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Your Mental Attitude

By Randy Gage in Critical Thinking, Success, Prosperity.

Last post we looked at how you create the future with your thoughts.   Once you accept that you are the thinker of your thoughts, you become the architect of yourself and your circumstances.

There are no random accidents…

Both the harmonies and the challenges you face are intimately related to the world of your thoughts.  Ultimately you will always arrive at the place where your most abiding and intense thoughts take you.

If those thoughts are base, they’ll take you to a base place.  If they are empowering, they will take you to a place of peace and prosperity.

Change your thoughts – change your results.  You up for that?


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51 thoughts on “Your Mental Attitude

  1. Tiffany says:

    I ran across your YouTube videos not too long ago and loved them. I even posted one on my site. Your messages are wonderful. Thank you for doing what you do. :o)

  2. This is sooooo true. Getting in control of my thoughts seems to be a process:
    First, the Ah-ha! moment when I realize I’m feeling low-ish.
    Then the Analytical moment when I remember what thought brought me down here.
    Then doing something to clear or diminish the feeling (EFT, or various other quick & easy methods of mental housecleaning)
    Followed by Thinking a New Thought.

    Most of the time, I feel pretty good, so I must be thinking the thoughts that will create a good or gooder future.
    About 20% of the time, I feel low-ish, and about 50%(?) of the time, I catch myself there….Ah-Ha!!

    What I’d like to know – did you, Randy, get to Prosperity Consciousness all of a sudden in a burst of Total Enlightenment? Or was it a process like mine, of steadily improving the percentages?

    I’m questioning myself: am I creating a Future akin to my Now, or am I creating an Even Better Future? I have no idea what the heck I’m creating here…I want Fast Improvement, but am not quite sure what to do to ensure that. At best, I’m experimenting with methods. Currently, I’m experimenting with a method called “Be Satisfied with Now.” Theoretically that will attract to me More With Which To Be Satisfied.
    Being Satisfied Now is….a mental discipline.
    Maybe this whole Mental Attitude issue is about mental discipline?

    gratefully, Mrs. H&P

    1. Randy Gage says:

      For me it was a definite process. One I’m still in!


    2. Nivia Di Vincenzo says:

      I can identify with your perspective, Mrs. Health&Prosperity! It is an ongoing process! I read affirmations and pour into myself daily. It IS mental discipline.

  3. Susan says:

    My inner joy radiates out of me and how it positively affects others who then return it back is doubly rewarding. I’ve had a wonderful day indeed . . a day that might have been very different indeed had I not taken a moment to be aware . . .gratitude . . .the kryptonite against mind viruses.

  4. Uno says:

    Como darnos cuenta de manera permanente lo que estamos creando?…o es la práctica en la atención que hacen que nos demos cuenta permanentemente de lo que generamos, que es nuestro futuro…
    Mil gracias, mil veces

  5. KH Koh says:

    Here’s where I find it leaky…

    The temptation to be smart, putting my opinions out everywhere, to look and feel good about myself…

    The temptation to engage in political debate, on what so and so should do or not do, solving the ills of the nation…

    I feel that these are some of the places where I scatter my thoughts and my energy in pursuit of very little.

    Where do I draw the line?


    1. Randy Gage says:

      If I spread my opinions to look smart that’s leaky too. If I share them to learn, they bring back more than I send out.


      1. Mary-Ellen says:


  6. CM says:

    I totally agree with this concept. So much so that I often say about insignificant things, “now if I could just use my power for good!” My challenge is to harness and believe in my power during times that are so hard. It seems like I’ve been days away from losing everything for years. How do I remove myself enough to put on the right mental attitude to turn things around if I’m so busy trying to turn things around?

    1. Randy Gage says:

      When I was in that spot I had to increase my daily self-development time. There were just so many limiting beliefs necessary for me to change it required that.

    2. Joe G says:

      CM- I begin each day with prayer, meditation and self-development time. It is the single most prosperous thing I do for all areas of my life. You want to give it try.

  7. Marc says:

    We are what we think.
    So changing our thought must change who we are.

    There are those who go further in saying that everything that surrounds us is a creation of our consciousness.


  8. Mary-Ellen says:

    Attitude is such an overused yet overlooked word. Attitude creates our thoughts. A negative attitude leads to thoughts of lack. A positive attitude leads to prosperity and abundance. I think this action, attitude, is one of the hardest to overcome. It has so many deep seeded roots. I think the first step in overcoming a negative attitude is to DECIDE not to have one. Once this conscious choice has been made, it is a continual process of correction until old patterns are broke and new behaviors start to emerge. Maybe some day we will just plug ourselves into a machine that sorts them all out for us. Until then…..

    1. Joe G says:

      Good points, Mary Ellen. As Joel Osteen says, we need to “remember who we are (a child of God) and who’s we are (God’s).” Bad attitudes are ususally the result of low self-esteem and worthiness issues. When we remember the truth of who we are and who’s we are, this all melts away.

      1. Mary-Ellen says:

        Glad to know that you understand Joe. God bless you.

      2. Mary-Ellen says:

        I don’t know if you have been introduced to Dr. Charles Stanley at His latest sermon that is recorded on his website is amazing. I think you might enjoy watching it. It’s called confidence and courage.

        1. Joe G says:

          Thank you!

  9. Gabesuarez says:

    Dear Randy. In the previous post. I commented that the thoughts that I had when I was a child had led me, incredibly, to where I am today. Being an engineer and working in a management position. However, I discovered a much better world, and I want to live it with my loved ones. I’m on vacation today, ending on Sunday 10. I went to the official opening event for my business in Buenos Aires. I came with a lot enthusiasm and eager to grow and achieve prosperity, but temple that when I get my work, I come to a jail. Besides the company is going through times of crisis, the energy of the people I feel very bad and I think that affects me. I think it can be changed if I change my job but sometimes i think that it is not right. “change jobs or change my mental attitude? Today I’m super! On Monday …. mmmm… What do you think about it? What do you suggets?

    1. Victoria Crowley says:

      Hello Gabesuarez,

      I know one thing for sure….
      Where ever you go…., you will still bring yourself with you…
      So, mental attitude is the key…

      Also, ask yourself the following questions:
      Do you like your profession?
      Do you like the company that you work for?
      If no, then make changes…

      And keep in mind, that no matter were you go…., you will always encounter positive and negative people…

      You cannot change others….
      You can only change yourself…

      Victoria 🙂

      1. Gabesuarez says:

        Thanks Vistoria for your words. Yes, I loved the products, the company and leaders of my company. I thinks it is the best in the market in that area. I am sure that issue is my mental attitud. I will keep working on me. Thank you very much! Gabe.

        1. Gabesuarez says:

          Victoria I mean that I love my new company, not the old one! 🙂

    2. Randy Gage says:

      Please keep your income steady and just work on your attitude in the meantime with self development time.


      1. Gabesuarez says:

        Thanks Randy! Thank you very much for the response. I will do like you say! In Karate do we call to our masters, SENSEI. I call my spanish mentor Sensei. I will call you the same. Thanks Sensei! Keeping learning

  10. Eve says:

    Change my thoughts…..this thought makes me feel resistant. As if a part of me is saying:

    “no, you don’t need to change anything. Everything that is said doesn’t automatically apply to you. What you need to do is clarify what is good and let go of anything unnecessary”. So if you want to call that “change” you could but it would be better to call it clarify.

    Affirm that which you already know, already have faith in, already is working for you and let everything else go.

    When you send your intentions out into the universe they come back maybe with other things attached to them. Pick what you need and be able to let go of what you don’t. Not every experience is a personal message and reaction from the universe to you. Some yes but others may be from others thoughts/actions that are “connected” to you.

    If someone desires something for you, that may come your way even if it’s not what you want. Or if someone thinks bad thoughts about you or is suffering and they are emotionally connected to you, that stuff may come your way too. We are all creators in this so all our thoughts create together.

    The good thing about it is we have a choice about which things will affect us. Our emotional and mental boundaries can sense these things before they become realities. And here is where practicing good thinking comes in as a part of good boundaries.

    We do that by picking what is for us and letting go of the rest.

    So which thoughts do I have today that make me want to shine into my day?

    Knowing I can share my intentions and ideas, connect with others and the world around me and also be safe because I am protected by my power to choose what comes my way, accept it, let it go or transform it into something that will be good for me to use, in a way that is also respectful of others.

    1. Kate Hobbs says:

      Eve, I love your honesty in the first few paragraphs that you have written.
      I am aware that my thoughts do dwell on love, peace, patience etc., but not all the time. I do have negative, base or unempowering thoughts and I have heard myself voice them. I suppose this is what has been referred to as “leaky” in previous posts.
      Randy, if you post has done one thing for me, it has challenged me to review where I am and what I do. Thank you for that. When I am more sensitive to my thoughts, rather than them being on “auto” then I am going to be moving into more healthy, beneficial and prosperous areas for me. I know I need to be aware of complacency.
      Appreciating the lessons you give. Thank you.

      1. Eve says:

        Thanks Kate 🙂

  11. The more that I pay attention to my thoughts, the more that I realize that I am the architect of my reality.

  12. Annie says:

    After I first read this,I really just liked the phrase: “Both the harmonies and challenges you face are related to the world of your thoughts.” That is a beautiful qoutable moment.

    Then I read it a couple more times, and I read some of the really great comments. Then it struck me, that there was something in the post that didn’t feel right…

    I love the idea of being the architect of our thoughts, and I think most of the time we can be. But, I agree more with Eve, if I understood her, that we have to know which thoughts to grab on to and which to let go. Because, I believe there is a randomness to our thoughts and the universe. I also think there is order, but I do think randomness is a part of the universe.

    Some thoughts just float through our heads and who knows where they came from. Some thoughts are given to us by others, that we don’t even want. What we really need to do is ask ourselves which ones we focus on. If we dwell on negative thoughts they will shape our day and ultimately our life and circumstances. If we choose to get rid of the negative thoughts we don’t need, or learn from them we are better serving ourselves and others. Then the positive ones will gain the superior position and if we choose to learn from negative one they become positive as well.

    Believing that we have complete control over our thoughts and circumstances will only lead to unhappiness in my opinion. Really. Because not everything that happens is within our control, even though we might like to think it is. Like Eve, I think it is better to look at the realities surrounding us, whether they be good or bad within our control or not, and then choose how we interpret them. We can choose what we think and how we react to it.

    Random accidents and craziness will come to us, we choose to let it in, leave it out, and how to interpret it.

    Really, really I am not being hypocritical, I am just learning, and making mistakes myself.


    1. Victoria Crowley says:


      You’ll probably laugh and label me as a control freak…:)
      But for the life of me… I cannot even contemplate that I am not in total control of my thoughts…

      I never experienced a thought that was not connected to something I experienced… No random thoughts entering my mind from the unknown origin…:)

      And I tell you…., I do get plenty of negative thoughts… but as long as I know its cause…, I can and will change the negative into a positive thought….

      Well…, there was one time when I was trapped by negative thoughts for about two months…. I was miserable and my state of mind effected my every day life….
      You see…., my next door neighbor is a Satan… 🙂 And I had to learn how to love and understand that kind of a person….
      After chocking on positive affirmations for about a week, I changed my state of mind….
      And once again regained my peace of mind…

      The unplesant encounter with my neighbor was not random by any means….
      It is because of her, that I learned how to deal with such people….and next time I won’t react like a lonatic 🙂


      1. Annie says:

        Hi Victoria! I guess if I thought about all my thoughts I could find an origin.:) I don’t know though, some thoughts just seem random, but that is probably something similiar to free association.

        It took me a long time to answer this, because I had to think about it for a while. I thought I might be confusing thoughts with emotions, or I may have some kind of schizophrenia. :0 Don’t you hear the little man in your head too? (just kiddin’ really, there are some readers, will probably believe that about me though. :)) In the end I decided those thoughts that float through my head are probably subconscious material filtering in to the conscious, triggered by some stimulus I wasn’t fully conscious of, or I need zyprexa. 🙂

        Actually you asked and answered your own question. You said you had some negative thoughts based on someone elses input, that happens too. I have had depression, and those negative thoughts were uncontrollable to me for a while and they definitly started from outside stimulus. Although, the good news is, I think Randy is right you can change those thoughts, but it is lots of work!

        No, I don’t know if you are a contol freak or not, but I don’t know anyone who wants to be out of control. It can be really scary. There are so many things we do not have control over in life. I know some here, will disagree but I don’t think we have control over all the illnesses, or accidents that happen to us. We do have some control like for instance eating right, excercise, immunizations, etc. But sometimes bad things just happen. Like Eve, I don’t think it is always personal, but it can always give us a new perspective or help us learn depending on how we choose to interpret it.

        Just like you and your neighbor, a perfect example. I don’t really know if this makes a lot of sense, my son was dancing around me most of the time. 🙂


        1. Victoria Crowley says:


          You are funny…:)

          The little man…. I have him too… 🙂
          That’s the man who lives on my left shoulder and constantly fights with the little man on my right shoulder….:):)

          I think you are right about the emotions…
          I think that is why I lost my cool with my neighbor… The issue was too close to heart… and I let my emotions take over reason… That’s not good… But at least it explains why I reacted instead of analyzing the problem…

          And I agree with you that we cannot always control accidents and illnesses…
          And that’s where “sh.. happens” comes in.. 🙂

          Victoria 🙂

        2. Eve says:

          I do really believe that not all thoughts are our own. Especially if you are very sensitive, you pick up on a lot of stuff that’s ‘out there”. But the way to choose which thoughts have energy or meaning in your life is to choose which ones you want to have energy or meaning.

          Our uniqueness isn’t in our thoughts or our feelings; it’s in our free will. In which ones we choose to give energy to.

          If you identify with everything that comes across your mind your mind expands out into a way that may be interesting and fun to explore but if you want to create anything you have to choose, out of that psychic soup, which energies you invite in.

          I love Randy’s mindset. I come here to get a dose of it because it reminds me of all those good qualities I value.

          I also come here to practice feeling comfortable expressing my own unique views. But I want to affirm that I value Randy’s mindset and advise as a teacher and even if I do feel resistance in something, it doesn’t mean I believe what he is saying is off…it means I need to examine it in a different way. Or not. But since I value it I do.

          for you ~~*

          1. Annie says:

            Thanks Eve. For you *** Those are flowers too.


          2. Victoria Crowley says:

            Hi Eve 🙂

            I think that I understand what you mean….

            When I have a question…. I ask God to show me a way…
            The answer comes… but in different ways…
            Sometimes the answer comes to me in the morning… Other times, it does not come to me directly but from someone I meet, a friend, a book, etc…

            Is this what you are describing, or is it something entirely different?

            Victoria 🙂

          3. Annie says:

            Oh Eve, I just was reading again, and I wanted to clarify that the thank you was for what you said. I understood you to be saying that you were looking at Randy’s message in a different way, but you still agree with the premise. I really liked what you added too!


    2. Eve says:

      Trying to reply to Annie and Victoria but ran out of replies so hope this comes out right..if not…that is the reason.

      Annie, thank you too for the flowers and yes, I wanted to see Randy’s message in a different way still agree with the premise.

      Victoria, that is what I do too, ask God and then listen for the answer and it can come in many ways but the way I recognize it is by the way it “rings.” like a familiar friend.

  13. Annie says:

    I almost forgot I wanted to answer the question you posed. I will take a chair and whip to my harsh self criticism. Then I will have the result of loving myself and others more, and gaining the bravery to try things that scare me. At least I think, I guess it is difficult to prognosticate the exact results. 🙂

  14. anthonynlee says:

    I like this quote, “There are no random accidents….”
    I don’t actually believe that, but what I do believe I can sum up in a quote of my own that I say a lot, “I don’t believe things happen for a reason, but I believe we can choose to find the reason in the things that happen.”

    Your attitude absolutely has to do with your results. Your attitude will largely effect your belief, and what you believe creates your experience of reality. This journey of changing your thinking can be a challenging one, but with diligence, like anything else, you can see tremendous results after a while. The important thing is to stay the course.

  15. KimbraLee says:

    Yes … attitude is absolutely everything! And, such a great emotional barometer to help us know when we are following our hearts or veering off the path.

    These days I expect good things,so I find them! (… or should I say, they find me?) 😉 But if I feel a little slump in my attitude, that’s a sure indicator I need to take a look at where I am not being authentic in my life and work on getting back ‘on purpose’ with myself.

    When my attitude is right, magic is mine … and that’s the way I like it! 🙂


  16. Colton Whited says:

    Recently I have been studying the chapter in James Allen’s Book “As a man Thinketh” about thought and purpose. He says that positive thoughts, though important (since the rest of the book talks about the importance of meticulously analyzing your thoughts), are meaningless without a purpose and direction to them. I would say, from an outside perspective, it seems you have nailed down and found your current purpose. Being the knowledge seeker you are, I imagine you would have some advice for someone who feels they have many passions and ambitions they want be a good steward of, with their life. I am currently taking one day at a time, and growing each day with the goal in mind to bring tremendous value to the world. I have a fairly good idea of what the next few years look like, but as far as finding my purpose… I do not know what that would be. Not that I need to know now at this point in my life, but any suggestions of reading material or anything that might help this. I am a Christ follower as I believe you are as well, so I know my purpose as a human being is to please my creator through praise and worship and glorifying him through my prosperity, but how to find a personal purpose with the talents and ambitions and resources I have been blessed with, in order to create an unbelievable story for him is what I am asking. Any thoughts? Thank you so much for all the hard work and all the daily discipline of pouring into us as well with the knowledge you have gained over the years. You have been such a blessing, and a great role model. I look forward to the day when I can tell you that in person.

    1. Randy Gage says:

      You’re way to young to worry about your purpose yet! Relax, keep on the path you are on, and your purpose will likely find you.


  17. Levon says:

    I understand that mentally, but that is not so easy to do emotionally. Esprcially when all your current circumstances are programming you to keep your old stereotypes.

    And here I guess we have tools such as Steven Halpern disks or our own records that programm our subconcsious mind, positive books, a mentor and friends that think positively.

    But even having all that does not move us to prosperity. There is something else, maybe you know, Randy?

    1. Randy Gage says:

      Please be open to the possibility that these beliefs:
      “I understand that mentally, but that is not so easy to do emotionally. Especially when all your current circumstances are programming you to keep your old stereotypes.”

      don’t serve you.


    2. Annie says:

      Levon- That was a really good thing for Randy to say to you. Sometimes if you get rid of those bad thoughts the circumstances around you, even if you can’t change them right away, don’t seem so bad. 🙂 A really cool thing also, is that your new positivity may rub off on those around you!

      I would never tell Randy this, so don’t say anything, but that was what I got from Randy that helped me too. Remember, Levon, our secret, I’m counting on you. Best wishes.


      PS Emotions change too when your thoughts change. I think they are linked somehow. :)Also, if you are feeling depressed, not saying you are, but just in case the “Feeling Good” book is big help. The author is David Burns, I don’t know if the spelling is right on his name, but I think.

      1. Levon says:

        thanks, Annie and Randy.

  18. Joe G says:

    And the only thought we really need to change is who we think we are. If you decide to think, “I am a holy child of God, worthy and deserving of all God’s good,” everything flows from this. Don’t overcomplicate trying to think “right” thoughts. As scripture reminds us, “Seek first the Kingdom and all else will be added unto you.” The key word there being “first,” not after you get home from your job, etc.

    1. Mary-Ellen says:

      Amen Joe.

  19. I 100% agree !!!
    I never think about the bad – I think only about good..! In the past, present and future.
    Poor himself will come without our thoughts … 🙂

  20. Kevin Waldecker says:

    Your thoughts creat your future !!! once i understood that my attitude changed. now i have a vision of where i want to go with my life and i take daily action to get there. Substance is everywhere and you live in it like fishes in water, we shape this stuff with our beliefs and our mental pictures. The kingdom is yours and within you, you only have to accept it by growing your consciousness…beautiful or what !!!

  21. WealthyRocketWoman says:

    Absolutely, Randy. Thoughts create electrical impulses in the brain. The sheer presence of electricity creates a magnetic field (the Ampere-Maxwell equation of electromagnetics in physics). And magnetic fields attract. So change the thoughts in order to change what one is attracting.

    As far as destructive thoughts are concerned, I remember this saying: “You don’t have to believe everything you think.” I don’t know where I heard that first, yet it helps me release those destructive thoughts. (Does anyone know the author to which I should attribute the saying?)

    Also, thought patterns are “contagious”- they can be passed from person to person, especially when people are in close physical proximity. “Highly sensitive” people are more conscious of this transfer.

    I do my best to spend time with people who have loving and wealth-affirming thought patterns, to let these factors work in favor of strengthening my prosperity consciousness.


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