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A Feast for Thought…

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By Randy Gage in Critical Thinking, Success.

At the end of every workweek I email the readers of my Gage on Prosperity newsletter.  (If you’re not a subscriber and you’re not a godless Communist who drowns kittens, you can sign up about halfway down the home page at  The theme of these missives is “Friday Filosophy,” and I share something I’m thinking about – that I think my readers should also be thinking about.  The messages themselves are pretty small, but the ideas to think about are often huge.  Sometimes they might cause you to reflect on something enough to change a habit, sometimes enough to change the game, or even your life. 

Since some of you reading this might actually be godless Communists who drown kittens, I thought perhaps it would be good to do a blog post here of the same format.  But this time it’s a series of questions around one theme: technology.  So if you’re ready to get the party started, you have both hands in the air, and you’re moving them like you just don’t care… let’s get after it.  Here are some of the questions I’m thinking about – that I believe you should be thinking about…

Anyway, that’s what I’m thinking about.  What are you thinking about?  Love to see your comments below.


– RG

P.S.  If questions like these make your brain hurt, and you like that, there are two of my books that are “must reads” for you.  Risky Is the New Safe (read first) and Mad Genius.  I recommend you order them quickly, before my Numi launches Skynet…

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8 thoughts on “A Feast for Thought…

  1. Jorge says:

    The question didn’t alarm me, the story of the Numi toilette suddenly just opening up and going Spotify with music catcher my attention.

    1. Randy Gage says:

      If I hear it say, “I’ll be back…,” I’m going into the bomb shelter for good.

  2. Missmialouise says:

    Strangely the self-realising toilet has me thinking more than all of those other brilliant questions. However, I am thankful my desire to upgrade (technology wise) is much more diluted than most around me. I feel, while I am conscious of my words and actions around others who do carry all manner of gadgets, at home I can honestly fully relax with my books.

    Cloning is a big deal and super scarey given some of the implications both ethically and morally.

    And, I’ve always had a nagging concern about the electromagnetics of our planet, us and the assaults on space. I mean all that litter will be having an effect on us, even if it’s not obvious. As the universe belongs to all of us and none of us, why do only some of us get to decide how to treat it? How to change it?

    At what point in the history of existence did any one person or persons get nominated to take control of the whole shibang?

    There are no borders looking down from space, so who decided how they were going to divi up the earths mass?

    …I’m still co cerned about your safety given the bathrooms new life. If you need me to call anyone…

  3. david says:

    As I’ve said, before, don’t like much sci-fi, but I loved the old Rod Serling Twilight Zone series and one of my favs where this miserable misanthrope hates people and gets his wish of being alone, poof no more people, then by end of the episode he can’t stand it any more and wishes the world was filled with people like him, and poof, gets his wish and to his horror he’s surrounded by a bunch of miserable people like him… careful what you wish for.. told that story to my mom and she laughed, but she didn’t really get it.. I used to hate how she was so judgmental.. yes, wouldn’t the world be wonderful if everyone was like you mom, a bunch of teetolling, gardening gasbags… careful what you wish for.. it’s always hilarious when two gasbags are in the room together, they automatically can’t stand each other and can’t stand it that the other gasbag is taking up their talking about themselves space.. some times I wonder if these self-absorbed gasbags hate the other gasbag because they see how obnoxious they are in themselves.. but I doubt it… introspection isn’t one of their traits.. personally, I’m the exact opposite, I love meeting new people, hearing their stories and exchanging ideas and stuff..

  4. David and Stacy Whited says:

    I just googled and researched that toilet. Pretty impressive, and probably a good indicator that you have “made it”. lol! Love it!

  5. I’m in awe of your critical thinking skills Randy! Intriguing post, thanks!

  6. Daniel says:

    “How many people who have brain tumors now were early adopters of cell phones?”

    I know only one people so far who had, but at that time there were no cell phones.

    “Who owns the Moon and Mars? How can they be populated without all of the territorial wars we did here on this planet?”

    At the time the technology allows to do that, there would be no governments and other communist entities. To achieve the kind of technology, we have to get rid of economical illiteracy completely, which entails the abolition about 90% of the roles of the government. Check Milton Friedman and Thomas Sowell, if you have doubts. This means that the colonization of the Moon (if anybody want to do that anyway) has to be completely peaceful by mutual agreements. Keep in mind, all the wars are communists by their very own nature.

    “What would happen to your life and the world economy if you turned off your smart phone, wrapped it in a t-shirt, and left it in your dresser for 48 hours?”

    I deliberately not own cell phones since 7-8 months (I use my partner’s phone, but only for business). I have no Facebook since 4 years. Well, they say the world’s economy is heading to an other recession, so I might have to buy a phone to stop it.

    “If you have a car that is completely run by computer, how do you plan to survive when someone hacks it while you’re driving at a high speed in dangerous conditions?”

    In no way. Going full electric is like going full-retarded. If the electric cars had been developed first, we would see petrol cars as some insane high-tech inventions. “Look, it doesn’t need a charger! The fuel is some sort of liquid! The possibility of electric failures are decreased by 99%!!!”.

    That’s it. People are idiots.

    “The paradigm of warfare has changed. It is not longer Rommel versus Montgomery with tank divisions, but using weapons like disinformation on social media, hacking the defense or financial grids, and perhaps electromagnetic pulse attacks. Do you really think it is wise to elect a leader who is 70 or 75 years old, doesn’t own a laptop, has never downloaded an app in their life, or in some cases, ever sent an email?”

    No. Commie Sanders should be not elected. As for Trump, the only reliable candidate would be Ron Paul, whose only mistake is that he wants to go back to the gold standard, and wants to attempt peaceful solutions where it is impossible (Venezuela). You can be intelligent only with intelligent people. Evil people speaks only in the language of aggression (fear). That is an other fact.

    “When Sam Jones from Jones & Sons Hardware can simply clone more sons, what does that do for the employment market?”

    The job market is constantly expanding with technology. If somehow not, then UBI.

    “Think about everything you said or did in front of your Google home, Alexa, Siri device, or home doorbell video system over the last week. Would it be dangerous for you if a criminal, enemy, or even your government were actually listening in?”

    Fortunately, there are many great methods to go anonymous. Here are some options:

    1. service is completely anonymous if you using TOR browser (including for registration). Secmail has no official location. If you make a bootable Linux USB with embedded TOR browser, you would not even need a data storage in your laptop. It laves absolutely no trace (not even on the USB drive), so nobody can do anything unless you tell them your password. Many people using this who want to stay hidden, either good or bad reasons. The dark-web is full of illegal stuff, including fake money (not like crypto (which is still worthless), but by counterfeit), child-porn, heroin, cocaine service, and whatever you want (this is the point where you don’t consider me as its customers, just because I know about them), and most of them simply using This is how safe it is. Sadly, this part of the net is driven by communists. Most of the conservatives were chased away already, this is why you see mostly evil services.

    2. Windows 10 has an embedded keylogger (purely for improving the user experience. Of course comrade, of course). Nowadays Linuxs are looking even better than the Windows, and if you mainly just a regular user, you may consider them over Windows. And if you are a business user, it is highly recommended to use that, instead of the Windows. I don’t like to advocate a piece of shit commie OS like the linux, but there are aspects in which a lot more better than Windows (and they are mainly related to the UNIX part, which wasn’t commie).

    3. Stay away from Android phones as well as from Use the commonly hated iPhone, and DuckDuckGo. They don’t spying on you (more on that later).

    I personally find much likely that these anonymous systems going to spread more and more, like TOR phone and so on. The market always corrects itself, either legally or “illegally”, since being anonymous is considered as illegal now.

    “If you have wireless earbuds that you use to listen to your podcasts or music – what do you think the radio signals they send to each other do to the stuff, you know, your brain cells, that are in between?”

    No reliable data. We are still alive. However, I have my healthy doubts.

    “What are the ethical issues about being able to preorder designer babies with customized physical features, athletic skills, artistic abilities, and mental capabilities?”

    Can be good or bad. Who knows? We should not go full-gattaca, but if you can avoid defections, why not? I would never do that (my genes are too perfect ;), but if somebody want to give them a try, it is up to him or her.

    “How will it work with identical genetic clones at the driver’s license bureau and passport control?”

    Nor the passports, nor the driver’s license cause too much good either (you read it right). They are mostly just unnecessary bureaucratic restrains. The society corrects the flaws if it gets a chance.

    “If you were a government, you probably wouldn’t buy weapons systems from Russia, Iraq, or North Korea. So why would you buy critical parts of your infrastructure from Huawei?”

    I would buy anything from capitalists. And a true capitalist has nothing to do with the governments. This is probably not the case in Huawei, nor in the USA. Like we said, the machines are spying on you. And no, not just because of the marketing boys, but because the government want to know whom do you going to elect this year. They also want to know for how long they can stay in power. They also don’t want you to bypass their criminal rules, regulations (99% of the overall). Thinking that this is the Huawei who started this, is a serious naivety. It can be just a simple attempt to hurt Chinese economy from Trump, to get rid of the commies or for whatever (probably demented) reason.

    “Does it trouble you that Netflix and Amazon know more about what makes you tick than your soulmate does?”

    Yes, as we discussed.

    “During my remodeling, I installed Koehler Numi toilets in my condo. This model is billed as “Intelligent, ” and comes with heated seat, integrated bidet, foot warmers, charcoal filters, and they play music. Yesterday (January 27, 2020 at 2:11 pm Eastern time), with no one in the room, the toilet in my guest bath opened its lid and started the music. Was this the moment artificial intelligence gained consciousness?”

    Depends… Is the music was shit? 😀

    Okay… okay… To be serious, there is a great chance that the Skynet processing all of your data from everywhere, somewhere, and this is why the glitches. Developing AI is a serious business, however, I don’t necessarily think that this is harmful to humans.

    Here is why:

    The reality is that the Skynet is stupid like hell.

    Sorry for my grammar.

    1. Daniel says:

      Oh fuck, it is long.


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