added you on……….I am so glad I did because I am finally understanding you!!!! It’s sad to admit that it’s taken me all of about 8 years.

    For me I keep trying, believing, working towards goals and keep getting hit with walls and stumbling blocks. I am focused, working, visualizing, setting a goal being proactive, eating healthy, working out, contributing my service to community and people in general, meditating, and then a wall……..What does this mean? I keep picking my butt up and trying again and again, I am determined but not sure of my path any more with the walls?

    Thank you for sharing, for your passion, your purpose, “for telling it like it is” I appreciate you! Sincerely, Roxanne

  139. Ourania says:

    You are already 3 blogs ahead, but just wanting to say.
    Your story really moves me. I am so happy you shared this with us, because it really makes me realise I can do better.
    Thanx for being so amazing.

    PS;Florence Nightingale is here to stay, whenever you’re in town and feel sick. You know where to find her. xx

  140. Rhonda Rand says:

    We love you Randy, what an amazing person you are. This blog is the
    most powerful and profound one yet!!

    Thank you for sharing your experiences and being so open and upfront
    about your life. You have the ability to change lives all around the
    world not only in your writings, but by your very presence.

    Can’t wait to see you again in July and give you a big hug
    Thank you for being our friend and mentor David & Rhonda xx

  141. Rick Marrs says:

    Randy, You sir are a true gentleman. You ability to speak so candidly about your life and it’s triumphs as well as failures is inspiring.

    I enjoy reading your blogs daily as well as your books. Your view on prosperity and how society tries to strip us of it has changed the way I view the world. While I don’t always agree with your premise or point of view, you do cause me to stop and not just think about my position but, also review how I arrived at that position.

    I thank you from the bottom of my heart for your willingness to do the work you have been called to do. You are a true mentor.

    You remind me Randy, that God must love crazy people because he made so many of us!


  142. Bernice says:

    I don’t think I answered the question yet…
    “And the point of sharing everything with you is because you have the potential to be amazing too. Are you up for that?”

    Yes… I am ready to be amazing 🙂

  143. Heloise says:

    Hey Natalie, Jamie,
    Same here, got the tears in my eyes when reading Jamie’s post, then I read your exchange : )
    Anyway the element WATER is known for LOVE so all those tears Jamie = healing love for Randy ♥
    and Randy your post is like the light being turned on, awareness and transparency, and I don’t know what you saw in the finale with Jack (everyone having different interpretation) but I see someone who is letting go and therefor being set free : )

  144. Randy, you are my hero.

    Nothing to say, just I love your energy, your passion about life, your mindset, and love in your heart.

    God Bless You Randy Gage 🙂

    P.S.: anyway… I can imagine that you could heal yourself completely. “What your mind can imagine, you can do it” or “If you have a strong desire, the Universe is at you service”.

    I am with you!


  145. exactly!!!

    How bout some prayers to Randy in the same time???
    My first reaction was sadness :(((
    Then I started to think about it.
    Prosperity = Rich (Randy checked), Happy (Randy checked), Healthy (Randy’s checking in progress).
    I am trusting his ability. He is an amazing channel of the Universe delivering goods and value to the World. The channel called Randy Gage is going through a cleaning process 🙂

    I am curious what woul Abraham-Hicks say about this…

  146. RANDY !!!!!!

    I have an idea!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 😮
    Go to an AbrahamHicks gethering and ask Abe about this!!!!!

    Wayne Dyer did that, just ask him to tell you some details 🙂

    Check Abraham-Hicks at:

    I repeat… i KNOW that you can heal yourself!

  147. Zsolt Varga says:

    I can not tell you what I want, because my english is very pure, but I can tell You: You are really AMAZING! We are with You always!

    Zsolt and your hungarian team


  148. Adam JP says:

    Randy you’ve been an inspiration to me for the past 5 years. I’ve come to understand my role in my own prosperity and love your zest for life you carry with you every where go!

    Now with that said, I have to admit being addicted to Crack, Cocaine, and Meth has some very detrimental side effects on anyone’s health for years to come. I also am an addict whose recovered only after I had screwed up my life.

    Towards the end of my recovery (almost 6 years ago) I was introduced to one of your Laws of Prosperity CD set. And for 6 months straight I listened to that one album every day while I was gearing up to call all of my leads. It put me in the right mindset for my entire day.

    Now I have to say, I have evolved and my library on leadership development, spiritual development, and personal development has grown to over 20 books and a CD collection from various speakers to over 75 disc’s.

    These are the things that keep me moving, that keeps my head up when things are down, and has inspired me to instill in my children the tools and knowledge to lead a happy, healthy life for years to come.

    As I tell them, “The smartest man in the world will learn from everyone else’s mistakes. Then go out and make brand new one’s without regret.”

    When I told my daughter that we learn more from our own mistakes then we do our success I got the “Yeah, Right!” Look.

    So I then asked her, “What do you learn when you succeed?”

    She said, “That I did it right.”

    I said, “Well, what do you learn when you fail?”

    She said, “That I didn’t do it right.”

    “And when you learn that you didn’t do it right, you seek out other ways to accomplish your goal. When you succeed you know you did it right. But when you fail, you learn all the ways that don’t work and some of the ways that do work. Therefore, you have learned more and gained more experience for it.”

    Have the courage to make mistakes everyday and be willing to learn from every experience. This is how wisdom is bred and a legacy is born.

    Thank you Randy. No matter your health, know that your words, ideas, and beliefs have pointed me down a path of an abundant life with a strong foundation to help ensure prosperity for years to come.

    Out of the ashes, rises a phoenix… Full of power, beauty, and wonder!

    Here’s to an amazing life!

  149. Kim Svensen says:

    There you go again – trailblazing! Who would have thought – even you – that the little boy who stayed in his room reading, who had a dream for a better life for himself, would become such a shining beacon in this world on so many levels, for so many people. Shine on Randy x
    Kim and Maria

  150. Waltride says:

    Ohh… Randy…. I just want 2 thank you for being such an open book of your life. That takes a lot of heart and alot of courage. It takes more than that!!!! Its amazing freedom. I love how you keep it real. What a Gift! I just want to hug you. My spirit is hugging your spirit, believe me when I say that. It is! Man, I just want to be like you…You know… I am like you; in alot of ways… You are more grown up than me. I love you. Its about growing everyday and walking through that fear. Maybe, its fear of growth… Maybe its the decision…, Idk…but, what I do know is I gotta go through it weather I’m ready or not… I have made the decision to walk through it, run through it so that I can climb the beautiful tree and gather the fruit of wisdom…. muah….

  151. Randy Gage says:

    I love to hear stories like this!


  152. Felipe Leal says:

    There are two people in the world who have mentored my existence, my dad and Mr. Randy Gage.
    You are more than amazing and the example to follow in my path to success.
    Thanks for being part of my life.
    I love, admire and respect you!

  153. FM says:

    Hi Randy,

    I follow your blog postings but have never made any comment before. I have read your books. I like your “bluntness.”

    I am writing today to wish you well.

    Get well soon.


  154. Public authenticity and willingness to be vulnerable give such great access to power and represent a very high level of consciousness. I am glad to be a student of Randy Gage.

  155. Saachi says:

    I came back to this paricular blog page again, as I noticed you added the link fb today . Believe it or not, this is my fourth comment to this post. LOL Just to let you know, Randy, that I’ve been and will be continually praying for your good health and well-being, whether I will be here in the US, being able to participate in future events, or go somewhere else – any part of the globe – whether I participate in the posting of my comments to your posts or will be going away now and then, due to busy schedules, you will always be in my prayer. Prayers do have the power to change things, when needed. You’re truly a special person, very honest, and loving. I thank God that He made you so that through you many people’s lives will be amazingly and wonderfully transformed. Randy, you’re simply amazing and inspirational. I respect you, admire you, and like you very much. May God continue to bless you in every way. Amen.
    PS “Live big. Be amazing.”

  156. John Lowery says:

    Randy, it sounds like me and you have alot in common. Although, not HIV Positive I am also a recovering addict mainly cocaine and meth. It’s people like you and I who have had to overcome adversity in our lives to help others. Your a blessing to many. Thanks for not being shy about sharing your private life and your obstacles, they are an inspiration to me and many others. God Bless…

    1. Randy Gage says:

      Thanks, glad to hear you have overcome the addictions as well.


  157. Rina says:

    Excellent points. Learning how to offer value and brand yourself is the ONLY way to have real and lasting success in network marketing especially online. I am Russia.

  158. Jamie says:


    I seem to have to always question the motive. Why? Is it of fear(me) or faith(Love)? What is “wrong” with poor health or poverty? Is a springbuck lamb being eaten alive by a jackal “bad”? How do I wish to call it?

    I have gained so very, very much from being uncomfortable. In fact, I have grown uncomfortable with being comfortable…a distraction of the senses promises only itself. A constant striving for the higher things promises higher things. Those with good health and wealth often still complain…whereas, it is more common to find those in poor health and poverty giving thanks! Why? I pray always for a thorn in my foot. It is what keeps me moving. It is what keeps me humble and it is what keeps me eternally grateful. LOVE life, LOVE ALL of it!

  159. My dearest Randy!

    And even you, don’t know all the amazing things you are still doing with every word you share with us 🙂 because there are thousands of people sitting now in their small houses in their small cities or villages and BEING INSPIRED having read your posts…and each of us is, I am sure, filled with love to you and I’m sending it to you now, being thousands miles away from my home in a big city alone 🙂 because YOU ARE! ALL! 🙂

  160. Shai Samuel says:

    You are amazing, Randy, no doubt…
    Your honesty is a compass for me.

    Thanks for sharing 🙂

  161. Randy you are amazing! I know about colitis.

    In 1986 after a year of ignoring symptoms, I had accidently kept under control for over a decade by not ignoring them, I had to see a doctor. Ulcerative colitis put into a medical regimen with some of the best doctors the military had to choose from. By the spring of 1988 my colon was nearly worthless, a slick inner tube filled with polyps and inflammation. I had an 80% disability rating and the prognosis was to return in six months to schedule having my colon removed. They gave me a huge supply of drugs and sent me on my way. My commitment to live to at least 150 and be able to play a round of golf the day I have to leave was in jeopardy.

    The prognosis told me if I continued to do as I was told, do it their way I would likely be dead before 40. I spent the next months weaning myself off all the drugs and experimenting based on a theory. The human body is designed to work. If you give it what it wants and needs it will solve the problem on its own.

    The world’s medical community claims there is no known cause or cure for UC/IBD and there are lots of people committed to this belief and finding the ‘cure.’ I returned in October 1988 to have the same doctor perform another colonoscopy. He said if he hadn’t personally seen me six months earlier he would not have believed it. My colon was ‘like a 2 year olds’ and because there is no cure, my method couldn’t have done the deed and the colitis was just in ‘deep remission.’ I was medically discharged with a 10% disability. Over the next 10 years I had an annual colonoscopy and every time a baby’s colon appeared. All the ones since reveal the same good news and 150+ is still a doable goal.

    My recent 7 day excursion into North America tested my current regimen for maintaining my set of ongoing commitments. I need to make some adjustments and it took 10 days to return to my normal daily routine effortlessly upon returning home. I have an idea for a product that a certain delivery system would marry easily. Live big and be amazing. Thank you for taking on the point. Being number one is not easy.

  162. Mo says:

    wow, I am deeply touched…too…One other wise person have once about a hundred years ago said that the greatest, wisest personalities of our modern time has to go through all the “dark forces” in our present world before they can share their wisdom.No dought you belong to them!It is the only path to walk…lots of love!!!

  163. Katy says:

    gratifying to see an honest look at where you were and where you are. I commend you on your mind frame as it has obviously served you well. Keep doing what you are doing and know that nature has numerous ways to keep you healthy – many overlook so much that is and always has been right in front of us. Looking forward to adding you to my list of positive influences.

    New reader,
    Katy Lowe

  164. Maria Licht says:

    What happened to our society that we find even the slightest weakness in someone who has accomplished so much and try to use it as a weapon against success. It makes people sound like bitter little children saying “na na na na booboo”.

    From someone else who is dedicated to self and life improvement, God Bless you in achieving all you have and helping people improve their lives. Something tells me that those who questioned or poked fun at your story wouldn’t share if they found the answers we all seek.

  165. Lana says:

    Well for all that you do and say I take my hat off to you. And also will add, I’ve read about people being healed from HIV, so in the name of Jesus I speak healing on you from the top of your head to the bottom of your feet!

  166. behrooz m says:

    Damet Garm Randy Gage

    You Are End Of Everything thank you

    from all of palinure leaders

  167. All I can say now, Randy, is that you are a very great person and you inspire me to the max. Please keep up the good work and all the great energy. Love you.

  168. Aaron Darko says:

    What a fantastic read. Seriously Randy you are one of the best! Extremely humble and I am truly grateful that you agreed to our interview. It was awesome and just goes to show how giving you are. Thank you and keep shining.


  169. Manuel says:

    You are enlighted my friend.
    You are in the pinnacle of your career, and a little bump in your fullfiill life will not stop you to be AMAZING!!!!!!!
    The world need you for many many many more years.
    Thank you for given us the opportunity to know you better and confirming something that we already knew…. YOU ARE AMAZING

  170. Judi Embden says:

    Wow Randy!

    Everyday, you re-confirm just how amazing you are. Thanks for sharing.


  171. Daniel says:


    Thanks…I’m reading a Feeling Good by Dr. Burns to help me fight depression. I’m also on a low dose of medication after avoiding that for 15 years. One of the stories in the book is about how we sometimes think we are just such bad people and if our true story ever got out how we would be so unloved and rejected. There was an example of how one lady gave her therapist a secret note. When we opened it it said she picked her nose and ate it…They ended up with a big laugh….

    Before reading this blog…I was thinking it was good for her but I wasn’t ready to give up my too huge of secret yet…thanks for sharing because when it comes down to it…we are alive and any challenge we are facing, if we are facing it with courage we should just laugh. I’ve been addicted to porn, pot and I used to pick and eat…but I now recognize my issues better and I am learning to change…having role models and so many other people who share their challenges is such a blessing…

    Thanks I can just a laugh a little. I heard you speak in Orlando about how you have changed and that being shy was no longer serving you…Hey you might not get a team of 100,000 people in your group the day you sign up but I don’t know of any other industry that if you truly do your best you are going to discover aspects of yourself that you can improve and you become a better person. You are an example of why I want to be a networking professional!


    Daniel Aylesworth

  172. Oleg Leonov says:

    Thank you Randy for all you are!

  173. Dear Randy,

    You are so Amazing and So Inspiring! Your honestly cuts like a knife and your boldness is known or shown by few in this game we call life!

    Keep the Fire Burning and because of you many of us are finally realizing how Amazing we are as well!

    Luv ya Brother!


  174. rene says:

    Thank you for being so open with us. As you have to be open to be ready for personal growth I take this opportunity to give you a gigantic kick in the nuts. Are you ready for it? Here goes:

    If I would give you this list of reasons, how would you call them? Any chance you might still tell me they are excuses?
    Sorry to say this but I think that in regards to your health you are suffering from the hardest to concur sort of victimhood. You play the victim but don’t realize it as you use it to please your ego. You are telling yourself you are great because look what life throws at you and how you overcome it. Problem is: You don’t overcome it but wallow in it. Boy, don’t I love being a victim as long as I can call myself a victor. Ego at it most vindictive.

    Think about it Randy. I might be wrong but I don’t think so. Please prove me wrong.

    1. Randy Gage says:

      Here’s the take we professional speakers use for an issue like this. We don’t use our audiences for therapy. You have to work things out first. Then you can share a story if the lessons learned from it can help your audience. That’s what I always try to do.


  175. Zeinab says:

    “Life is too short to play it safe. Don’t be so afraid to die that you forget to live.

    Live big. Be amazing.”

    love this part

    I Wish you the BEST and have to thank you million times for sharing all you know about how to live big and be amazing.

    Long Live Randy!

  176. Melody J says:

    Thank you Randy, you inspire me everyday to be Amazing. Thank you for having the courage to be real and say it like it is always!

  177. Ellen says:


    Thanks for being human and not hiding behind a facade. That message is very inspiring to me. I am 52 with no health insurance; so I know how important it is to stay as fit as possible. Yes, I have physical ailments but I exercise everyday, go to school full-time and am looking for work. Just reading about your busy schedule sort of makes my head spin. Although, I see that it is very rewarding to you to help others.

  178. @AlinaHere says:

    You Are Amazing & Very Much Loved by All… for One Very Important Reason… You Are A Giver!!!

    Your Love, Consciousness, and Authenticity Humbles Us. Your teachings always come full circle. You challenge us and for most, correct our mindset. I am Grateful Beyond Words. Thank You. Thank You. Thank You. You are in my prayers. xo

  179. Gulee says:

    Pray Allah makes you life eternal so you can share your amazing love with more people!

  180. Randy won’t give up the thought that he is alive and well into the remaining 85 plus years.

    Randy will continue to amaze as he kicks out HIV from his blood, and all the would be effects of the past.

    Randy will help many people take charge of their health and wealth through his continued transparent sharing.

    Randy run run run and never grow weary.

    Randy walk walk walk and never faint.

    Randy crawl crawl crawl and never stop moving.

    Randy fly fly fly for running walking and crawling could never stop you.

    Randy is as he thinketh in his heart, and imagines in his mind, and speaks with his mouth.

    God bless you Randy
    Mark 9:22-24, Mark 11:23-24.

    Worship the Lord Jesus. In Him all things hold together.

  181. Randy,

    My wife Shawne Duperon talks about you as a speaker all of the time and has been telling me what a wonderful person you are. As I read your blog, I see why. I am inspired to tears by your authenticity and tenacity for a great, wonderful and adventurous life. It is time to get my skates back on and start playing hockey again. Many blessings to you.

    1. Randy Gage says:

      And what an amazing wife you have!

      Thanks, RG

  182. douglas says:


    I don’t know what else to say that has not been said before me.

    Having met you and seeing that you are a “regular Joe” it inspires me and I’m sure many others that an abundant life if possible if you want it.

    Mahalo Brother

  183. Matt Wells says:


    Dude you never cease to amaze me! You’re openness and willingness to share from your personal experience is such an inspiration!

    and I litterally Laughed Out Loud at
    “I’m not perfect. Just amazing.”

    Damn straight you are! (amazing that is)

  184. Victor Ordu says:

    Well, that’s what you are Randy. Simply amazing! We got your back…

  185. Rene Kruger says:

    Hi Randy,

    Thanks for your honesty and positivety. It really inspired me. I live in Africa, and sometimes I forget that the need is so great around us. I live in a city of about 4 million people, but I don’t know anyone with AIDS. Obviously not everyone is as honest as you, so you never know.

    Africa really needs all the help it can get – in my country corruption is one of the biggest problems, and money goes to the government’s pockets rather than where it is needed. If people want to give, individual charities are best – guys like USAID.

    Thanks again!

  186. Carey Rapier says:

    Hi Randy,

    I can’t help but ask if you’ve taken probiotics? There are several brands but there are some specifically for healing the immune system that you won’t find over the counter.

  187. Fatima says:


    It’s been several months since you first wrote this and still moving hearts. Just took a moment to say “thank you” for sharing the love through opening the amazing book of your life to us. I’m mesmerized with your words in Mexico this weekend. I realize that you share all your knowledge just because there’s so much love to give! Thank you… you’ve become someone very important to me just by reading you. Lots of love and blessings from Mexico!!!

  188. helen says:

    Well Randy… God ,and beyond God, is with you, because you love life,thanks to share this testimonio,it will be the lihgt to many people in this world.
    The secret: Be who you really are, the evil is an oportunity to all uf us, and you take your own oportunity in a great form!!

  189. AB says:

    Although I undrstand why you said you wrote this piece, I strongly disagree with you. You don’t owe anyone an explanation or justification for your health issues. It is your business and no one else’s. Live how you see fit and don’t worry about the rest of us. That’s what you have been teaching me.

  190. Annie says:

    I am sorry about your illnesses. Being sick isn’t much fun, even if it’s just a cold. It is good you are so prosperous and have lots of money. I think with HIV that’s a good thing. Do you ever, given your circumstances, think that universal health care might be a good?

    1. Randy Gage says:

      No the last thing I would want for me or anyone else would be having the government overseeing their health care!


      1. Annie says:

        I don’t think the government would be overseeing your health care Randy. It will definately be medical professionals. Just as they do in France and Canada and other places with universal health care.

        Perhaps those other people with HIV who don’t have money for proper health care, should just die and decrease the surplus population.

  191. Melissa says:

    WOW…is all I can say after reading this AMAZING post!!! And it’s amazing how you are having such a profound effect on so many of us. It’s inspiring to read these words and learn from you…AMAZING!!

  192. I appreciate your honesty, humility, and motivation.
    Long life for you man.
    I read your book and I’m feeling ready for success.
    I have not found the start button, but I know I’ll find.
    Thanks for everything

  193. Margaret says:

    Thank you Randy for posting your “healthy” story…..Maybe the lesson in all of this is not how you personally have or are overcoming these challenges, but that everyone has their own story—there is always something more behind appearances…..this is a lesson for those who wrote you pointing out your many illnesses, and a lesson for all of us in life—that person who is mean to us–well, just maybe they had been diagnosed with cancer that morning, or their loved one passed on recently….we all have our story, and it’s a lesson in not judging by appearances…….may we all feel compassion for our brothers/sisters and forgo the judgements…..we ALL have our story….
    I wish you the best in your challenges, you are a shining example of overcoming…..

  194. Michael LeValley says:


    Once again you show us how to be amazing and to live an amazing life. I am blown away by your honesty and transparency.



  195. Maspoedjo says:

    Thank’ Mr.Randy
    You are the which of one the inspirations men….

  196. Thank You soooo much for Sharing your Life Story with us, Randy! You are an Inspiration to millions of people and you definitely own your own Power Within. 🙂

    Also, regarding your Health, I’d like to add from Personal Experience that it is Cleansing that you are going through for your own Spiritual Advancement. Materialistic World is coming slowly, but surely to a Spiritual World. Everything that the World is going through, now with earthquakes, volcanoes, fires, floods, AIDs / HIV epidemics, ets. is a CLEANSING of Materialism and Negativity that exists in our World, today. It’s happening because we as a World are coming to a NEW Spiritual Consciousness, where we are going to Realize that WE ARE ALL ONE! It is in the BEST interest for ourselves to Connect to Ourselves Within and Cleanse our KARMA. That’s WHY we all get sick to Cleanse ourselves of All the Impurities that have Accumulated over Our Lifetimes on Earth. We are Spiritual Beings that Live in the Material World.

    Randy, you can Learn more and Even go to JAPAN to Suza by visiting this website: 🙂 I’m surprised with your connections, awareness and Travels around the globe that you still haven’t heard about this AMAZING organization called Sukyo Mahikari from JAPAN unless you have heard of it? 😉

    ~Peace, Prosperity & Blessings in 2011 to EVERY Being on the PLANET EARTH!!!! Woohoo!!!!

    P.S. Everything Happens for the BEST!!! It’s ALL for our Inner & Spiritual GROWTH!!! I am Embracing My Power & Owning Who I really Am, which is Amazing Spiritual Being!!!! 🙂

    1. Randy Gage says:

      Interesting looking center, Thanks, RG

  197. Kate Yanchenko says:

    Randy, I met you @ an AGEL Event in Austin, Texas 3 years ago and of course, you are a Very Successful business man and a Very Talented Speaker!!! I was Very Inspired about your Personal Story because you shared it back then about your teenage years and where you’ve come from. You came a long way and you are a True Inspiration to Many People! You are a LIVE example that WE DO DESERVE IT ALL: Great Health, LOVE, Happiness, Success and of course, PROSPERITY!!!!

    Thank You soooo much for Sharing your Life Story with us, Randy! You are an Inspiration to millions of people and you definitely own your own Power Within. 🙂

    Also, regarding your Health, I’d like to add from Personal Experience that it is Cleansing that you are going through for your own Spiritual Advancement. Materialistic World is coming slowly, but surely to a Spiritual World. Everything that the World is going through, now with earthquakes, volcanoes, fires, floods, AIDs / HIV epidemics, ets. is a CLEANSING of Materialism and Negativity that exists in our World, today. It’s happening because we as a World are coming to a NEW Spiritual Consciousness, where we are going to Realize that WE ARE ALL ONE! It is in the BEST interest for ourselves to Connect to Ourselves Within and Cleanse our KARMA. That’s WHY we all get sick to Cleanse ourselves of All the Impurities that have Accumulated over Our Lifetimes on Earth. We are Spiritual Beings that Live in the Material World.

    Randy, you can Learn more and Even go to JAPAN to Suza by visiting this website: 🙂 I’m surprised with your connections, awareness and Travels around the globe that you still haven’t heard about this AMAZING organization called Sukyo Mahikari from JAPAN unless you have heard of it? 😉

    ~Peace, Prosperity & Blessings in 2011 to EVERY Being on the PLANET EARTH!!!! Woohoo!!!!

    P.S. Everything Happens for the BEST!!! It’s ALL for our Inner & Spiritual GROWTH!!! I am Embracing My Power & Owning Who I really Am, which is Amazing Spiritual Being!!!! 🙂

  198. Mary-Ellen says:

    A thought came to mind when reading the blog that is a little off course from the subject, yet complimentary to it. Randy mentioned how people want to know their mentors are living up to their expectations. I think we would all agree. My thought was that people tend to navigate towards duplication instead of self amazement or discovery. Trying to be just like someone else, takes all the uniqueness out of us. It’s great to look up and admire people as long as we don’t lose site of our own amazing gifts. I do admire Randy. It’s great that he has the gift of vulnerability. It’s very rare and shows us the quality person he genuinely is.

  199. Ewa Cuper says:

    Dear Randy

    I knew you are good but after reading this post I can say – you are amazing. I signed up to your upcoming Agel semminar in Valencia, Spain and now, I am glad more then earlier I will be there. You give strenght and show that no matter how big problems people can have – all is possible to change.

    big hugs

  200. Steve_J says:

    Hi Randy,

    There’s been many many posts wishing you well, and I certainly add to that sentiment.

    Congratulations on being so totally authentic. I, too, was diagnosed as HIV+ (a little over 20 years ago, back in 1989, I think I picked it up in ’88), back in the dark days before even AZT was invented. But I’m still here. 🙂

    Thank you for being so authentic, I found it really encouraging and I want to thank and acknowledge you for that!

  201. Rhonda says:

    Wow. I have been reading past post of yours because I just found ya not to long ago. I put your picture on my vision board tonight lol. I read this post and I am grateful that my attention was turned towards you. Your amazing. I will continue this journey. Your class in January 2011 was phenomenal. Looking forward to more as I get my wealthy self in order.

  202. Alice Cabrera says:

    Wow!!!…Randy, I am pretty new at reading your blog. I had no idea all that you have been through. Thanks so much for your honesty! You Are Amazing!!!!! Having gone through all of that and you are still Standing!!! AMAZING!!…Remember if you fall down 7 times…..get up 8 times! Loved what you said,.. “Life is too short to play it safe. Don’t be so afraid to die that you forget to live”. Truly You Live, What You Preach! Having it easy and being successful,..that’s easy…anyone can do that…but having setbacks and having life give you the punches you taken…and getting back up….now there’s a guy who knows how to win! You Are Amazing Randy…and tell your Mom we all think so! I know she is proud of you!

  203. You are amazing Randy.
    You are truly an inspiring man.

  204. Bart Melotte says:

    Not too much blabla… Just to let You know that this is an AMAZING post Randy !! Thanks, message is clear !


    Bart M.

  205. amrilatief says:

    wow its true amazing,randy

  206. Myra says:

    Randy…I really appreciated this blog.It takes a lot of guts to open up to people,put yourself on the line and expose yourself like that.You are to be commended highly,and I hope to be amazing too.

    Here is one little amazing thing I did for a friend,who was hit by a car to help…with the aide of other amazing people.Sometimes it takes team work.I hope that I soon can apply this technique to help myself improve my life as well,because it’s been a rough road for me for quite some time.God Bless you Randy and read both articles.You are honestly a real inspiration for me.

    ‘An amazing man’ | News Virginian via @AddThis

    My name is mentioned in this article for my efforts>

    Article inspires Chuck Norris donation | News Virginian via @AddThis

  207. davie says:

    I want to point out that although you have and we all have made very bad health choices in the past… REMEMBER the body has an amazing ability to repair itself and im a firm believer in ” what doesnt kill you makes you stronger ”

    At the gym, rip a muscle and it grows back bigger and stronger

    same when you break a bone

    The liver repairs also

    so remember quit the junk and your body will start on the road to being super strong – age has nothing to do with it … dont believe what you hear from so called ” health scientists or nutritionalists and even DRs ”

    I dont trust any of them, i trust nature.. its brutally honest sometimes.. but it knows what its doing.

  208. suzanne hng says:

    Wow! what a masterpiece. Randy, you have such a big heart and generous spirit. I am so greatly blessed that our paths crossed and I am the beneficiary! I already feel richer and can never thank you enough. Bless your kind soul. Suzanne

  209. Randy,

    That was an amazing post. Considering everything you have and have gone through, it’s amazing to see how you’re living your life.

    How you treat your body when you’re young definitely affects how your body treats you when you get older and you’re living proof of that. But, it doesn’t have to hold you back or stop you for obtaining what you want out of life.

    Thanks for your honesty. It make me appreciate you even more.


  210. yuliya says:

    Thank you , Randy!!!!

  211. Mary-Ellen says:

    One thing that concerns me Randy is a belief you have confirmed a few times before as well as in this blog, and that is, in other words, you pay the price for your past mistakes. Please stop confirming that. Replace it with, my body regenerates and rebuilds itself constantly into perfect health daily. I intuitively sense your pain from the loss of your close friend in your words. I share that same pain from the same loss just a short time ago. It also made me realize how precious and short life is and also how lonely life can be with such a great loss of a loved one. I took off for France, thinking that I had to zoom through my bucket list before my life was over. What I realized was that we can’t run from pain and that loss does hurt a hole f…. lot and getting in a plane and running away from it does not work. We need to allow ourselves to be vulnerable and feel the pain of loss. It’s real and it sucks. It also sucks to be alone going through it without a partner to hold onto in the depths of the night while we cry into our pillow. Please know that you are not alone and that you are a magnificent, smart, handsome, giving soul. It takes one to know one. (I just shoved my ego in the garbage disposal, sorry) What I mean to say, from my authenticity, is that I feel your pain and share it and want you to know that you are loved and you are prayed for. Please surrender your pain to God and pray for strength. He never lets us down. Sweet dreams my dear friend.

    1. Randy Gage says:

      Thanks, good points!


  212. Linda Ryan says:

    No words…just mad love…seriously!

  213. suzanne hng says:

    Hi Randy,

    I am impressed and inspired! You are so real and a huge gift to the world and I am one of the beneficiaries.

    Thanks vm and remember to rest sometimes.

  214. P.H. Bamaiyi says:

    Wow! This is incredibly amazing. If everyone sees life from your perspective the world will be a better place to live in. Thanks for sharing your life with us.

  215. Dr. Bell says:

    Thanks for your testimony. Luke 18:27 And he(Jesus) said, The things which are impossible with men are possible with God.

  216. Wow – thanks for sharing so much of your personal life and for being so transparent and authentic. Yes – you will live at least 85 more years and helping so many people every single year!

    Blessings to you and keep up your excellent work!


  217. Anonymous says:

    All I can say, is that apart from being amazing, it takes real Balls, to confess such dark secrets about your past. It’s not easy to tell people that you were a cocaine, crack and crystal meth addict. It’s not easy to tell people, that you are HIV positive. These all things, which 99% of people would never know about, and which very few people would ever find out about. Why you would chose to disclose such deep secrets, I don’t know………………. I guess it is just your way of showing people that you have nothing to hide. And people who have nothing to hide are…. Amazing!! Best Wishes for a long healthy life, full of Amazing Adventures!!

  218. Randy

    2 Words

    You Rock!!!

    Enough Said,

    Love ya bro

  219. Marty says:

    Thanks Randy for all you do.

  220. rita says:

    Hey, Randy,
    I am glad in this moment that I noticed that this original blog was written last year in May 2010, and it´s no “brand new news”.
    No, it didn´t shock me since I honour open minded people.
    Yes, it was touching me sine I honour open minded people.
    I met you now twice in my life – this year – and was only “able” to speak to you for a short moment the second time we met, ´cuz your (pretty close) presence to my breakfast-table took my breath away since you own a huge aura and I already felt a lot of respect for you after reading your books. I know what it meant. All of it.
    Randy, you are a very strong man! I must have felt it. It´s impressive to me. People like you with such a life and such challenges & your openness speak to me.
    Thank you for sharing this, again!
    You must have doubled your strength in the meantime.
    Today I shake my head in disbelieve that I sat next to your table and not slowly crawled over that huge mountain of up-coming emotions – what ever they meant & why it blocked me from being open myself as I am usual – to get into some conversation with you (just being open now as well) I am glad you received all those replies after you shared your 2010 health issue with your community.
    This year, you look great! To me, you look overall healthy. You took all your challenges and that´s all which matters!! I understand now even more why you love your life that much!
    Keep in mind, there is a theory of a Dr.”x” who thinks that an illness starts as a sign when our body starts recovering from something. So it´s the beginning of something positive when something negative is over – which we did not notice yet. Maybe it helps connecting to your thoughts about your old health issues which shouldn´t effect your current life/health anymore. I think, not as much as you mention that it could.
    I dealt a lot with Doctors in my life. Not due to illnesses but a genetic default, a wrong program causing some painless (!!) troubles, mostly rather with doctors who made the worst of “it” then it was (to me). What I want to share here for you is that people/doctors just need to look at people to see “how they are”: the inside of our health condition is shown on the/our outside!!
    And, tell ya now in 2011 –>> you look great!!
    Wish I could take your hand for a moment and look into your eyes.
    Next time!

    very much loved the idea that you only have 85-90 years left! Randy – I didn´t know you plan to become 140y. old!!! In any case: a damn good goal 🙂 – Go for it!!
    I wish you the best in your up-coming life.
    Take it!
    It´s up to you and you know.
    A warm hug from a friend –

  221. Randy,

    W-O-W. Didn’t read this story until today.

    I knew some of your back-story, not all of it. Pure inspiration. So happy to see you thriving, prospering and living life the way it was meant to be lived.

    All the best brother!


  222. Felicia Bonner says:

    You Rock Randy!

  223. Wow, you’re really inspiring me Randy! Thank you for signing my book at the last ZZ event i borås sweden. Haha, you’re not really good at saying “borås”. Hope everything is fine with you!

    Your friend Kevin

  224. Nancy Hall says:

    “Life is too short to play it safe. Don’t be so afraid to die that you forget to live.”
    Tears are welled up in my eyes because I don’t think I have ever read a more honest, vulnerable sharing. When I read the quote above that you share so often, it suddenly felt sooo much deeper – and, it is, becomes it’s coming from Spirit. You lay bare your life lessons and the Light of your acceptance shines all over the shadows in my own (sometimes non, self-accepting) heart. It takes tremendous courage to move forward with the health challenge and I deeply admire, and am touched by, your attitude and sharing. Thank you, Randy.
    Much Love,

  225. Anonymous says:

    You can look at illness this way:
    1. The body transits energy.
    2. The more you develop (open up to prosperity) the more energy your body transits.
    3. There’s always a “weakest link” in the body.
    4. Developing includes or is about removing the weakest link – it is a continuous process.

  226. Kate says:

    Hey randy! What a terrific and courageous post here. I have survived a terrible disease too. I am looking to sponsor, even if just a little, health programs in less fortunate parts of the world.

  227. Igor says:

    Hi, Randy. I’m very inspired by your books and videos and try to apply this in my life.
    It was sad to learn that you have some problems with your health. I wish yoo good health!

  228. Safaa says:

    Such an inspiring post!

    You are indeed very amazing, Randy!

  229. Safaa says:

    Such an inspiring post!

    You are indeed very amazing, Randy!

  230. dave fricke says:

    thanks randy for keepin on keepin on,world needs you your a great leader of what you can do if you put your mind to it,an forgive the past an thankfull of it,that it has been the inspiration of your present world.

  231. dave fricke says:

    thanks randy for keepin on keepin on,world needs you your a great leader of what you can do if you put your mind to it,an forgive the past an thankfull of it,that it has been the inspiration of your present world.

  232. I loved reading this post Randy! Thank you for your authentic courage to live life full out and share yourself in such a big way. What a difference that makes in the world! 🙂 Rosie

  233. I loved reading this post Randy! Thank you for your authentic courage to live life full out and share yourself in such a big way. What a difference that makes in the world! 🙂 Rosie

  234. dave fricke says:

    man oh man your a hell of a guy,sure do appreciate your optimizium an stead fast courage to be a leader in the industry  that you believe so deeply in.I only wish i could be of service as you have through the years,it is a great opportunity to have crossed your path,i hope you have many more healthy happy an joyeous rewarding years.I to have been on path of self improvement an learning how to internet market an use this fine computer machine,but my brain has not been used in this manner an i find i am way behind but i will not give up,i may rest but i will continue to grow toward the success i deemed possible,an have visioned.Thanks for your insights an integrity towards excellence dave

  235. dave fricke says:

    man oh man your a hell of a guy,sure do appreciate your optimizium an stead fast courage to be a leader in the industry  that you believe so deeply in.I only wish i could be of service as you have through the years,it is a great opportunity to have crossed your path,i hope you have many more healthy happy an joyeous rewarding years.I to have been on path of self improvement an learning how to internet market an use this fine computer machine,but my brain has not been used in this manner an i find i am way behind but i will not give up,i may rest but i will continue to grow toward the success i deemed possible,an have visioned.Thanks for your insights an integrity towards excellence dave

  236. Robert Stack says:

    Randy..  Thank you for posting this particular blog tonight.  I needed the reminder.  I know I’ve said it to you many times  personally, but I want to say it in public here and now.  You are a dear and valued friend and more importantly you are an AMAZING human being who truly touches lives and I am one of them.  As you know I too have gone of the path of wellness and paid dearly with a heart attack at age 38. At the top of my profession I found myself in the intensive care unit fighting to live.  I had it all and my world blew apart instantly. Why? Because I was spending time taking care of everyone else and took my own life for granted. I forgot to make myself and my life a priority. Everyday you teach people to take ownership of their life and I can say to all your followers…you have only two choices…to live or to die…there is no middle ground….I choose life thanks to friends like you who role model best practices. Thank you for being the power light of truth we all need in our lives.   God bless you.  

  237. Robert Stack says:

    Randy..  Thank you for posting this particular blog tonight.  I needed the reminder.  I know I’ve said it to you many times  personally, but I want to say it in public here and now.  You are a dear and valued friend and more importantly you are an AMAZING human being who truly touches lives and I am one of them.  As you know I too have gone of the path of wellness and paid dearly with a heart attack at age 38. At the top of my profession I found myself in the intensive care unit fighting to live.  I had it all and my world blew apart instantly. Why? Because I was spending time taking care of everyone else and took my own life for granted. I forgot to make myself and my life a priority. Everyday you teach people to take ownership of their life and I can say to all your followers…you have only two choices…to live or to die…there is no middle ground….I choose life thanks to friends like you who role model best practices. Thank you for being the power light of truth we all need in our lives.   God bless you.  

  238. TDuperon says:

    Rock on Randy, love your transparancy and authenticity.

  239. TDuperon says:

    Rock on Randy, love your transparancy and authenticity.

  240. Alyson says:

    @Randy that is compelling reading. So inspiring!  You never cease to amaze me with your insight.  I needed these words today too.  Thank you for all that you do and the person you are.

  241. Alyson says:

    @Randy that is compelling reading. So inspiring!  You never cease to amaze me with your insight.  I needed these words today too.  Thank you for all that you do and the person you are.

  242. Caroline Jimenez says:

    Go Randy! Sending positive vibes & love your way from the states! Rock on, & keep inspiring 🙂

  243. Caroline Jimenez says:

    Go Randy! Sending positive vibes & love your way from the states! Rock on, & keep inspiring 🙂

  244. harina says:

    Hi Randy! I didn’t read this when you just posted it but I still feel the same way I would have felt then. I have been working with 3 HIV & AIDS organizations in Uganda 4 the last 13 years and I am lucky to have touched the lives of so many PLHAs. Otherwise I was retrenched last week but I thank God I am into Direct selling with QNET. I am wondering If you have the QNET bio disc and possibly the Chi Energy pendant? They are powerful immune boosting products as well as detoxifiers for the liver and other organs.
    If you don’t have them please buy them from me from, IR No. HZ835226. They are wonderful products and I want that liver to be at its best for the other 80 years.
    Love u Randy, & May u be blessed with those amazing years, Harriet.

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  246. Icklemama says:

    Hi Randy, yet again I find your words at a time I really need them. Your honesty and openness about your past makes me realise I can forgive myself as long as I am prepared to change, let go, move forward and Live Rich x.

  247. RichardsCecilia says:

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  248. RichardsCecilia says:

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  249. BrownLara says:

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  250. BrownLara says:

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  251. Reina says:

    Hi Randy, a friend of mine send me this particular blog post of yours because she thought it would really get to me. I say that because I had Colitis for 16 years and it ended up in Colon Cancer and i had my colon removed in 2014 and had to have a Ileostomy bag for 1 year until it was revered to a J-pouch. I had chemo for 6 months and now in November i had a check up and the cancer metastasized in my abdomen and now I am getting chemo again.  Apart from that I had a premature daughter that was born weighing 14 ounces and now she is 4 years old doing awesome considering how sick she was when she was born but still is tough. I finally had the courage to create my own blog to share with others my story and if in any way i can help them or serve as some sort of inspiration. I think what you are doing is awesome and very brave. If there is anything that all of this has taught me is to enjoy my life and live it to the fullest and that is what i am doing now.  Much Love, Reina

  252. Randy_Gage says:

    @Reina  Good for you!  Love your resiliency an power.  -RG

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