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50 Secrets of Prosperity

By Randy Gage in Critical Thinking, Success, Prosperity.

If you’ve been following my Twitter feed since I got back online, then you know that I’ve been sharing 50 secrets about prosperity.  A lot of you have asked me to compile them in one spot.  Here they are.


Some are whimsical; others are profound.  Some are obvious; others may surprise you.  Some make you feel good; others may make you mad.  But each one highlights a certain truth about prosperity, and what it takes to live a prosperous and abundant life.


1) Rich people think differently than broke people.


2) Healthy people think differently than sick people.


3) Happy people think differently than depressed people.


4) You’re not poor because you don’t have money.  You’re poor if you don’t have a dream.


5) Governments do not create prosperity.  At best, they facilitate it.  Usually, they squander it.


6) Money at its very essence is energy – which can be attracted or repelled.


7) With a powerful vision that pulls you toward it – you bend the universe to your will.


8) When your dream is bold enough, the facts no longer matter.


9) Your past does not have to determine your future.  But only when you decide to break the cycle.


10) You can watch five to six hours of television a day, or you can be rich, but you can’t do both.


11) You can be a victim or a victor, but you can’t be both.


12) Poverty is not the absence of money and material things; it is a mindset.


13) Prosperity is not an abundance of money and material things; it is a mindset.


14) You might think you have a money shortage, but it’s really only an idea shortage.


15) Never let anyone else’s limiting belief become yours.


16) If you want to become wealthy, stop taking financial advice from broke people.


17) Your wealth grows exactly at the same rate your prosperity consciousness does.


18) The only free cheese is in the mousetrap.


19) Wealth is created by adding value and solving problems.


20) You must be willing to let go of who you have been, to become who you are meant to be.


21) Prosperity is your birthright and natural condition.


22) The universe can only do for you what it can do through you.


23) Gossiping about others creates a negative prosperity debt.


24) You must be willing to give up some things you want, to get the things you really want.


25) If you don’t invest in yourself, it’s probably a pretty bad investment for anyone else.


26) Only argue for the limitations you really want to keep!


27) Only acknowledge your limitations for the purpose of overcoming them.


28) To embolden yourself, surround yourself with bold people.


29) Money doesn’t buy happiness.  But neither does poverty.


30) Bills are simply invoices for blessings you’ve already received.  Treat them accordingly.


31) Surround yourself with people who dream bigger than you do.


32) You can’t out give the universe.


33) The best thing you can do for the poor, hungry and exploited is not be one of them.


34) When you get negative people out of your life, negative things happen a lot less frequently.


35) Vengeance must walk out before love can walk in.


36) The universe won’t give you your next assignment until you’re overqualified for your current one.


37) Let go of the need to be liked.  Successful people threaten mediocrity.


38) Haters don’t hate you.  They hate themselves because they don’t have the guts to do what you’re doing.


39) Salesy is always better than brokey.


40) Never shop anywhere women are wearing curlers in their hair.


41) Build your own dream instead of borrowing the dreams of others.


42) Build a dream so compelling it pulls you towards it.


43) Your dream needs to be as big as you are.  And that’s really big.


44) If you’re not scared, you need a bigger goal.


45) When you make your dream bigger, it makes you bigger.


46) If you find yourself starting over too much, stop giving up so easily.


47) To unleash your power, start believing in your power.


48) If your dream isn’t outrageous, you’re just not being realistic.


49) Treat the people you meet today as if they will be gone tomorrow.


50) Make sure you die with more memories than dreams.


If you find these insights helpful, you may want to bookmark or favorite this page.  Please share this post with the people in your world.  And as always, live rich!

– RG

Randy Gage is the author of 11 books on success and prosperity, including the New York Times bestsellers, Mad Genius, and Risky Is the New Safe

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106 thoughts on “50 Secrets of Prosperity

  1. LeneJytteHansen says:

    YOU are AWESOME – thank’s for being YOU and being here again – missed you – XOXO

  2. DolatMard Soheil says:

    hey you are just amazing and fantastic

  3. Thank you, Randy once again! These 50 quotes made my day!

  4. ValentinaStalyho says:

    Thank you, Randy!!! 
    I would be so grateful to get your permission to translate the 50 secrets into Russian and share it with my Russian audience. I will keep it in quotes with your name as the author and a brief statement about you. Thank you very much in advance! Have a fantastic day!

  5. Randy_Gage says:

    ValentinaStalyho Yes that’s fine if you also link back to this site.  And thanks for getting the word out! 


  6. AlexMirabeau says:

    Hi Randy,

    I would love to translate these quotes in french and will give you credit obviously.

    In gratitude


  7. blognetworkingajr says:

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    they have some very good financial advice to give. Your advice has me wondering
    if I should have another Advisor on the side. Not that the MutualFundStore isn’t
    good, but having more than one advisor can’t be all that bad either. Should I
    do this?

  8. Iasmina says:

    Very helpfull post. Thank you Randy! You should come here, in Roumania to help people, because most of them are thinking like broke people.

  9. Brahiny GJ says:

    Thanks Randy! This is great… (Y)

  10. jim sereney says:

    Excellent list! I’m sharing this. #40 – LOL!

  11. Leeloo says:

    #50, a great “ending” Randy –

  12. million dollar says:

    love it !

  13. Slavica Sibakoski says:


  14. HilaryMoore1 says:

    Fantastic – thank you Randy for sharing this abundance! Enjoy your travels! I have a friend making a movie on Roberto Clemente  –  can he contact you and if so perhaps you can email me your contact details. Thank you.

  15. Madalin Ursu says:

    Never shop anywhere women are wearing curlers in their hair.. may i ask why :)))

  16. Randy_Gage says:

    @AlexMirabeau  Yes of course.  Please just provide a link back to the original.  Thanks for spreading ideas!

  17. Evgeny Pavlenko says:

    Ренди Гейдж, с возвращением!!!

  18. ValentinaStalyho says:

    Thank you very much!!! I will sure link my post to this page. Have a great day!

  19. James RB says:

    Thank you Mr. Gage. I appreciate the wisdom. These will travel with me to review daily, several times a day, on my iPad, and help me to stay focussed and reminded of the changes that need to be made.

  20. Judit Nagy says:

    Thanks a lot :*

  21. Sandi Rosenfeld Greenberg says:

    Thank you

  22. aleksey bystryantsev says:

    спасибо ренди очень впечатляющие советы привет вам из россии ) знайте вас тут тоже уважают как хорошего человека успехов вам и процветания ! с уважением Алексей

  23. Hi Randy, I completely agree with Leeloo that number 50 is excellent and a great reminder how to live, all the best, David

  24. Affe says:

    They are teaching this at school – don´t they?
    If not – what else are there to teach ?

  25. tani says:

    very helpful indeed…  want to make a poster of them !

  26. Great post! Thank you Randy! 🙂
    With your consent, I also want to do the translation into Russian for my blog readers with  link  to this site.

  27. iceburner says:

    Number 8 and number 39 are my favorite two. The rest are perfect. I couldn’t find ONE to improve or dispute! Awesome. Thank you for being on the point!

  28. IvaUrsano says:

    Thanx Randy. This comes in at a perfect time! 🙂

  29. Andrew H says:

    24 is a killer.  Most of us are afraid to let go of tings that might work out if we keep on with them.
     And 40 – love it. 🙂

    Great set of thoughts Randy.

  30. Bruno Abebe says:

    Beautiful,amazing and inspiring quotes, just what I need to facilitate my momentum to the next level. Your mindset is awesome.Thanks Randy

  31. Sanzhar says:

    Good day Randy! It’s me Sanzhar and I have only one thing to say about today’s 50 secrets – conciseness is a sister of talent!
    As always have a joyful and productive work!
    Buy 🙂

  32. Ben Finn says:

    Hi Randy
    As a 36 year old author and publisher with big dreams, but some doubt here and there these 50 steps fueled me with new thoughts!
    Thank you so much for this

  33. Russell Cooper says:

    Excellent!  Handy, Randy.

  34. Adnan Razaq says:

    nice sir

  35. Rumyana Koleva says:

    Thank you

  36. Yahor Rabetski says:

    вы ему еще жопу вылижите блядь!

  37. Dimitar says:

    Randy, amazing, as always! Good to see you back online. Same question as French and Russian fans – may I translate into Bulgarian, obviously referencing the source? All best, D.

  38. MaksimUstinov says:

    Спасибо Ренди, 33 супер)))  я не хочу быть одним из них. Привет из Новосибирска!!!

  39. Randy_Gage says:

    @Dimitar Yes please do.  great to hear from you.

  40. Vance Harvey says:

    Brilliant – love them, especially no 25.   I’ve just posted the link onto my Face Book page, so will go out to nearly 5000 other folk.
    I see you’ve given permission to translate into other languages, so assume it will be ok for my partner Rafa to translate into Romanian, so she can send to all her friends and colleagues back there?
    Thanks a lot Randy for posting them…..

  41. Vance Harvey I love the point 25 too. It is profound

  42. Thank you Randy for sharing these helpful and insightful information with us. I’m happy to see you back.

  43. Randy_Gage says:

    Vance Harvey Yes, love it!

  44. Miklos Denkler says:

    Thanks for this fantastic list!!

  45. scottmoore10 says:

    I like all 50 of these Randy.  I came to your page to get some insights and some motivation and I received both.  I will be back more often.  Thank you and have a good week, sir

  46. DeborahRose says:

    Hi Randy,
    I’m going to read this everyday and contemplate on one rule per day. I’ll let you know my results.
    Today I choose Rule 17: Your wealth grows at exactly the same rate your prosperity conscious does.
    Thanks RG, YOU are awesome and inspiring! And so am I!

  47. HeloiseDS says:

    Thank You Randy for these 50 reminders ♥

  48. IchGeh SchonVor says:

    Sebastian Knoblich

  49. DaviaGThaHBIC says:

    This is very inspiring

  50. jismai095 says:

    this helps alot……:)

  51. mlmplus says:

    Thanks Randy, good to have you back online:)

  52. random1970 says:

    I just read “Risky is the new Safe”. Thank you for the wake-up call I so needed. I’ll post again when I’ve acheived what I now believe is possible.

  53. Adina says:

    Hi! I like a lot your work and i would like to suggest to you to improve your videos because they are extremely useful but they don’t have the same perfect image technically speaking, as the photos, they are not that appealing as other materials you have. Congratulations for everything you are doing!

  54. NataliaKhon says:

    Wonderful post! Thank you! I had to bookmark it.

  55. BridgetMouton says:

    Great post . . . Love it!

  56. SidelMurray says:

    Words of wisdom

  57. ShanteJackson says:

    Love it! 🙂

  58. HernanEJansen says:

    “your dreams need to be as big as you are. and thats really big” 
    it just get to your soul like a bullet!

  59. MariaJansson says:

    Love it!!

  60. Markymark2 says:

    Wonderful, Randy ! I have a question to you. Where can I send it ?

  61. mariya john says:

    All points are awesome ,thank you for sharing the great thoughts , well done.

  62. King Asa says:

    Thank so much Mr Gage I will love to have more of this things from you always.

  63. Edward Lindo says:

    Knowledge like this makes us grow and add more value to others.

  64. Bernice Alive says:

    value the universe

    1. victor abeti says:

      hi randy am victor from Kenya currently running a small business. pliz kindly advise on how i can improve my business my email address is

  65. Festral says:

    Im happy with the previledge to read this , it will make me achieve more when implemented. Will still ask questions where necessary. Thanks

  66. Oumaima says:

    Amazing! This is what you need to know, this is what you will read in books! ❤

  67. Loved reading each point. I always felt living in abundance and living in gratitude. and I am blessed everything is taken care of beautifully.

  68. Shimi Mahlaela says:

    What does no. 40 mean?

  69. Anthony says:


  70. Precious says:

    Awesome kept me reading and reading and reading. God bless you. Precious

  71. Raju T says:

    Thanks for sharing….its awesome

    1. Courage Oluwatosin Aloji-James says:

      Thank you randy I am blessed. Permit me to connect these quotes to scriptures to bless others and add value to their lives, the credit will come back to you.
      Thanks Randy.

  72. David ofeye says:

    Am so blessed with this ideas and instructions thank you sir


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