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Your Next Breakthrough

By Randy Gage in Critical Thinking, Success.

So what kind of experience have you had reading this blog?  How have you received the information?  How did you act upon it?  What changed for you?

These are very important questions to ask, because they deal with the critical issues of:

This is all-important because of the nature of the work we do here.  My ego would like to believe that I am dispensing priceless insights and action steps that transform your life.  But that’s not really the case…

I’m no guru, and I haven’t “fixed” anything for you.  My role here is to shake you up, sometimes shock you, but most importantly – cause you to think.

And instead of doling out heaps of greatness, I’m actually encouraging you to accept the greatness that is already in you.

I see my job as to be your coach, personal trainer, and lightning rod.  I can encourage you to go to the gym, and show you how to work the machines, but you have to do the workout.  And that means even on the days it’s raining, you’re tired, or don’t feel up to it.

So let’s go back to the original questions…

How’s it going for you?



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25 thoughts on “Your Next Breakthrough

  1. Jimin says:

    I can consciously tell you that I am not the same person I was before I started reading your books, listening to your audio tapes, watching your DVDs & videos, and now reading your blog. I have been on an unbelievable journey of self-discovery that is incredibly empowering and fulfilling. Not only does your work provoke me to think and become aware of my beliefs, but your presence and being truly inspires me to become so much more and you have taken away the limits of my imagination.

    Thank you so much Randy and please continue to give, share, inspire, provoke, shock, and oh not to forget be goofy too! You’re too cute when you do that! LOL

    Big hug my big brother.

  2. weaver says:

    hi there.. i personally wish i had more time to delve into your wonderful insights more often… tho’ when i do i always learn much and/or it’s also a very profound affirmation… i thank you very much… weaver (((o)))

  3. Jonathan says:


    Good questions. As you know the path to having a major shift is a journey. And like many journeys, there are twists, turns and other things we encounter along the way. And I’m also of the belief that growth ‘techniques’ are not a “one size fits all” thing.

    I’m doing well and on The Path. I work diligently at monitoring my thoughts, though now I’m more focused on feelings. Your coaching, constant reminders to be the Thinker of our Thoughts and many other points you make are incredibly valuable. So yes, you bring tremendous value to all of us.

    As the saying goes, “You can lead a horse to water, but you can’t make him drink”. I find that many people may ‘read’ material but never actually adopt it into their lives. This is a conscious choice. We either choose to change, or we don’t. And if we do, we MUST do the work. My two cents.

  4. RJ says:

    Randy, I originally came across your name when I was involved in NM. Even though I am on a different path currently I love reading your blog and other materials Although I am not always in 100% agreement with you, you are a great source of inspiration. I’m, always looking to raise the bar in my own life and reading your stuff helps me to expand on what I believe is achievable. Thanks for keeping this up and making me dig deeper into my own beliefs and question what is valid and useful in my life. 2011 has turned out to be my biggest year (so far), and one thing I have made a practice of is to read your blog daily. Not giving you all the credit :), but you have definitely had a huge impact!

  5. Jamie Loh says:

    It has been work for me, and truly worthwhile work too. Thank you from the core of my being. I don’t know what else to say except that I wanna keep working! 🙂 xoxo

  6. Give me some time to think about it….lol!

  7. wanja says:

    you’ve been my coach, my big brother and my friend. I learn from you every time. I do my best to apply the knowledge into my everyday life. I stumble sometimes, but i don’t stay down. U have taught me how think bigger, believe in the greatness within me and question more. I believe am a more evolved person. Thank you sir!


  8. Randy,

    This post seems mostly for those who frequent your blog, which I don’t. I was referred in by a tweet from @BobBurg However, there’s a statement that you made the really does resonate with me: “I’m encouraging you to accept the greatness that’s already within you.”

    That thinking, when adopted, represents a breakthrough for anyone IMHO. It’s certainly a thought I like to dwell on and believe in more and more. Not in an arrogant way, but in a humble, confident way.

    I’d pair this with the thought of taking 100% personal responsibility for what happens to you. Ways to become unbeatable and unshakable. Thanks for the mental stimulation today.

    1. Randy Gage says:

      Yes Michael I was definitely speaking to the regular readers today. Welcome to the community and thanks for dropping by and sharing your thoughts.


  9. Pierre Leyssac says:

    I hear it said often and from many sources: “You think too much”. This blog, you Randy, and every wise person contributing here straighten my Self-esteem. No matter what people say I know thinking is vital. I am proud to participate.

    Love and Respect – Pierre Leyssac, cph

  10. I found that reading your blog has made me super-aware of the hidden memes in society and how they have affected my own choices and the choices of those close to me. I take conscious efforts to surround myself with people, places, and things (consciously/subconsciously) that attract prosperity in to my life.

  11. Carmen says:

    Randy, your blog has made me think deeply about various topics. You have also influenced my thinking in a permanent way. There are ways of thinking that I have adopted as a result of reading your blog and e-mails over the years. Some of that has actually made me feel a little bit isolated in the sense that I am becoming more and more different to the average person and although I can happily converse with anyone, I’m not really that interested in creating strong bonds with the majority of people. I’ve become very fussy about the people that I hang around with.

    1. Pierre Leyssac says:

      When you use word “permanent” here it occur questionable if it frees you up. I bet Randy agrees no way you’re currently mentally wired couldn’t be transformed.
      Where I’m coming from is that if you came across better reasons for not being selective with people, than the reasons you have now for being, you would still be faced with a choice. Choice leaves us in death not before.

      Set the sails for absolute freedom.

      Yours Sincerely – Pierre Leyssac, cph

  12. Marketa says:

    I am happy…

    Because, all the time, since I started watching your Prosperity TV and started to really think and changed my point of view… Expectations..

    All the time, when I am solving something inside, you write it next day somewhere :o)
    It is fantastic… I feel that these 4 – maybe 5 weeks I “know” you I understand, that I had to only believe, that all answers I have inside… Thank you to God and feel the connection.

    I feel, I understand during this “short” time, started to use in relationships with people and also started to move to independent life… Step by step… And know that I will move to very nice place, where wheather is all the year sunny.. How I am dealing with these conflicts you mentioned?

    I feel, when it is old thought or new way thought. I am choosing what I am thinking, what I concentrate to, what I believe in…

    Thank you Randy

  13. One thing I always admire about you Randy is your honesty… we’re taught from a young age that you shouldn’t admit to your foibles, screw-ups etc… but in the end. what does it matter? Put it out there and if someone doesn’t dig it.. who cares???

  14. Suzanne says:

    Hi Randy, have to go to the ‘wet locsl market’ now before the fishmongers go back as a friend is coming over for Penang ‘Char kway Teow’ ie seafood noodles.

    Carmen, I prefer to have no company than wrong company. Randy us a big blessing to us and generous 2.

  15. Lawrence says:

    Randy, I really appreciate your blogs. Your thoughts are very valuable to me. What you say and the way you say it makes me think and rethink every day. It’s changed my relationship with myself, my family, with money and has dramatically changed my definition of prosperity. I understand for the first time that prosperity in all forms is already there for me and it’s up to me to be open to it and receive it. I now create value everywhere I go and in everything I do. It’s amazing to see how people respond to that. By the way, the money’s been amazing too. Also, I’m now with a personal trainer 3 days a week. I have a lot more to learn but what a ride. Thank you!!

  16. Thanks for asking. I don’t always agree with what you have to say, but I almost always find your remarks intriguing. I’m a glutton when it comes to Food for Thought; thanks for your contribution to the Grand Buffet.

    I like it best when you come up with something that isn’t a match for my previous perceptions, when you give me a taste of an idea I haven’t heard before.

    I also like it when I can respond with a “yes, and….” It’s such a hoot that sometimes we can add a little sauce of our own makings to the dishes you serve up.

    lovingly submitted, Mrs. H&P

  17. Mo says:

    I was in fact thinking about similar things these days,asking myself if something has changed since i started interest in self education.and yes it has,and Much i learned fr.o.m. You is part of it!i have learned one special thing;selfdevelopment is à process where,if you are really in to it,things comes to you in the”right time”if you really know how to look at the world around you and be à part of it and create in it and use it for your purposes!i have learned à LOT from you and am happy to read moo

  18. Fantastic! Thanks Keep up the great work!

  19. Randy A says:

    Randy still appreciate your insights, intelligence and timeless wit. It is still a struggle for me what’s easy for some is not for all. I know what I need to do but somehow I falter when push comes to shove but I will always fight on in part because I know success is in there…somewhere. Always look forward to your rants, keep it going.

  20. Raymond says:

    November 26,2011 at 6:32 PM

    I need not hide behind the needle.
    Your blog on self-development is
    powerful.But I do falter a lot.

    This is the major thing I need
    to battle with now.


  21. Angela M.C. D'Alton says:

    Like you say Randy we can listen to all you say and read all your material….but in the end or the beginning we have to latch on big time to the fact that the power is within us….I’ve done that and things are going really well for me….I like though to keep in touch with your work as now and again…like on rainy days…I need that nudge…
    Thanks for you….Hope you enjoyed your Thanksgiving….Thursday was good here..:))
    love Ange

  22. Annie says:

    I’m not sure your any of those things to me. I’m not sure if I would have been better off never coming to this blog.

    The breakthrough’s I have had here have mostly been gotten the hard way. But, even still yeah, I learned.

    When I picked up your book, you were no one I had ever heard of. You weren’t famous, or some big self help guru that I knew of. I don’t know anything about the network marketing world, and I am often pleased that I don’t. You just seemed like a nice guy with some really interesting thoughts, and a strange anger issue concerning codependents and communists. I looked at things from your perspective when I read the book.

    Believe it or not, I even put on your political view point for awhile. Not quite right for me. But, questioning our perspectives always gives us new insight.

    I also thought you had given out this information that if anyone got hold of it, it would change their lives entirely. Prosperity is infinite, and we are all supposed to be wealthy if we believe and have faith. So beautiful and positive.

    Prosperity is infinite is something like Santa Clause, and the tooth fairy though isn’t it? HO, HO, HO….. What if it isn’t? Where is your proof that it is? How do you get a former social worker like me, to swallow that? I mean if you got something that could make me believe that, say it.

    Randy, I will continue to learn from you. But, seriously dude, critical thinking is not just coming to the same conclusion as you.

    Anyway, being a part of this communtiy has been humbling. I now know I do not have all the answers. And….Neither do you. But you are wise. And some of the things you write take my breath away. No one’s writing has ever done that to me before.

    I still have some anger issues with you regarding past treatment. I deserved to be kicked out I guess, or I’m not sure you had much choice. People said horrible things about me, and you didn’t let me defend myself. Doesn’t matter if they were true or not, you blocked and edited out my responses. I think that was uncivil and you can justify it anyway you wish, but I am sticking with that.

    You may have people that think you are a guru and the greatest thing walking. You may have lots of money. You may have all kinds of people who want to know you and do business with you. In network marketing, people make over you and you are the greatest thing to ever hit that industry. But, I see just a person looking for love and approval just the same as me online or off.

    I say that because it was the reason I liked you in the first place. A really successful person, who could speak to ordinariy people and tell them they are precious and extraordinary and just as good as anyone else. Someone who said I have been shot and in prison and look what I have done…

    I liked that because I am the daughter of an ex-convict. I went to prison too. Not literally. It just felt like it.

    And while, you still give out good advice and encouragement, your judgemental like everyone else.

  23. Marcus says:

    You should most definitely use free weights if possible, not machines 🙂 Your blog post are inspiring and reading them and pondering over them every day makes you take a tiny step forward, every single day. And that is of course a very cool process. Add to that everything else from books, audios, seminars, meditation and contemplation that we use/do every single day. It builds up and with patience we just keep getting better. Funny thing is that we often have to learn this “patience-thing” the hard way. Cheers!


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