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Are You a Co-Creator or Innocent Victim?

By Randy Gage in Critical Thinking, Success, Prosperity.

In a recent post, we looked at procrastination and how most people believe that things just “happen to them.”  So did you do some real thinking about that, and what you’re manifesting in your life? 

Do you see yourself as the co-creator of (almost) everything that happens to you, or still believe you are a victim of random happenstance?  If you’re like most people, you think something like this…

“Oh I agree with Randy on the power of the mind and how we attract and manifest things, EXCEPT for this bad stuff in my life right now.  Because obviously I had no control over that…”

That’s what most people think.  And most people would be wrong.


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3 thoughts on “Are You a Co-Creator or Innocent Victim?

  1. jcbjr9455 says:

    I agree most everyone (the use of “most” allowing for someone who doesn’t say this – cold be but hard to believe there is …) says this, myself included. I’ve been asking myself WHY I say this / DO I believe this. I don’t think I ever thought I believed it was true – “bad things happen to me” – but can’t come up with a good reason (other than belief) why then …

  2. This excerpted from today’s (12/14/2018) post on my FB page: Life is about choices . . . we can either make them unconsciously according to our past beliefs and tendencies or make them consciously, creating a world of harmony and contentment . . . our “external” world is nothing more than a mirror of our internal reality.

  3. Hey Randy! I’m on the co-creator side of that question. That’s a more empowering mindset too!


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