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Are You a Spectator or Player?

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By Randy Gage in Critical Thinking, Success, Prosperity.

This week are the playoffs for the Stanley Cup in hockey, and the NBA championship.  The talk, online chatter, and TV ratings demonstrate once again how sports obsessed people are.  It’s amazing how many guys listen to sports talk radio all week, tailgate eight hours before a game, and stay up to watch SportsCenter every night.

There’s only one thing they never do…

Actually play a sport themselves.  They live their whole life vicariously through the athletes they idolize; all the while they put on pounds, raise their cholesterol, and diminish their overall health.

But let’s not just pick on the sports fans…

How about you movie buffs?  When’s the last time you acted in a community theatre play?

And you literary connoisseurs?  When’s the last time you wrote a book, play, or poem?

You rock, jazz, country or rap fans?  When is the last time you picked up a guitar, blew the sax, or pounded the keyboards?

Yes you can enjoy life reading great books, seeing beautiful art, attending operas and symphonies, watching elite athletes excel, and lots of other entertaining things.  But how about living some of them?



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3 thoughts on “Are You a Spectator or Player?

  1. Paul Erickson says:

    I’m a player! Now where are those ‘roids you promised me, Randy? And I don’t blow the sax anymore. Several evangelical Christians said I would go to hell if I didn’t stop.

  2. dexterdblack says:

    Some play, and some enjoy watching them play. I enjoy looking at art. But me an artist? I draw a mean stick man! Love to listen to a good song too. My singing voice isn’t so great either, but I do sing a mean song in the shower. Network Marketing? It seems to be I am living it being a fan too, although I have fantasies of making the millions like Randy Gage, driving the cars, living on the beach. Yeah..maybe it’s better that I watch also and work my dreary job until the day I die and continue to dream of being like Randy…or maybe not.

    1. Lucie says:

      It doesn´t mean to become an artist, sax player, singer, author. The message of the post was to do something, anything, be active, take control of our lives, try stuff, be a part of something or create it, simply LIVE. Not just letting the life run around us and passively watch. I am a terrible at music, at art, at the other stuff Randy mentions. But I do excercise, I actively educate myself in the healthy lifestyle (e. g. nutrition) and practice it on a daily basis, I read Randy´s posts (and watch his youtube channel), think about it and try to incorporate the important points into my life. My passion is to move forward, become a better version of myself. I am in control of my life, I know my weaknesses and my strenghts and work with/on them. E. g. I don´t sit on the couch and watch other people living around me. E. g. I don´t live somebody else´s life, I live my own life and take full control and responsibility over it.


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