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By Randy Gage in Critical Thinking, Prosperity, Success.

Love the discussion on yesterday’s post about worthiness. Make sure you read all the comments because there’s some great stuff there. And remember this…

It’s not just about changing beliefs. You can change almost anything if you choose to. But it takes courage. You either hate change enough to stay mediocre, or you hate mediocrity enough to change.

You can change where you live, the work you do, or the place you worship. You can change your mind about someone or something. All it takes is a decision.

I’m off to Valencia, Spain tonight.  And remember tomorrow is the virtual Prosperity Seminar!


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Change is so possible and your words “You either hate change enough to stay mediocre, or you hate mediocrity enough to change”. Well I do I do hate mediocrity, and Im sick and tired of being sick and tired! Its my fourth week of physical training Randy after I picked your book up Prosperity Mind! I have never been this energised before I mean I start the health kick buzz, it last's 2 weeks then I allow the mediocre thoughts creep in, then I stop going. My day's go like this and it is working out the best!! Wake up grateful, prosperity learning reading, health and fitness, and then I tend to my business. It is going fabulously. The increased energy is off the planet. Im out running everyone at training, and I've just started. I was overweight, broken arsed and anxiety filled. I've lost 5 kilo's,and its not the weight loss (but it is in part of course), it's that energy I have physically and mentally and ideas are coming hard and fast...Big Fan RG


I think we all have some resistance to change. It is uncomfortable at best. But, once it happens, and the change is hopefully for the better, it is a real blessing.

I'm not sure what is so bad about mediocrity, unless you are choosing to be mediocre in areas where you could be great. (I am sure that is what you mean)

However, I think it does behoove us to remember that in some areas we are all mediocre, and that's okay too. Because, we all have greatness in us as well.



You really inpired me tochange..I really need to change ..I didn't want to be trap in the same failure..I want to live alive...Thanks RG

Leslie Esperanza Espaillat
Leslie Esperanza Espaillat

All beliefs are learned so why not just unlearn them, and I agree with Randy; "all it takes is a decision."

So ask yourself this simple question (it works for me and it can work for you). Is this belief serving me? If the answer is yes keep it, and if the answer is no replace it for a YES.

Awareness, self-awareness and all else will follow naturally.


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My favorite twist on an old classic ...

“God grant me the serenity to accept the people I cannot change, the courage to change the one I can, and the wisdom to know it's me.”

Enough said. :)


Shirley Osei-Mensah
Shirley Osei-Mensah

I really agree with you, Randy. Cos I believe and know from experience that you have to take the first step and as you said also make the decision yourself to change before you can change. Nobody can do that for you. You have to do all those yourself. Even if you are scared, you have to keep trying till you overcome your fears to do it.

There is this video that I watched sometime ago, very funny but teaches a great life lesson on getting moving and not waiting for someone to come move you. It's actually funny in the video cos it's of a man and a woman who get stuck on an escalator and instead of climbing the rest of the escalator to get to where they are going, they stand there shouting for help and when nobody comes to their calling they decide to wait. Then a repairer comes along to come fix the escalator for them. Then the escalator he's using to get to them also breaks down. Then the guy on the other stuck escalator just sighs and sits down like..."now, we are stuck". Pretty senseless in the vid but that's something that really happens in real life. You can watch that video here, very teaching and funny too :).


O.K. my fellow bloggers. I'm going to sneak in a quickie. I love to read and just read a book that I think will benefit anyone on a personal development path. It's called, The Soul Of Leadership, by Deepak Chopra. It's very thought provoking and spells out some great steps to evolving in the most effective way. The only thing I have time to comment about the love, hate, change subject is that we all have a dark side and a light side. You can call it what you want. Good, Evil. It's an inate characteristic of a human. All our actions predicate whether we are choosing the dark suit or the light suitthat day. And all our actions are measured by our heart, so I suggest we work on pumping up the heart because then we are drawn to the light and away from the dark. Don't fool yourself into thinking that the dark will go away. It never will. It's up to us to choose light and the only way I think to successfully do this is by allowing, not forcing change, and you allow by listening to your internal gps, which is your soul.

White Winged Lion/Dragon
White Winged Lion/Dragon

You can always change your mind. Don't get stuck. Release what no longer serves you.

As long as you're breathing, there is hope.

You can change forever in any last minute of your lifetime here.

New book out by Colette Baron-Reid:



I re-read the post on worthiness and the comments that followed. I had an "ah-ha" moment... I read your post about posture a few weeks, maybe months ago and decided that I needed to work on my posture to build my own confidence. I now realize I was just using that as an excuse to not succeed in my own business. I have a product, I love it, I believe in it...that's all I need!

Thanks for the kick! I needed it.


Oh Randym
You've really done it this time.
Two years ago I got myxelf into an awful financial pickle, last year I managed to coast along,just breaking even but having no money to do anything with, like investements, etc.
Then your words "You either hate change enough to stay mediocre, or you hate mediocrity enough to change" gave me the kick I needed to get out of my new comfort zone and take my finances to the next level. I've even copied them, printed them out and they are sitting by my computer. I know I can do it. Yippee!!!
Watch this space.
Thanks Randy.


Unfortunately, most people are afraid to go out of their comfort zone.

Jim Story
Jim Story


They say people love change well I can tell you people hate change. A new lazy boy is about the most in front of the big screen.

Those are some physical changes. I spend the most time on changing my emotional thinking. Those are the negative thoughts that are tied to the subconscious. That is a constant battle and one I surrender to everyday.

It is my will and my ego that I have to keep in check.

Olga Sotomayor
Olga Sotomayor

In keeping with the theme of the past few days I decided to also write on the subject. For me Change means growth!

But, as I have found, it's often a scary word for many and this is were the sabotage comes in because it may feel safer to stay with the known then to charter in to unknown territory.

Thanks for the topic, great food for thought.


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