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Are You a God-Fearing Person? 

Posted By: Randy GageAugust 13, 2019

It’s fascinating how different people can look at the same concept and see two wildly different things.  Take the concept of fearing god.  You don’t hear it as much today (thankfully), but when I was growing up people would vouch for someone’s character by saying things like “He’s a God-fearing man.” 

And certainly today you’ll still find many people who are proud to identify as god-fearing.  Last post I stated that I was an atheist, but if there were a god, I wouldn’t obey it.  You can read that post to see my reasons.  But let’s go deeper and explore this concept of fearing god...

I always begin any rational discussion of a theory by questioning the premise.  And that leads me to the question that is there was a god, why would it want me to fear it?  I believe if it was a benevolent god, it would want me to love it, not fear it.

So, if there was a god, I might fear it, but I certainly wouldn’t take any pride in that.  I would view that fear as a sensible precaution against a powerful enemy, or an acknowledgement I was subjugating myself and giving away my power for free thinking, rationality and self-determination.  If you take pride in the fact that you fear god and believe that makes you a better person, I hope that works for you.  Just don’t see it working for me.



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  • 15 comments on “Are You a God-Fearing Person? ”

    1. I always make it a point to listen and u derstand the point of view of someone taliing bout the fear of God.

      The bible speaks of fear of God on two ways...
      Fear as in reverence for who He is and
      Fear b3cause of wrongdoing

      I reverence God because of who He is and He is glorious. Almost as I would the authorities in my democracy

      I fear because He is just, he will dicipline me as His son, as stipulated in Hebrews 12. I don't live in unhealthy fear of God but a joyous reverence in His precence.

      Thanks for the post.

      1. Thapelo: I understand. But what if the wrongdoing is just one (important) part of the whole life journey? We shouldn´t be fearing our mistakes, whe should learn from them as they shape us, they direct us to the recognition, they are eye-opening, they show us what part of ourselves needs some more work. So the wrongdoing can be seen not as something to be punished (by whoever) but rather as a help on our journey. If we do something wrong we will get punished by ourselves, not God himself. Because we attract the same energy that we project. If we learn from the mistake, embrace it and change the energy, there is no more need for fear or punishment.

    2. God (or whatever we call it) is the highest universal creative force that is in all universe AND it is whithin all of us, all the animals, our planet... We are one of the many expressions of this force. It is creation, evolution, journey to the best and highest possible version of ourselves. So why would be fearing it? That would mean we fear ourselves, our potential, we fear to go forward, to evolve. If we fear God, we look for an excuse to stay mediocre or even go backwards. That´s not the creative energy´s intention. Randy, you often say (I think I remember it correctly): "Not living to our potential is a crime against the force that created us.", so fearing God just doesn´t make sense...

    3. Here is my idea:

      The universe is seemingly endless, surrounded by God (?) knows how many dimensions, where can appear life. It is interesting that you deny that that an entity can exist, who is probably older than the universe, and as far from you in terms of evolution, as far you from an ant. Why do he or she have to exist in 3D?

      Isn't it a little bit limiting belief?

      However, if anybody think that modern religions (Jewish, Arabian, Christianity) has anything to do with God is a total idiot. The scam in them can be smelled from miles. It is screaming in one's ears. Loving money is the root of all evil? Money literally the basis of our civilization, therefore our civilized evolution. It is the medium which carries the productive energy of humans. All of us would die if money would gone. Probably the 1% of the population would survive, who somehow escaped from the epidemic, produced by the decomposing bodies. And this fucked religion says loving being alive is the root of all evil? It is just amazing that the people accepting this, thinking that they are enlightened. Same with the Jewish and Arabian religions, who oppressing women and holding pure Nazi-like beliefs about their supremacy, justifying every torturing and killing in the name of it (again, Nazis). So those who think that God have anything to do with them are just an idiot.

      But why do you need religions to believe in God at all? What are we doing on this planet? How did we get here? Do you really think that evolution could produce a human being from a couple of cells in nine months? So when going to grow cars in trees? Do you think the evolution sooner or later going to produce Ferraris from the nature without humans?

      As an architect, I know what is engineered and what is not. Cars, computers, phones CAN NOT exist without someone making it. Do you really think that an extremely complex and precise thing than a human body can be produced by millions of years of evolution, just so? Have you ever wondered what is a human body? It is a mechanical robot, based on cells. Why it is based on cells? Because its complexity can't be achieved with wires and motherboards in this size. Cells taking less place. Seriously, if you believe that the nature produced us, you never seen a blueprint from anything. It is just impossible. Someone had to design this. I can be wrong, but what's the chance? 0.000000000001%? Do you believe in that lighting stuck the ocean and boom, the human DNA started to develop? Then were are the endless variations of the kind of specie like us? Now this is what I call primitive stone-age belief. Human body is a result of pure high-level genetical engineering. Evolution is what YOU doing with yourself by learning, gaining skills. But this is also a deliberate consciousness.

      But of course, what kind of God is who expect you to fear them? What kind of God is except you to being poor, ignorant and to suffer? What kind of God put guilty in you saying that you are an original sinner? What kind of God send you to Hell if he or she doesn't like what you are doing?

      Oh, there is a God who doing this, according to these religions. But this God is playing in the other team. Because this is the Devil.

      God is who let everything to happen. God is who doesn't control anybody, he or she just making available for everybody to do whatever he or she want. Maybe his or her subconscious can form planets, just like how yours can form prosperity around you. Maybe this would answer those idiot questions like "if God is love us, why he let this and that happen". Because he or she doesn't control you. That's why. In the world of matrix, one can't imagine being uncontrolled.

      Also why do you think that there is only one God? What if we have a bunch of Gods everywhere (different levels of evolution, compared to ours)? And what if they are just simply not omnipotent, as these idiots religions calling them? You are a God compared to an ant, but you can't reach all the ants at all. You are not omnipotent too, just extremely powerful.

      1. Thanks for responding! The problem with your statement above :"Seriously, if you believe that the nature produced us, you never seen a blueprint from anything. It is just impossible. Someone had to design this." is that it ignores the logical question it raises. By your logic, someone would have also had to design the designer.

        1. And then I would apply your same argument against you. I would simply say, "”Seriously, if you believe that the nature produced an omnipotent designer, you never seen a blueprint from anything. It is just impossible. Someone had to design this designer."

          1. You know that your thoughts are entering to a dimension, which has an effect on our 3D reality. How does the law of attraction works? How that energy knows what to do in order to give you the car you wish? Seems like a complicated process with lots of junctions, decisions, as if some kind of businessman would make it, right? I guess we can agree on that. We can also agree that seem like this energy operates in an other dimension, since microwaves can't be that complex.

            Note that I never said that the human soul was designed. I said that the human BODY was designed. What if they formed in a dimension, where the thoughts, feelings has a natural evolution to make themselves more complex? I know that the usual belief is that the big-bang happened, then from the materials, eventually life formed. But what if the opposite is true? What if the law of existence is that feeling existed, and they eventually evolved as souls, a self-sustaining though-chain? A program, if you like. And what if they created the materials, which exist in the 3D? What is the human body is just a 3D vehicle, which is able to modify 3D things? So what stops you to believe that there is a though-chain, that is bigger in size than the galaxy, and this is God? And you are just a tiny atom, compared to it, who currently on a smaller level of evolution.

            You have to feel yourself rich, in order to be rich. This means your feelings are more real than anything else in the 3D. Otherwise, the 3D must affect to them, without the opportunity to be able to change them (your feelings). Why do you think nothing can live in those dimensions, where your feelings operate?

    4. One can only fear the people hiding behind the concept of "god". If church had the ability to put my head on a spike or burn me as a witch/sorcerer/whatever excuse they fancied, as they did not so long ago, I sure would be a "god fearing" person. And Randy I know you need to be political but being so apologetic in your posts is slowing down our progress, call the damn scam what it is, the more we ridicule it the better, let them crumble already. Priests and their "religion" belong in one drawer with psychics, fortune tellers, gypsies, clairvoyants, casino hustlers and other crooks.

    5. I view "God fearing" as a higher form of respect, not actual fear. It's like the "fear" most had for their parents. "I can't do that. My dad would kill me" "I have to go. My mom said I have to be home before the street lights come on." That type of thing

    6. Here's what I believe in:

      Dr. Michael Newton's book, Journey of Souls, gave me the explanation I had been looking for all my life. I wasn't raised with religion but I still "kinda" believed in God. But I got very angry with "God" when my grandma passed away suddenly so I just chose not to believe in God for a long time. Then, when I came across this book and read it, I was faced with two options:
      A) Just declare that this author is the biggest con man ever existed and ignore all his so-called findings.
      B) Contemplate the "what if all these case studies are truthful?" question.

      I chose option B. And ever since then, life makes so much more sense! I don't "fear" God because I know there is nothing to fear. We are here to learn and evolve, through experiences, good and bad (which is all relative, of course). We chose these settings and chose the partners in our lives. Life is precious and we should make the most out of it. Hell is NOT on the other side. There is eternal love and acceptance waiting for us when we pass.

      I believe this is very similar to one of your options in your previous posts. We are given free will and the only thing expected of us is that we use our times wisely. And even if we flunk that, there will be another chance later.

      This is what I choose to believe. Can't prove any of this; all I know is that I am no longer waking up drenched in sweat, fearing death. And I have much more peace inside me, to deal with life's trials and tribulations, knowing that I am here to learn something from every experience.

    7. man this really got the comments goin lol.

      sometimes in prosperity visualizations i imagine the flowing current something close to the idea of god...all the way to my super enthusiasm "god within," or however the translation goes.

      Armillaria ostoyae and the over all plant/animal kingdom being one big organism is a fun one for art, but being a free thinking problem solver helps me much more in life...but do you think we can get to the level where we are controlling even the weather like they are beginning to do in dubai?

      It seems like whatevers bigger on the food chain seems to be the "god" of the period.

      totally off the cuff but thanks for the blog. fun to watch! reading how you engage an audience like this helps

    8. God fearing means respect not so much as that He wants to annilate you in moments notice though He could do that.Question is what does God want for His creation? for us as individuals? To hate and kill one another. to destroy,pollute,and abuse the things created ? But remember then entered Satan the deceiver

    9. God fearing actually means respecting HIS love and commandments for us. However have you ever feared your father? maybe when it came for punishment. Or when you got busted for speeding or a little too much alcohol? yep you got fear-about what the officer can bring on you.God if obeyed always brought blessings and curses when not . Kinda like your dad Do you respect lightning? maybe fear it? of course .Did not your parents want a little fear or respect from you? of course .The person behind the badge in the squad car yep him too The judge you bet. God the creator of everything-absolutly.Would you say that your books put themselves together?/the words just got there over millions of years? ya right ! There is no evolution-your not from a an ape - even though one might call ya a big ape-- There are no perfect individuals regardless what some think they are-Like Christ said none are righteous none-we all got are faults - God can lead us away from those faults if we are willing to follow follow HIM into health,peace,happy marriages,prosperity,eternity.

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