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Achieving Your Goals

By Randy Gage in Success, Prosperity.

Last post we discussed the role your vision has in creating the kind of life you live.  I told you that the next part of the process requires you to unpack your vision into goals that are believable, attainable and compelling. 

A goal has to be exciting and challenging to you, if you expect it to motivate you to action.  Yes it is true that if your goal is to make it till Friday without getting fired, you’ll probably make it.  (At least for a while.)  But if you want goals that compel you to act, you need to set challenging ones with high rewards.

Set goals that are so compelling they pull you toward them.  Bold, daring, audacious goals create emotion desire in both your subconscious and conscious minds.  And when you engage both, you’re going to be motivated to take the daily habits that manifest them.

Ain’t it great!


P.S. For more on the process of manifesting prosperity, check out the latest episode on the podcast, The Power of a Dream.


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4 thoughts on “Achieving Your Goals

  1. Chris Lianos says:

    Love the goals discussion. I think one area where we have to be cautious is setting goals that are audacious and scary where the consciousness has not risen to make you feel like you can hit them – otherwise the goal itself becomes part of the inner dialogue of failure and unworthiness. Self sabotage camouflaged in the guise of goals. We have to stay open and really have that introspective magnifying glass to catch ourselves – or have a good inner circle person who can scream it at our face whilst brandishing a branding iron titled “you ready to get real now?”.

    1. Randy Gage says:

      Very true!

  2. A goal as a dream vacation. When I look at my own resistance to goal setting, this is what I find. If the goal is just an idea, if it feels like a task, if it feels academic, it ain’t gonna light my fire. If I do the work and make the goal very specific so that I know exactly what it looks and feels like, I begin to get excited. If I continue painting my picture and fleshing it out like an enticing video (with a soundtrack) calling me to the vacation of my dreams, I have created a magnet that will pull me towards it. The necessary actions actually become fun. I’m not “working” toward a goal. I’m planning an oo-ah experience.

  3. Eric C Smith says:

    hmm walking out of my jobs parking lot and never coming back felt very adventurous the other day as I played it in my mind.


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