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Mad Genius

Randy's New Book is the Breakthrough You've Been Looking For...

Whether you're looking to create brilliant marketing, design a breakthrough product, or disrupt an entire industry—Mad Genius is a call to action. It will implore you to find an idea so big it scares the hell out of you—and then jolt you to actually go out and do it.

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Conquering Lack and Living Rich!

Prosperity Seminar Series by Randy Gage

These are the breakthroughs you need to let go of fear thoughts, limiting beliefs, and poverty consciousness — and replace them with power confidence, empowering beliefs, and prosperity consciousness.

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Risky Is the New Safe

Book by Randy Gage

This New York Times bestseller will change the way you look at everything! You'll view challenges — and the corresponding opportunities they provide — in entirely new and exciting ways. You'll recognize powerful new gateways you can walk through to create wealth.

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The Midas Mentality

31-Day Prosperity Program by Randy Gage

The Midas Mentality is the first resource of its kind ever developed. It will transform you from lack and limitation programming to prosperity consciousness. For 30 days, Randy will work with you, helping you go through the same transformation that he did.

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